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JBL Hi-Fi Speakers user reviews

  • JBL L19

    JBL L19 - "A JBL "Sleeper" Classic"


    I recently acquired a pair of these and refurbished them. Both tweeters were dead and the woofers required new surrounds and dust caps. The LE26 tweeters are now discontinued, and rebuild kits are also obsolete. There is an aftermarket vendor who sup…

  • JBL TLX 20

    JBL TLX 20 - "Tight bass and decent music"


    My dad bought a HTS in 1993 with Nakamichi AV-1 amp, JBL TLX 20 and Audio Image UK Reference I bookshelves. Short story, 12 years later - we moved. He put it into storage and I took it out 11 years after. I use it now for stereo 320khz mp3 or F…

  • JBL K2 S5500

    JBL K2 S5500 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by mattera91/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - Excellent approach to the d'Appolito concept with an anti-resonance horn, a 1" driver with titanium diaphragm, and two great 12" woofers in a 176 lb. cabinet with superb fi…

  • JBL LX55

    JBL LX55 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by boulito05/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I've been using them for two months. I find they provide a huge power and a very detailed high-quality sound with powerful lows. Pros: strong lows and crystal-clear highs. I…

Translated user reviews
  • JBL JBL 250I

    JBL JBL 250I - " Very good listened"


    I just made the purchase, my memory compared to L220 more finesse rendering can be very good to my lack of taste lower midrange, I'll talk later …

  • JBL L 220

    JBL L 220 - " Listened"


    20 years. yes it listening quality are awesome good yes …

  • JBL Creature 2.1

    JBL Creature 2.1 - " very well."


    I have been using a self, there is no interference with a computer or Ipod, compared to my fat boy a lamp. I love the white LEDs, struggling with forms. the buttons on my model has the notches, which indicates the best of the race, use the time.…


    JBL L 100 CENTURY - pstoltz's review


    Hello. I use since 1978 loaded with a Quad 405 and for 10 years in direct output of my computer and a sound card Sound Blaster X-FI, remisent nine for 3 years through Ebay-woofer-tweeter new medium of secondhand (copy remade in the usa) to cater to t…


    JBL L 100 CENTURY - ponce.richard's review


    I return to these speakers I see regularly go on the canvas in the classifieds for first say that I've owned two pairs: one classical and the other with the speakers alignment. (No difference in listening). Listening first point: it is physiologica…

  • JBL EC-35

    JBL EC-35 - " amazing power"


    I was very surprised at the quality and relative small place! I use it mainly for listening to cd's tuner ect ... a pioneer amp SOUNDS Very good, the jbl :) OVERALL OPINION I am looking to purchase another so that I have been bluffing …