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  • Samson Technologies S-phone

    Samson Technologies S-phone - "really quiet"


    The S-Phone is made by Samson, it is a 4 channel headphone amplifier that has 3 outputs on each channel. It has 5 input channels and 4 output channels. You can rack this unit up to keep out of the way in the studio. I have used his unit about 10 time…

  • Samson Technologies C-Que 8

    Samson Technologies C-Que 8 - "great price"


    Its cheap and it works great, but it seems to color the signal somewhat. When running the cans through the 003 rack and then switching over to the Samson its like something’s missing. It doesn't seem to have the same depth as the 003. I know we are t…

  • Samson Technologies Q5

    Samson Technologies Q5 - moosers's review


    Samson Audio's Q5 is a simple, five channel headphone amplifier box to be used in the recording studio. It's a really basic box, but it's definitely nice that it has five channels, as it can be a one stop shop for headphones in a smaller recording s…

  • Samson Technologies S-phone

    Samson Technologies S-phone - songboy's review


    What I like most about this thing is it does its job well and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  If you own a studio, then you definitely need to have a Headphone amp.  This thing does a great job at providing good sound and all the parameters you need …

  • Samson Technologies Q5

    Samson Technologies Q5 - victormelamade's review


    I bought this thing a while ago because I was starting to get into recording a bit more, and wanted to be able to record small groups with multiple people recording at once. To do that properly, you need to have a headphone amp or enough headphone o…

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  • Samson Technologies S-phone

    Samson Technologies S-phone - " Recommend"


    Bought 6 months ago, I use to make my micro taken which injects a mix is ​​different for each musician. I prefer the quality of its pre amp than the Behringer, the gains are effective, of course it makes a color that does not really bother since i…

  • Samson Technologies S-phone

    Samson Technologies S-phone - " Does its job!"


    In short it allows me to broadcast the same sound to 12 people, to see multiple decision-c is nickel. In use mutli musicians, anyone can reinject Miss signal amplifier is on its edge. Please note that there are n 4 slices each, but a posse out in f…

  • Samson Technologies S-phone

    Samson Technologies S-phone - " bah it does its taf"


    I already had one before ... bought in 2010 because never had any problems with the previous one, for a new config. I had the nifty gizmo behringer power pro ... that does the same thing but much worse. otherwise I've also used another samson I fo…

  • Samson Technologies S-amp

    Samson Technologies S-amp - " Not in use!"


    I own this amp headphone for over a year ... I don 'use it ever since this amplifier headphones very nearly cost me a session! The product is great on paper, not expensive, it outputs sound are no particular worries except that when you plug the unit…

  • Samson Technologies S-phone

    Samson Technologies S-phone - " Ideal in the studio"


    It runs in the studio, super gain, super-linear (but realizing it, you have very good headphones. If there are rotten 10Frs headphones, then better take a behringer entry level)! We love: - A general entry sticking out on each of 4 channels, -…