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  • JVC HA-X570

    JVC HA-X570 - moosers's review


    The JVC HA-X570's are a set of 'DJ' headphones as advertised, but really are only suitable for general listening purposes. I'll say right up front that I wouldn't use these for anything where critical listening is necessary, as they are really only …

Translated user reviews
  • JVC HA-S600

    JVC HA-S600 - " Perfect for easy listening"


    I used it for 2 years and I have had that happiness for listening to the music of others, rather trouble regarding the production of mine ... NOT NEUTRAL! This is not a studio headphones I was full tested before, and I think this is the best level…

  • JVC HA-S360-B

    JVC HA-S360-B - " Great headphone in town"


    I had a few headphones before this one, I kept it for two before a joint case. The highlight: sound quality, ergonomics, lightweight non-detachable connection: the weak point I bought it at the time to the music on my phone. I listened to a l…

  • JVC HA-RX300

    JVC HA-RX300 - " Listening comfort JVC"


    > Value for money excellent JVC a good headphone for less than 20 euro > Bass present goods > Its clear and precise > Lightweight and comfortable - Connection Jack 3.5 > Supplied with Jack adapter 3.5/6.35 gold plated > Driver: 40 …

  • JVC HA-S600

    JVC HA-S600 - " Very good quality compared to its price"


    - I use it for 1 month, but I already owned another before that was damaged (the cable is stripped suddenly only did the atria) - I also WESC headphones, but many say that the quality of the JVC is much higher (WESC played only on the fad and not q…

  • JVC HA-NC120

    JVC HA-NC120 - " of very poor quality plastic"


    The noise reduction is a joke. After only 4 months of use the headset in the trash because one of the branches tiends the right earpiece has broken! Yet I was aware of its fragility ... But apparently JVC has used a very poor quality of plastic S…

  • JVC HA-S360-B

    JVC HA-S360-B - " Suitable for listening." has images


    Hello:) I have this keg for about a year since. This is my first casque.Je used it to mix a little with a small DJ controller. I do not not describe negative and positive points, it is a headset you can not expect much. The value for money…

  • JVC HA-S360-B

    JVC HA-S360-B - " Disappointing"


    I had the Philips SHL 8800, but the cable failed at me, after 3 months (much too thin and not very intensive at the jack, and a day bed, over his left). I rather liked the sound, good bass without drooling (I listen all the grindcore than house and i…

  • JVC HA-S600

    JVC HA-S600 - " Leather!"


    I've had a few hours and have chosen for its quality (at least apparent because I did not yet have at that time) I was looking for a robust model and have compared it with offers from Thomann which often offers attractive products. However, in a ra…

  • JVC HA-NC120

    JVC HA-NC120 - " Nomadic ideal headphone Noise"


    Characteristics (data JVC): Frequency Response: 10-21000Hz Impedance: 30/36 ohms (Reduction ON / OFF) Sensitivity: 113 / 114dB (Reduction ON / OFF) Neodymium magnet transducers 30mm Relatively small and lightweight (160g with battery) Noise Aba…