Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408

Piggy Back GT60/408, Hybrid Guitar Stack / Half Stack from Hartke in the GT series.

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All user reviews for the Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 14 reviews )
 7 reviews50 %
 5 reviews36 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Excellent
MGR/Diego Ambrosio12/11/2008

MGR/Diego Ambrosio's review"Hartke GT60 Piggyback"

Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408

Amplifier: the GT60 Piggyback is a head with a cabinet, but smaller than usual. Features: two channels, one of which uses a tube. Channel 1 has crunch, volume, treble and bass. Channel 2 has gain, volume, bass, mid, treble. There is a reverb that works equally for both channels. There are output jacks for speaker and for headphones(!). There are input jacks for effects as well as for a CD Player sound(!).

Sound: very versatile, but isn't so natural as a JCM900. Channel 1 may be a bit 'clinical', without warmth, but the distortion sounds closer to 'natural' than the one on Channel 2. Channel 2 sounds closer to 'natural' when clean, but the distortion has an artificial impression to me. Still, Channel 2 is warmer for a slight overdrive. The fundamental tone reminds me of the 80's pop/rock as Huey Lewis. Still, I could get a trebly distortion resembling NIN, a fuzz sound (bassy, though) revealing some Down By Law, a subtle overdrive that showed a hint of Pink Floyd, a classic overdrive that resembled Rolling Stones and maybe the Beatles and a very clean sound as well. I find it terrible for vintage stuff, though. I think it can do a good job for general pop playing or any style that doesn't worry about a natural sound and/or sound refinement.

Response to Pedals/Guitar/Pickups: a trebly pickup will sound trebly, a bassy guitar will sound bassy, a mid-range pedal will sound mid-range and so on. The Piggyback doesn't mask much the sound of the pedals (SansAmp Classic, Boss CS-3, OD-2 and GE-7) and pickups (DiMarzio Air Zone, Fender Tex Mex and Fender MIM Standard) I tried.

Construction: despite the tube presence, this amp doesn't look fragile and shall do great as a working horse, rehearsal amp and live equipment. This amp still needs the usual maintenance as any other.

Rating: I'll give it 3 stars for it's steady, versatile, but doesn't provide a refined sound.
PS: I don't use the reverb because it generates a annoying humming. I think my unit in particular has a problem.

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Heavyspender's review

Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
This is a hybrid amplifier head. It is best described as a half solid state, with a 12aX7 tube for a tube amp feel. It is rated at 60W, and I would say that rating is accurate based on the volume. One input with two channels. One is a clean channel with volume, bass and treble. It also has a cool knob called "crunch". Distortion/overdrive channel has gain, volume, bass, mid and treble. There is also a reverb knob that controls both channels. There is a manual channel switch button, but there is no foot-switch included. There is a footswitch jack in the back, so there must be one you can buy. In the front, there are headphone and cd jacks. To conclude the back, there are effects send and return, as well as a minimum 4 ohm speaker output.


This head is fairly straightforward. It’s you basic 2 channel head with clean and overdrive. I put both channels on bass 2,mid 0, and treble 10, and it sounds decent, To get more thump out of the matching 4x8 speaker cab, I sometimes turn the bass up to 6 or 7, and it sounds pretty good. I don’t think the head comes with a manual, but because of it’s simplicity, I don’t feel that it really is necessary. I use this amp for rehearsals and the stage, but now I use it to practice with because it’s kind of cumbersome for rehearsal and the cab gets put in a box when I play on stage with it, which I think renders it useless.


By themselves, both channels sound OK, at best, in my opinion. The clean does not shimmer enough for my needs and the 2nd channel is a mediocre overdrive, and definitely not a distortion channel. The good news is that this amp appears to take pedals well, I don’t know if the 12ax7 tube has anything to do with it. I play my beginner level Ibanez through several effects, including a Zoom 505 multi-effect, and I can get a world of sounds and tones that mimic many guitar stars, past and present. See previous sections to see my settings for treble, bass and mid. Because it takes pedals well, I have many favorite sounds. I don’t know what to make of the crunch knob on the clean channel. It can provide a nice tube type breakup at lower volumes and pure overdrive at higher, and sounds good on its own. But when I introduce pedals, especially distortion/sustain on top of it, it sounds very muddy and TOO crunchy. So while it’s a great volume boost, it’s not a great lead boost.


