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  • JBL century gold

    JBL century gold - " On the Wire"


    Intimacy, Proximit Energy Any country n 'any color LA Music is a Cri ... It just inside the ... All Single become in Gold CHEERS Mister Timbers. I invite you to a listening .You are Welcome Denis D. …


    JBL L 100 CENTURY - kursk's review


    I have 15 days from the L100 Century. Fuelled initially by a McIntosh amp 6200, Harman-Kardon CD player 970, Oehlbach connectors. They are great, everything has been said already but we can only repeat, it's really great! They have flaws, of course…

  • JBL 250 TI

    JBL 250 TI - detroit-techno's review


    I tiendas of my father who used them for at least 15 years. I use it for 3 years and they are exeptional! This is the JBL! Beech, the bnisterie is superb. at the filter, too bad there is no equalizer Low. The highs are not exeptionels his strident …

  • JBL L50

    JBL L50 - Seamaster's review


    I was not, originally, a pro-jbl, I have tried and listened to a pair a year ago and i fell in love with the JBL sound. sound, clear, firm, slightly colored, which goes very well everything that is pop, rock, jazz or country. coupled an old luxman un…

  • JBL L 200

    JBL L 200 - lamber's review


    The L200 is the first look that makes the difference look at the type year 70 there is nothing like a long time if only the gills on the sides in the form inclined brief. In fact there were several version of this forum which is now quite rare but no…

  • JBL L 150 A

    JBL L 150 A - mattera91's review


    Passes at my board for some time, compared to the L220 era ... A L112 with a little more size, simply same components, but serious increase of a liability instead of an agreement in a bass reflex infrieur volume is more fun on the classical, more …

  • JBL ES-30

    JBL ES-30 - kdeg01's review


    It's been one week that my ears are pleased by this choice! no I did not try many other models that this one .. I just decide to buy good speaker for my room. the +: - Nice wood finish perfect - 7.5 kg per speaker, it is often said that th…

  • JBL L 36 décade

    JBL L 36 décade - trustimou's review


    How long you use it and what is the particular feature you like best and least? Have you tried many other models before acqurir? How do you report qualitprix ? With the exprience, you do again this choice? * ... happy owner of JBL L36 (decade 36) …

  • JBL L50

    JBL L50 - trustimou's review


    I use the L50 with a marantz 2240 amp. the sound is the sound quality tipyque American bass InPos of the 127A, the meduim and tweeters are very well detailed. Now it is no longer the speaker quality is less as to its miles and cents as it matched…

  • JBL L 110

    JBL L 110 - trustimou's review


    Hello I recently bought this super nice pair of L110 village in a flea market for the modest sum of 15 euros, I just changed the suspensions of boomers prices in TLHP Supension 18 euros (just the speaker) and a remake + dye coating on the cases bec…