Philips SBC HP 800
Philips SBC HP 800

SBC HP 800, Studio headphone from Philips.

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gnome 09/04/2004

Philips SBC HP 800 : gnome's user review


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Open headphone, bandwidth beyond the APRS 20-20000 of the manufacturer (I think that's true ^ _ ^), 5cm membrane, rather Designed for the DJ (a pace that sees its ) since you can turn the headphones. It has a simple structure so relatively strong for those who abuse their headphones and cable is 3m (practice)

used for over a year on low converters (sb. ..) I chose to have a cost drinking despite a tiny budget, which is great since it costs a thirty euros.

actually the sound is clean, no major default, it is a good entry-level
The problem is that for homestudistes has all the default of normal headphones: food space, ear fatigue, especially since the sound quality improves with the volume .. .
foam earphones are a bit firm also

in short it is a good headphone for dj or for those who love the multimedia 85db in the eardrum (there are) those are not the result of the purchase, homestudistes will like me easily tired s. but hey a break every half-hour does not hurt: p
it is probably far short of a HD600 but considering the price I would put even when 7