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Hartke GT user reviews

  • Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408

    Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408 - "Hartke GT60 Piggyback"


    Amplifier: the GT60 Piggyback is a head with a cabinet, but smaller than usual. Features: two channels, one of which uses a tube. Channel 1 has crunch, volume, treble and bass. Channel 2 has gain, volume, bass, mid, treble. There is a reverb th…

  • Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408

    Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408 - Heavyspender's review


    This is a hybrid amplifier head. It is best described as a half solid state, with a 12aX7 tube for a tube amp feel. It is rated at 60W, and I would say that rating is accurate based on the volume. One input with two channels. One is a clean chann…

  • Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408

    Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408 - " A real bomb Surprisingly very"


    It is a half-stack hybrid 60W with 2 channels: the first using the lamp circuit (clean channel) and the second transistor circuit (channel 2). Connection "could not be more simple" with a baffle out its assigned management: a 4:8 " At the rear …

  • Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408

    Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408 - goomstein's review


    Everything has been said of the 10 1st reviews ... I have no function echo ^ ^ UTILIZATION Configuration is very simple and it's easy to find a sound that corresponds to our expectations. At least on the channel "Clean". Channel saturation is non…

  • Hartke GT60C

    Hartke GT60C - SlapKid's review


    This amp is the t64rs fame, but in combo version. A large Chinese factory (Megatone) manufactures for anyone who would affix its logo, a practice very common these days ... I had the fame 3 years, here is a rsum of the craft. 60watts transistor…

  • Hartke GT60

    Hartke GT60 - Darsao's review


    View Previous opinion, is there any retailer. UTILIZATION The grip is so maddening it is simple. Is connected, you press the switch and go my kiki. You go from one channel to another with a push of a small button in the middle of the head (possib…

  • Hartke GT100

    Hartke GT100 - chris84's review


    - This is a hybrid amp (prampli lamp / power amp transistor) - Power: 100W - Connections: 1 between guitar (yes, ,...!), a headphone output, 2 speakers Output 100W 4-16ohms), between a footswitch (included), a loop send / return. - Rglages: *…

  • Hartke GT100C

    Hartke GT100C - tybernier's review


    Combo 100 watt transistor with a 12AX7 tube preamp as 2 speakers of 12 inches. 2 channels; 1 - Gain, volume, bass, treble 2 - Gain, volume, bass, mid, treble and a reverb. 1 input, 1 headphone and fx loop. UTILIZATION Configuration is ver…

  • Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408

    Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408 - Mouflapil's review


    We will avoid the repetition, as' do. Because it lacks a knob on the first Mid channel, and a Master gnral. Note that only the first channel uses the lamp. UTILIZATION Configuration is as simple (note, with so few knobs): plug and play. Fin…

  • Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408

    Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408 - papayou57's review


    Hybrid amplifier with a lamp 60W 2 channels, clean and distortion (which can be any two utliss either in clean or distortion) In a CD and a reverb Submitted on 2 channels (too bad there ...) 7 because of the lack of reverb and MID potentiome…