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Aria Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Aria TA-40

    Aria TA-40 - "Solid, sounds good, easy to handle" has images


    Japanese-made, hollowbody without the neck-through body that was characteristic of all Aria Pro II guitars. Bolt-on neck, no vibrato. It's hard to consider one without messing everything up, IMHO. Two humbuckers, volume and tone knobs. 3-way toggle …

  • Aria TA-40

    Aria TA-40 - h.ex's review


    Asian guitar 2 humbuckers 2 volume and 2 tone controls 22 frets UTILIZATION Very nice neck, good access to the upper frets, very good design, and light. It's very easy to get the sound you want! SOUNDS Ideal for rock blues, the pickups are pr…

  • Aria TA-40

    Aria TA-40 - Raphc's review


    - Asian guitar manufactured by ARIA - Two pickups sold as humbuckers, when they aren't. They are actually two big single-coils, the neck pickup has a round and warm sound, suitable for blues and solos. The bridge pickup is pretty noisy, I replaced i…

Translated user reviews
  • Aria TA-40

    Aria TA-40 - " sure value"


    1.4 body very good violin, 2 micro genre bang? 2 volumes 2 tones a selector 3 positions UTILIZATION very pleasant to play, it must be precise because you can hear everything! the handle is "standard" sitting and standing without problem and even …

  • Aria TA-50 Saltire

    Aria TA-50 Saltire - "Very good violin, average finishes"


    Semi-hollowbody guitar quarter fund-type ES-335 Fund all maple (maple) with central beam (also maple), table and curved back Mahogany neck (mahogany) Rosewood fingerboard (rosewood), Fretboard parallelogram shaped pearl, cream binding. Diapas…

  • Aria FA-70

    Aria FA-70 - " jazz aria fa 65b mint condition"


    made in china know how to make good guitars typical jazz guitar, its velvety nice round severe hot micro, micro acute bite of good quality (superior to other brands of the same price level). UTILIZATION nice round severe hot micro, micr…

  • Aria TA-50 Union Jack

    Aria TA-50 Union Jack - " A look fabulous!"


    Made in Japan-it seems 22-frets-Neck -2 Duncan Designed HB-103 Bridge-type Tune-O-Matic -2 Volume knobs and tone Switch-3 Position I put him 8 / 10, as was a Bigsby would be welcome! I am thinking to install one by little else. UTILIZATION …

  • Aria TA-70

    Aria TA-70 - " Aria Pro II guitar super Ta-70" has images


    Made in Japan as the opinion on the Aria Pro II TA-100. Channel pleasant end mahogany / maple, 22 frets key pallisandre, Nut Bone, 2 x humbuckers (original & good) see UTILIZATION Nothing to…

  • Aria 5002T Barney Kessel

    Aria 5002T Barney Kessel - " top notch"


    Japanese manufacturing 70/74 years handle 21 frets 2 pickups with volume and tone adjustable indepandament. USE icicc too commercial for rmplir SONORITS too many commercials here to complete the notice NOTICE GLOBAL idem …

  • Aria FA-71

    Aria FA-71 - Arath's review


    In what country does she makes? - China hlas What type of bridge - Sets What type of neck - Pleasant, with highs CASC issa not at all (very oldschool) How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration? - 22 frets, a…