I have used this head for almost 5 months. I think it serves its purpose, which is a gig/performance ready amp that has a nice bottom end and adequate volume. I wish the channels had a better tone by themselves, especially the clean. But since it takes pedals well, I can live with it. I bought this head with matching cab for $180 at Sam Ash. Where can you get a brand new half stack whose bottom end can compete with the big boys for less than $200 ? If I could buy another one for $180, and I had the money to spend on it, I most certainly would, seeing as the greed-meisters at guitar center are selling the USED cab ALONE for $159.99 !

Kaeldyhr's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A real bomb Surprisingly very"

Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
It is a half-stack hybrid 60W with 2 channels: the first using the lamp circuit (clean channel) and the second transistor circuit (channel 2).

Connection "could not be more simple" with a baffle out its assigned management: a 4:8 "

At the rear there is an effects loop, and everything right from the amp there is a spring reverb.

(Report 10/10en Quelite price (a see below)


Configuration in child plug'n'play.

A manual? .... we care about our g *****

Gets it easy to sound good?
mmmmhhhh .... that we will talk about it in the relevant section.


So I make music for many years now and I started playing guitar a few years ago. I've been enormously different styles, from every angle metal, blues, bluegrass, rock and roll, etc ...

But let's talk about the sound of this amp. One thing to know: Only CHANNEL 1 (clean) is usable.

The second channel is purely to vomit. For cons, the clean channel is really AMAZING, and I did not expect that at all in buying it. Who cleans the superb potato, a bluesy crunch hyper and catchy as failed ... a real killer (I play regularly with the John Butler my 12-string electro top and it really is perfect). This channel supports ALL denature and without giving the amps a typical heat lamps. I spent a number of incaculable distorstions, marshall, warpzone, Silverdragon, OD1, Tubescreamer ... and the amp has always followed beautifully.
To say it anyway, I played with guitars and a superb luthier Orange amp, and yet I can not separate myself from my little Hartke even if I do not play with too.

It really is a try: 300 euros for nine and a derisory price in time, you'll take.


I have this amp for 5 years now. Meanwhile, I played on Marshall TSL 2000, Orange Rockverb, short of good big amps in its mythical

The +:
Its great clean channel, and completely transparent to the pedals that it sticks in the stomach
-His face (yes it's still a half-stack head cabinet) super simple
His office-4x8 "who does not pay mine. Could think it is feeble, but I said THAT NENNI! He spits the monster!
- His surprise
its effects loop (because it not eat bread, and it's always fun)
Its value-price floor plate any other brand

The -:

-The second channel which is literally a throw
Its reverb-lacking enormously presence of
and ... that's all.

goomstein's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
Everything has been said of the 10 1st reviews ... I have no function echo ^ ^


Configuration is very simple and it's easy to find a sound that corresponds to our expectations. At least on the channel "Clean". Channel saturation is nonetheless easy to use against his level ... we'll talk in the relevant section!


To begin, I must say that I changed the lamp preamp original Sovtek 12AX7 Tung Sol with a Gold Pin. I got a creamier sound less aggressive to clean. I set the channel in general lamp on 0 ... if I go over this point too that crunch (but enough to lower the level of the microphone) and even I have 0 potato below the elbow, or rather under the foot! Because for the saturation of the pedals I use: CoolDrive Artec, Artec Classic Fuzztown and AMT Electronics Du Hast. I play a Dean ML Dime-o-Flage Dean Razorback DB and.
The channel is saturated, to my taste of course, unusable despite the presence of a knob to medium. Cranked the transistor provides a "PRAP PRAP" very (trop!) synthetic, far from distorting quality unfortunately.
This beautiful clean channel allows me to have a warm sound that I can graft a bunch of effects to address a variety of styles: from funk to heavy through the dub and rock.
I put 9 for clean ... 2 for the saturation.


I have since July 2007. Paid € 277 on a German site known, it is well suited to use as I did. It is a very nice amp for beginners, because offering a cheap and clean clean and warm and not too demanding as we can use the boosted channel (but in my humble opinion, a Danelectro distortion pedal to € 15 probably sounds better that this channel). He has the mouth that little stack, I find another asset and he has enough potatoes for a rehearsal 'with a drummer just nag ^ ^
What I like most: the clean channel, the price, its mouth, potato
The least: the channel saturation, you need to buy an extra pedal to change channels
Yes I most certainly do it again this election!

