Marshall MG100DFX

Marshall MG100DFX

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MG100DFX, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

98 user reviews

Marshall MG100DFX tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Marshall
  • Model: MG100DFX
  • Series: MG 2nd Gen
  • Category: Solid-State Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 04/02/2004

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Marshall MG100DFX user reviews

Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 98 reviews )
 40 reviews41 %
 28 reviews29 %
 14 reviews14 %
 10 reviews10 %
 7 reviews7 %

MGR/Harrigan's review"Marshall MG100DFX"

Marshall MG100DFX
This is the 100 watt combo amp with a 12 inch speaker. There are 2 primary channels that include clean and overdrive one and two. There are also tone controls, and a contour control that Marshall is famous for. There is also a line out and headphone jack. There are also some built in effects such as chorus, delay, flange and reverb.

I paid a little over $450 on for this amp. I had gotten a new Ibanez electric guitar for my birthday and some extra bucks from other relatives that I decided to put towards an amp. A buddy of mine told me that a Marshall solid state amp would be a nice pairing for the Ibanez for the type of music I like to play, so I spent some time playing the Marshall combo amps in local guitar stores, before settling on the MG100DFX. I then went online to find the best price and ordered it.

Love the power and that Marshall tone. Even though this is only a 100 watt amp with a 12 inch speaker (Eminence) - it cranks! I could definitely use this amp for garage band jams and small gigs. I also like the fact that it comes with a footswitch so you don't have to go out and buy one and spend additional dough. It's pretty cool that they included onboard effects into the package. The amp just looks sweet too. That familiar Marshall logo is emblazoned across the front of the black speaker cover and it just reeks of heavy metal and hard rock. If you're into these genres of music, there's nothing other than a real Marshall amp for getting that tone you love.

The effects are a little generic. While it's nice that they are included, you will definitely want more flexibility and will probably want to get your own pedalboard anyway or multi-effects processor. I wish these amp manufacturers would just focus on producing great amps and skip the onboard effects. On some models it's nice, but I would have rather them gone with a better speaker or a few more watts before spending the money to build in onboard effects that I probably won't use that much anyway. Other than that, I really don't have any other gripes.

I've owned two Marshall amps in the past and have to say that I keep coming back to them for a reason - top quality, great sound, and built like a brick $hithouse. No complaints in the construction and quality section is what I'm saying if you haven't figured it out by now. :)

Overall, for about 450 bones I'm pretty darn pleased. Some folks may think that's expensive, especially considering you can almost get a Crate amp and stack seperates or some other brands for just a little more. Why not save up the extra and go for that? Well, I wanted Marshall and it was worth it to me to spend the extra dough. Plus, this amp cranks like a half stack, seriously, you won't believe it. I rarely take it over 3 or 4, unless of course I'm showing it off to some friends and then I jack it up. Overall, very pleased. Not the cheapest, but money doesn't factor in that much when you know exactly what you want.

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MGR/Natonial Contravis01/02/2005

MGR/Natonial Contravis's review"Marshall 100 DFX Combo"

Marshall MG100DFX
I bought this amp off for 225 pounds (plus 6 pounds delivery). I bought it because i needed a more powerful amp than my fender 15 watt frontman beginner amp as i was progressing past beginner level. I thought this was a great price as i knew the rrp price was 300.

I like how many different sounds you can pull out of this amplifier, how you can change from clean/crunch to OD1/OD2 with a tap of the button that comes on the free foot pedal. It sounds pretty cool to have an intro on crunch then crank up the distortion after the inro, that is what im doing most. I am really enjoying the digital effects (DFX), they sound really good so i have no need to buy any effects pedals. You can also switch these on or off with the footpedal.

I think the OD1 and OD2 distortions are overrated, people say OD2 is insane and very modern, but i found it to be nothing exeptionally special. It is quite hard to get the DFX exactly how you want it as there is only one button that controls most of them, and they are rather squashed together so it takes some fine 'tuning' to get the sound you want.

