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Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
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Kaeldyhr Kaeldyhr

«  A real bomb Surprisingly very »

Publié le 01/12/13 à 13:28
It is a half-stack hybrid 60W with 2 channels: the first using the lamp circuit (clean channel) and the second transistor circuit (channel 2).

Connection "could not be more simple" with a baffle out its assigned management: a 4:8 "

At the rear there is an effects loop, and everything right from the amp there is a spring reverb.

(Report 10/10en Quelite price (a see below)


Configuration in child plug'n'play.

A manual? .... we care about our g *****

Gets it easy to sound good?
mmmmhhhh .... that we will talk about it in the relevant section.


So I make music for many years now and I started playing guitar a few years ago. I've been enormously different styles, from every angle metal, blues, bluegrass, rock and roll, etc ...

But let's talk about the sound of this amp. One thing to know: Only CHANNEL 1 (clean) is usable.

The second channel is purely to vomit. For cons, the clean channel is really AMAZING, and I did not expect that at all in buying it. Who cleans the superb potato, a bluesy crunch hyper and catchy as failed ... a real killer (I play regularly with the John Butler my 12-string electro top and it really is perfect). This channel supports ALL denature and without giving the amps a typical heat lamps. I spent a number of incaculable distorstions, marshall, warpzone, Silverdragon, OD1, Tubescreamer ... and the amp has always followed beautifully.
To say it anyway, I played with guitars and a superb luthier Orange amp, and yet I can not separate myself from my little Hartke even if I do not play with too.

It really is a try: 300 euros for nine and a derisory price in time, you'll take.


I have this amp for 5 years now. Meanwhile, I played on Marshall TSL 2000, Orange Rockverb, short of good big amps in its mythical

The +:
Its great clean channel, and completely transparent to the pedals that it sticks in the stomach
-His face (yes it's still a half-stack head cabinet) super simple
His office-4x8 "who does not pay mine. Could think it is feeble, but I said THAT NENNI! He spits the monster!
- His surprise
its effects loop (because it not eat bread, and it's always fun)
Its value-price floor plate any other brand

The -:

-The second channel which is literally a throw
Its reverb-lacking enormously presence of
and ... that's all.
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