Mouflapil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
We will avoid the repetition, as' do.

Because it lacks a knob on the first Mid channel, and a Master gnral.

Note that only the first channel uses the lamp.


Configuration is as simple (note, with so few knobs): plug and play. Find the sound that should be a breeze if not to ask the amp more than it can deliver.

Manual useless, like any good amp manual of this ilk: it gives at best a few waves for rglages ides.


I use it with a Lg RM200 (up by EMG so passive) in guitar, distortion and a Silver Dragon Roctron Crybaby 535Q.


I use the amp only for clear sound on its first channel (the pedals do the rest), and it's a mixed opinion: for a good sound, relatively warm, chattering, bright, must be the knob up a tad of "Crunch" and therefore seek the light - if any remains a raplapla. But the dosage s'avre complicated: a little too much, and bte crunch. Splitter but I get my microphone to get clear sounds really clear.

I also - although sr - test the beast without artifice, plugged directly into it. It is clear that the first channel sounds. The second transistor is a fairly banal, so proscribed. As against this, feeling the light, even if it is only one: the first channel crunch nicely, and when you push the knob to "Crunch" we get a well (hard) rock load mdiums with bite of potato. It makes you want to play.

on the other hand, no need to wait for him of mtal or similar: the base, it is for everything that goes from pop to hard rock. For the blues, it may sound a bit modern (I'm not a fan, so I can qu'mettre a hypothse). For cons, the cash trs though the Silver Dragon, the baffle Submitted rpond its level (it's not a 1960 Marshall home, either).


I use it for several months now. I like the first channel, I like (much) less than the second. I love it embodies the possibility to afford a small stack power for reasonable and without blushing to compete with a drummer in terms of noise, without breaking the bank.

It is a budget amp with a more than adequate, well-sr is improved, but not even 300, is worth it.

With my group I had the opportunity to play on some very good quality amps, a Marshall TSL100, a Twin Reverb, a Hot Rod Deluxe ... It is obviously not the level of these REFERENCE, but not to the same price ...

With exprience, I would do this choice.

papayou57's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
Hybrid amplifier with a lamp
2 channels, clean and distortion (which can be any two utliss either in clean or distortion)
In a CD and a reverb Submitted on 2 channels (too bad there ...)

7 because of the lack of reverb and MID potentiometer on channel 1


The configuration is very simple! you plug it all together, you plug the guitar and you end up with a rglage drinking.
the manual? dipstick just opened to look at the factory rglages ... to "see c'que gives ca."


Personnelemnt I play mainly deathcore (big filled with low distortion with good harmonics broken through) and I can not find it suited my style at all ... the crunch or gain background, it makes not much and it's pretty rough ... but I play sometimes things quieter, and it follows well especially with a clean sound! I play a BC Rich Warlock Limited Edition climbs Dimarzio and a BC Rich Warlock Bronze Series II (for the moment I tried with just the Limited Edition which is a bit difficult RULES)
are obtained quickly in a clean beautiful crystal clear, distortion in on the other hand, it's pretty rough ... as I say then all of the time, I almost prfre play clean or with a bit of gain to give her a clean sound a little dirty, to accentuate Rieff "poss "I play, I will try with distortion pedals later, and I think the sound will be much better.

EDIT: I finalmeent above a branch of distortion pedals WARP, and the sound compltement chang! sends an abundance of bass, the sound is exactly my style, but the only jic is the breath, but with a noise I think it's faster rgl. Note from 6 8 (because there's nothing like a ** p ain's lamp!)


I've had this morning (I thought a amtinne would not be sufficient to apprcier the quality and default, but apparently it's the opposite ...)
c'que j'iame most is the sound clean, the less the distortion is a bit messy ... and it's a bit of deathcore Balot of s'retrouver with a sound like that of some dimebag ...
I have not really tried other models, I wanted a body double (for the image during concerts) and I could have it for 277 ... body double that price is not found so I hsit ... but with a bigger budget, I'll probably be taking the Fender MH500 (sound ouf!) the Ibanez Thermion ... but on the bdget must be a ^ 4-digit c'qui lol is not my case the report quality price is worth c'qu'il if you want to do with the big metal sound, but apprciable is if we want to blues, jazz or rock.
exprience with this choice so I do it again ... because I really wanted a body double so I will not have a choice ...