Generally the construction of this amp is very solid. The body is made of tough molded plastic, i was rather disapointed to find this out, i thought it would be wood with a plastic coating. Even my 15 watt amp is made of wood. The corner gaurds are plastic, i think it would be better if they were metal. The handle feels secure and doesnt feel like it will break when i lift it (unlike my back!). The knobs feel very good quality and would not come off unless you gave them some serious tugging. The back of the amp is wooden, but it is rough and i would of thought Marshall, with such a high reputation, would of put a finish on it.

Overall i would say the the amp combines style, great sound, quality and build which makes it a very good amp for amateur players. It is in the price range of an amateur player as well. It is perfect for pracacing and definitely good enough for gigging as well.

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MGR/Richard de Llano09/26/2004

MGR/Richard de Llano's review"Marshall MG100DFX"

Marshall MG100DFX
I purchased this amp for $395 at Guitar Center. (Whenever you go to a dealer, always haggle! You will defintely get a lower price!) I purchased it to practice with my band and to play shows (which is not going to happen any time soon).

The unit is small, not so heavy, and very versatile! The tone is incredible, especially with distortion pedals. You can hear every note clearly with the OD2 on. And it can get loud! Although it can generate an onslaught of feedback; it's nothing that a good noise limiter can't handle (like the Boss NS-2 Noise Limiter). And when you hook it up to a 4x12 cab, prepare to melt! The tone becomes even sweeter! The amp actually gets louder! It's perfect for nu-metal, metal, hardcore, punk, blues, jazz, etc. You can get just about any sound out of this great little amp.

Now, there are a lot of great things about this amp, but there are also quite a few bad things... For one, if you put the volume knobs too high, you can already start to hear the sound quality deteriorate (which can be fixed with a 4x12 cab, and a noise limiter). Secondly, the reverb channel cannot be switched via the foot switcher, which is kind of a pain. Also, you can only hook it up to one cab... The MGHDFX head has outputs for 2 cabs. Last but not least... It can be very unreliable. Read on...

Like you may have already read, the amp will give out on you eventually. For me, it was about 4 months in when the fan started to make a "buzzing" sound. It faded out after a while, but it got worse as the next 2 months progressed. Eventually, the fan would completely stop (it wouldn't spin any more), and the sound on the amp would constantly die out. I haven't had a chance to take it back to the store yet, but I'm sure that the next fan I get will die out, too. I wouldn't recommend using this amp for shows (unless it's new, or has been recently fixed).

Bottom line: This amp is great. It sounds amazing for the price you would pay, and hooking it up to a 4x12 cab is pure extacy. It might eventually break a few months after you purchased it... But that's okay. Just get it fixed. It'll be worth it. If you want to use it for shows, I'd recommend getting the half-stack (MG100HDFX head and MG Series 4x12 Cab). I'm giving it a 4 because of the problems this amp is givin' me. Oh, and it sounds a LOT better than the Line 6 Spider II :)

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MGR/Jared's review"Marshall MG100DFX"

Marshall MG100DFX
I bought this amp new at, and paid $425.

Ok, Marshall amps are no doubt the best amplifiers for rock music. I like that this amp has a solid 100 watts, and that great marhsall sound. It's got built in effects like reverb, delay, chorus, and flange, which elimintes the need to buy expensive guitar pedals.

There's a little bit of feedback at very high volumes.

This amp weighs 65 pounds, and is rock solid and extremely durable. I've gigged with this amp and it still plays like new. Some of the features include:

* 100W
* 12" speaker
* 2 channels (footswitchable)
* Digital effects including reverb, delay, chorus, and flange
* FDD (Frequency Dependent Dampening)
* CD ins, plus emulated line out, and emulated headphone jacks
* 22-1/2"W x 18"H x 11"D

You don't need me to tell you to go and buy this amp, it's the top of the line and the best you're gonna get for your money. With all the different settings, this is the amp for all types of musicians.

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