Godin 5th Avenue
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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 3 reviews38 %
 1 user review13 %
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King Loudness08/31/2011

King Loudness's review"Cool, daddy-o"

Godin 5th Avenue
The Godin 5th Avenue is an archtop guitar made in the tradition of many of the very simplistic guitars made by Gibson, Epiphone, Harmony, Regal, et al in the forties and fifties. It's extremely no frills, but it sacrifices needless features and excess cosmetics for a vintage and cool tone that's very much at home playing jazz or blues styles. They're built at Godin's factory in Canada and have a pretty basic feature set which includes:

Top: Canadian Wild Cherry
Back & Sides: Canadian Wild cherry with cream binding
Neck: Silver Leaf maple with contoured high-gloss black headstock
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Adjustable Rosewood Bridge
Finish: Custom Polished Finish
Radius: 16" (40,6 cm)
Scale: 24.84" (63 cm)
Nut width: 1.72" (4,6 cm)
Colors: Cognac Burst, Natural & Black


The design of this guitar is fairly ergonomic considering its purpose. It's not really designed for high octane fast playing, but rather for more laid back blues/jazz type textures. It's a fairly lightweight guitar and doesn't suffer from neck heaviness or any odd order abnormalities. The shape is basically an old school archtop. It looks nearly identical to an old Silvertone that I owned that was built in 1958, so obviously they've got the idea. That being said, it does play better than a lot of these old guitars. The neck is comfortable and it's great for chording work and certain lead lines. The upper fret access isn't stellar due to a lack of a cutaway but that's to be expected.

Getting a good sound of this guitar is easy... just vary your pick attack and/or style to change it up! Because there are no pickups or anything on this guitar, it's up to your hands to determine how it sounds. It's a pretty mellow guitar overall, so you might have to hit it a bit harder to get the volume out of it, but otherwise it sounds great.


The sound of the guitar as stated is a fairly plain and mellow affair. It works very well for old school blues licks or some jazz comping. Django type lines work really well on this guitar too, due to its understated tone and easy playability. Part of me wishes that it had a bit more volume overall, but that might take away from the really unique and simple voice that this guitar has. It would definitely make a cool addition if you've already got a really loud acoustic in the collection or are just looking for a soft toned guitar to play around on.


The Godin 5th Avenue is a killer value for money and is a great example of a vintage meets modern archtop. At about $500 new for a non pickup equipped model, it's an awesome deal for someone looking for that downhome sort of voice in an easy to play, great sounding archtop guitar. Godin gear is underrated but built extremely well, so I'd have no concerns buying one myself!
Audiofanzine FR11/29/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Godin 5th Avenue
(Originally written by zjulos/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Guitar made in Canada.

Top: Canadian cherry wood

Back and sides: Canadian cherry wood with cream bindings

Neck: silver maple with profiled black glossy headstock

- Rosewood fingerboard

Bridge: adjustable rosewood bridge

Finish: polished finish

Radius: 16"

Scale: 24.8"

Nut: 1.81"

Colors: Cognac burst, natural and black

Also available with a Godin P90 Kingpin single-coil pickup

The version with pickup is bit more expensive


Very ergonomic, very comfortable neck,

The guitar could sound a bit louder...

I didn't try it out with an amp...


Pleasant guitar to play jazz and blues, and also gypsy music

It reminds me too much of a folk guitar

The unplugged sound could be a bit louder


I tried it out at a store

It's a simple guitar with a good manufacturing quality. Very attractive price.

You can feel it's a good-quality instrument even though it's not expensive

CT-64140's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great for classic jazz / bebop"

Godin 5th Avenue
Manufactures in Canada
Adjustable Tusq Bridge by Graphtech
Top: Canadian Cherry
Bottom and fishplates: Canadian Wild Cherry
Neck: Maple argentbr /> Rosewood Fingerboard
Scale: 24.84 "(63 cm)
Micro: 1x Godin Kingpin P90 single coil
1x Volume, 1x Tone


The handle is very pleasant in MATIRE of geometry. However, I find it a drawback that repeats on my other two Godin electric. Is spcifique of a wood treatment? I do not know. The strings are very sensitive to oxidation and the handle (including on his back) loses game after a few moments of his "slippery." One can certainly blame my sweat, but I possde other guitars (Duesenberg, Hagstrm, Gitano) which, with the same strings (same and my hands!), This phenomenon does not prsentent nomne. A retailer Godin besides me even him (without j'voque with him the question) evoked the thing. J'vite my ct the Fastfret but trsrgulirement cleans the strings with the cleaning product for Strings Gibson Luthers Choice (sometimes with Dunlop String Cleaner 65 which, alas, feels the 'antidgrippant the molybdenum used in mechanics!) and the default is ammoindri.