The little extra: I sometimes pick up German radio ... lol it's funny the very first time ... Espron just goin 'in concert it not the same thing, v'l shame that I ... "Hey look it's the guitar that captures the radio chleue"

StoneSour's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
See below


Operation is very simple you can get a good sound right away.
The manual is not really useful and is in English.


Well this amp is TRSA comfortable everything view grunge blues or rock, for it is not worth mtal I tried all possible rglages even with the gain background have obtained a few prs sound of Metallica with a good microphone that is no more dommage.Par against the clean sounds are beautiful if we follow the example set by the end of the manual (crunch: 0 Volume: 6 Bass: 5 Treble: 7) was a beautiful sound with the reverb you are in 7th heaven.
So the sound I prfres Obviously the sounds are clear and crunch that is the first channel that I find amazing, is aa little crunch prs sound to the Van Halen or even Nirvana! that's a I intend to purchase a distortion pedals in order to maintain my beautiful clean sounds and have a good heavy distortion of metalheads.

Added 17/10: Well ... with a good distortion pedals to have the really! sounds Obviously standards are saturated and have nothing do with the original ones (I use a Rocktron SilverDragon). The sounds are fat and harmonics come out on their own, a real treat! The amp is much more versatile (with a crystal clear sound distortion standard, you can do anything) I corrected my note because with a good distortion pedals of this amp MRIT much the maximum.


Well its been two short weeks that I use and I'm not, it's a good amp with a good strong look and sound clear and crunch magnifiques.Le ngatif single point is only disto channel 2 not done for the metal.
The report is excellent for qualitprix 330 was a good lil amp with a good look, good power for scne and powerful enough for the room.

with xprience I do not know if I would do this but with a good selection of distortion pedals is the foot)

Cédric46's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
Hybrid amplifier with a lamp
60 Watts
2 channels, clean and distortion
In a CD


The super simple config
Rglage fast, and a big fat potato
No need for manual, it is very simple to use


It allowed me to replay the blues itself without forcing it, my ideal style of music.
I use an Ibanez Roadstar II Ibanez or Edr470-Ex
A super clean sound good lens, the crunch is perfect for blues, for against the distortion is really mean, you need good effects derrire to get a good sound mtal but playable.


I have been using today, and quickly reudball cable and finally test.
I love the look trs care of his potato and its clean, I like the least distortion that despite the fact that a lamp is possde trs average.
Have to be careful as it is on wheels and the rear tends switch when the dplace.
I possdais before a Laney LC30 lamps and see nothing for saturation, with its clean against the piggy is not envy.
Report qualitprix: Nothing wrong trs cheap and clean place to price.
I would do is hsiter choices, I am relatively satisfied.

theWacko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
It's a hybrid amp, preamp type lamp
60 watts rather good
input footswitch (not supplied, I use a marshall footswitch)
FX loop
input for the guitar

spring reverb


The configuration is simple-you-die

bass - treble - crunch - Volume for clean,

bass - mid - treble - winning - for volume distos

turn up the volume and roll youth!


Ah, the fun part!
First, I play mainly a lag Electran ak 100, CAD microphones with clean distos often terrible, and yet I can get sounds incredible cleans!
(This is what had flashed during the test)
by distos against the ...
I play metal grave, see you, and can say whatever other opinion, I found that this amp was missing terribly serious (Guitar Drop C, disaster T_T), but the other day playing with headphones, so without the baffle, I realized that the bass were in fact well!
we just have to change cabinet
when the grain itself, like no love, to be effective playing metallica, but some synthetic jle is still ...


I use it for just over six months to rehearse with my group
I love the look of its size and weight (practicality) and CLEAN,
but I find it unfortunate to have to push the gain up to play the distos acceptable in my style
knob to the crunch, which only serves to ruin my nice cleans!

exellent value for money, I challenge any brand to beat!
But if I had the choice again, I would choose to work hard to pay my real H & K all lamps

oazard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hartke Piggy Back GT60/408
What footswicht buy for the piggy back of Hartke?