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  • Philips SBC HP 800

    Philips SBC HP 800 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by zvolaidge/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - How long have you been using it? I bought it in 2003 because I needed low-budget headphones to avoid disturbing my neighbors. I chose this Philips SBC HP 800. - Which fe…

  • Philips SBC HP250

    Philips SBC HP250 - JayDMusic's review


    This is a review of the Philips SBC HP250 Headphones. There's not much I can say about these headphones. They were my dad's and I inherited them from him. He was a major audiophile so I assumed that they would be pretty good headphones. They were. W…

Translated user reviews
  • Philips HP 890

    Philips HP 890 - " Disappointing, alas"


    The record is not encouraging. The song is not worth the plumage ... Avoid. This headset is very well presented and has a premium appearance attractive. It is also very comfortable. This is not a lightweight headphone, but once it is placed on the…

  • Philips SHP8500

    Philips SHP8500 - " very good headphones hi fi"


    I've had 5 or more years, I like its sturdiness, its price, side pass over the styles (I started doing mix with it, and honestly if the rookie mistakes in mixing exception, the sound was not so unbalanced replay). I tried an incredible amount of head…

  • Philips SHP5401

    Philips SHP5401 - " a bit disappointing ..."


    I use it for a few months and I must admit that I am a little disappointed with the sound quality seems stifled ... It is still quite comfortable if you do not move with it. Else, the amazing length of cable: 2 times longer than usual, which makes …

  • Philips shl5000

    Philips shl5000 - " Agreeable headphones"


    I use 1/2 for 1 year. yes sheinheiser, beat etc + It is comfortable, it has a good audio quality. - Poorly isolates the sound to the outside. value for money is very good especially now that it is in a 20euro magazin. yes without hesitation…

  • Philips shl5000

    Philips shl5000 - " headphone agreeable"


    I use it for 1yr 1/2. sheinheiser yes, beat etc. + It is comfortable, it has good audio quality. - Insulates poorly sound outward. value for money is very good especially now that there is a shop in 20euro. yes without hesitation. …

  • Philips SHL9600

    Philips SHL9600 - " OK for a portable listening"


    I bought this headphone for a dual use: home studio (without certainty that it is appropriate) and portable listening. It was not necessarily the best headphone, but it sold at half price (25 € instead of 50 €), which decided me. Immediate disappoi…

  • Philips SHC 2000

    Philips SHC 2000 - " Correct"


    Wireless headphones lightweight and comfortable. The sound is okay and no more lack of depth. I use my home when I move with the guitar. …

  • Philips SHP2000

    Philips SHP2000 - " I love"


    I was looking to replace a Sony MDR I own for years and had suffered a lot, repaired, etc ... I found this headset for a couple of euro, it's good, I did not spend more. It is very comfortable with good bass, small flat in the prolonged listening can…