No pan shot this guitar does not allow access to acute ais; This is not to trsgnant genres of music that this guitar seems naturally directs.

Trslgre, one door with a lot of ease for hours and I find the pleasant shape to play sitting down.

As for getting a good sound: one branch (on a good amp prfrence tubes) and sounds on! A single microphone, a volume knob and a tonality (which mriterait perhaps to be more progressive): nothing complicated to draw good sonority.


I rgale me play jazz on this guitar. I go up with the "big boots" Thomastick JS 112 (I tent to mount with 114 GB Thomastick! And I imagine the sound that would come out of a Hot Rod Deluxe!)

In ELECTRIC, I played on a Palmer Fat Combo 50 and a Laney Cube 12R. Excellent on both amps. The sound is warm and rich across the spectrum. Note: this guitar sends lots of bass on Mi strings and the strings Thomastick JS have the advantage of reduce flooding low that we have on this type of guitar strings with other brands. (flat net) of the same drawing.

Overall fawn, there is a beautiful combination of round wood and warmth of P90. The clean sound seems obviously beautiful, very typ "swing" or "bebop" (listen to the recordings of Barney Kessel with Charles Parker) If you push a little gain, we get a nice crunch giving sonority everything that reminds the sound of the Gibson ES300 in bebop recordings of Django Reinhardt. This, however, never gave me guitar desire to be tried with overdrive or fuzz effects! With a gain a little more thrust on the amp, you can (I think) find him sonorits that stick well for Chicago blues.

Do not wait for this instrument against long sustain; but the heat of the sonority than compensates.

Default guitar (inhrent me it seems all P90 "classic"): 1) the feedback happens very quickly medium or high volume, 2) the microphone is very sensitive magntiques the fields of the amp and snores quite easily - to avoid the snoring just find its orientation and remoteness ideals over the amp.

In ACOUSTIC, it is far from projecting as Gibson ES130 (1953) of a friend with whom we livrs comparisons. But the sound is not bad. Thomastick with ropes, she lost in projection with respect to the original strings are round nets.


I have this I Kingpin for over a year. I always take as much fun playing it and I think I will not tire of its sonority.

I have not tried many models before acqurir. At the time of purchase, I simply compar with Gretsch Synchromatic G100CE. I prfr the electric sonority of Godin. Got to deal ...

If we compare with the price of "must" that kind of guitar "spanish electric," the quality money seems excellent. However, if one wants considrer purchase in terms of price / versatility, then do not obviously look to this guitar that seems directed purely jazz "mainstream" and " bebop. "

With my back more than a year, if I recapture, I would choose the same guitar!

Note that I possde another 5th Avenue Kingpin: the model "II" (with two P90) up with a draft infrieur (Thomastick JS 111), with similar qualities, compl you well and widens (for a tighter versatility) the possibilities of sonority of the Kingpin I

redcarp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good material"

Godin 5th Avenue
I think it's birch plywood, manufactured in Canada.


The neck is excellent, all guitarists who are trying my Godin reached agreement. the interface is excellent it really is in the canons of modern guitars. The head does not fall despite the presence of effective mechanical oil bath. The sound is good? But very distinctive. The handle is fair and accurate in all its length.


This is an acoustic guitar, Godin actually now large variation with microphones. I know that the acoustic model. The sound is old school ties typed. The register of this guitar is very old time blues with rope phosphorus / bronze (to play Robert Johnson is excellent). But it is also very well connected in strings Argentine swing and gypsy. Overall, this is a guitar that excels in the registry blues / jazz from 1920 to 1950. Games with the comfort of a recent guitar and a reasonable price.


I basically played the gypsy with this guitar, I have long sought a kind selmer gypsy guitar at a reasonable price but the price for the Godin was the gypsy "vintage" broken and unplayable or reproduction of Chinese crap. Also I've never been a fan of gypsy guitars square sleeves. I sold this guitar to finance the purchase of a nylon (Chinese, it is not all crap). I kept it and played four years and I have no complaints to him.

kironmars's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great experience"

Godin 5th Avenue


low action




Purchased almost on a whim in November 9 completely taken by the charm of the grip so it is light and his touch is very easy.
To the sound is a bit complicated I do not know what to think, I do not know if she would like more of an acoustic or electric.
I say this is the choice of strings, I opted for flat nets 012 Elixir is truly special it sounds almost banjo ways but at the same time there is the hot side of a bass.
I never heard anything sound this way but without being so versatile with this setup I discovered many things to explore. In any case it's vintage.
Only downside is at the micro P90 I have a big imbalance in the two strings they sound louder than others and there is no adjustment possible at the micro level (the two screws are not intended the settings) but it may also be a question of strings.
In conclusion, despite the undeniable quality I do not do it again this choice because the concept a little too fancy or experimental from the manufacturer.

maltakano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin 5th Avenue
For other features FC Avis.

