Philips HP 890
Philips HP 890

HP 890, Studio headphone from Philips.

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audioseb 03/12/2005

Philips HP 890 : audioseb's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Purchased 90 Euros. I use it for about 2 years to replace a Beyerdynamic DT990Pro and I am fully satisfied, it is a chouilla worse but cheaper.
The sound quality is REALLY good: the spectral balance is impeccable and there is trs own even when you push the volume.
Comfort is also irrprochable: lightweight, very easy it is positioned by design, and the atria ingnieuse trs are enjoyable to touch.
The quality of construction is good and trs inspire confidence so his Longva.
The only criticism that could possibly make is that it looks like with the Jacques Villeret in the Cabbage soup :-)
A good value qualitprix trs (I think frankly that the user has given a notice ngatif confused with another product) for a MUCH IDAL Hi-Fi and high-level work mastering (even if he does not forget to listen on the monitors). I think it is no longer sold but The models that are equally effective substitute. Well done Philips for its entire line of headphones, it is unfortunately the only audio performance from this manufacturer but on offer are excellent and a very competitive price dfiant. Highly recommended.