For violin against impeccable


Channel your fun side despite a slightly muscular is a bit of a paradox.

General Ergonomics is very good,

The guitar is very light it is surprising


Very versatile guitar and sounds to be drawn are quite varied it is perfect for fingerstyle, blues, folk, and why not,

It is brand new, I have not unpacked 2h déjç and I want to share the feelings.

She has a resonance and power all completely amazing, and if you play piano sound is very nice and beautiful if not if you force it is very dry but it still smells new and the time to change ...


I for 2 h as I said and I'm already a fan ...

I regret nothing I have absolutely no more bananas just thinking about it. And the price is € 439 a value for money in my opinion the best,

To give an idea of ​​the guitars on which I usually play: a classic 1gR12 Esteve, a Takalime Folk Electro entry, a PS1 Jackson.

And I think this will be my Godin spoils quickly.

A small clarification: a quality guitar out and not too expensive outside of Asia is possible ...

Thank you and congratulations mr Godin
Gaspard Blate10/14/2008

Gaspard Blate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin 5th Avenue
Canadian Guitar vote and bottom molded table easel with adjustable rosewood bridge (not unlike floating which says t), F Oues in traditional colored borders crme.
The table, the bottom and sides are cherry wood, the handle is in Saddle money with a rosewood fingerboard.
The tailpiece is a "trapze" but less "travaillquot, that the picture of AF (the prototype of the NAMM 2008)


The handle end and perfectly trs "rolling" is prima facie dconcertant (it's like an electric and one wonders if srieux a sound), but use was quickly to worship ... the jouabilit is frankly excellent and fits perfectly the coup and the agreement despite the phosphor-bronze strings!
No pan shot is in sharp ACCS is ordinary, nothing less ...
The ergonomics are perfect! The guitar does nothing and is a PSE rgal play both standing up with strap, while seated in front of a btement partoches (trs the low thickness of the body has much to do).
The sound ... that it has the will gte, I arrive in the next section.


Vote thanks his table and his back also trs bomb bomb guitar projection from gaining a 1 / 2 Standard Box, but do not expect a miracle ... it is far from a trs dread and even a copy of Selmer.
The sound is "bizarre", which is both its charm and the weak point of this guitar ... try to imagine a shuffled copy of dreadnought and Selmer sustain a low trs, all associated with the sound a little low projection of an old classic ... has given an ide!
Solo, attacking the strings with strong trs mdiator a trs drive, we get a sound that fits well trs a jazzy style acoustic blues. In rhythmic cons, hard to get out of the blues, period ... a terrible lack of sustain me. This is particularly original but trs!


I possde for a month and a half in color. If I t first glance IMMEDIATE sduit by its originality and design, I am today plutt whole of this purchase by ... outside of the blues, it seems difficult now to use this guitar to sound so special.
I love the handle, ergonomics, ease of play the guitar but the sound that had so much to sduit dpart me parat rev limit in effect dsormais.
The report qualitprix seems perfectly justified (no competition from any fawn on such models), but with the exprience I would do not have that choice ... j'achterais plutt a Gitane gypsy (I have not tried before this purchase).
Either I go up a micro-floating on the guitar, or sell it ... in the state, she would quickly tire finally trs. :-(

bedarius's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Godin 5th Avenue
This beautiful guitar is manufactured in Canada and as you can see she has a mouth stick Madonna as usual with Godin is super comfortable, the bridge is adjustable float is said I believe mine, as we see little the picture is colored cognac burst finish is trsrussi and by the way. [img]


The Channel is trs enjoyable, the key is easy and as the body is thin trs lgre the guitar is, as it is not a guitar solo from hell make the access s the last fret is when even bonne.De by its shape and thinness is very comfortable ergonomically speaking.


I play mainly arpge with a little strumming it should rev quite the blues / rock / jazz
for sound in it is not against the box thin everest has the default of its qualities is not planning much the MODEL with pick-up should be Whereas p 90 for those ® religion more powerful sound.


I acquired this beauty for three weeks and I trs often in the hands (even my guitar I nglige Boucher) I really like the handle of the lgret affects my faith and especially how it looks amazing pany that Robert Godin.J love it less sound projection but the guitar is new and I have confidence that the maturity will give him more power, I would do this choice without hsiter and then the price is very reasonable here I dbours 425.00 dollars a little pressure for the European 300.euros.