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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 11 reviews )
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legwenosor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" mixed!"

Ibanez AF75
I do not know too much history of the guitar ... japan or korea surely!
she is pretty, well finished and pleasing to the touch!

2 humbuckers, 3 position selector ... Brief classic!


throughout the guitar neck and comfortable, but a bit cumbersome in the standards of this style of guitar.
for the rest unremarkable except the beautiful bridge!


it's a gift .. ! I wanted a guitar style ES335 and Father Christmas dropped me this ibanez!

well I do not know why, I find it not sound this guitar!
I do not know quite how to explain, I can not found the sound "johnny be good"!

While this is not a gibson 335, but I thought I could find it but its not!

I read it is typed jazz ... but now I can not make it sound like I want to blow the little I play.

in "sound" ... I metallic sounds coming out of the box ... I do not know where it comes from!
suddenly I find this guitar very average ....


... the worst is having to keep! it can not be separated from a gift like that!

... never mind, I found the console pretty!

In short, I do not get along with this guitar and if I had the choice again I will try to see one epiphone!

draganbass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad at all ..."

Ibanez AF75
Made in China. Floating bridge (well to be careful to replace it after changing the strings). Maple neck 22 frets (but then, after the 15th, it's no fun to play = S). 2 humbuckers, 2 potarts by microphones (volume + tone) and a three position selector. The violin seems generally good its quality.


Handle very nice, quite late. Well balanced guitar, but access is difficult to acute, especially in games standing.


I play blues, rock, funk, and it suits me very well! The game is very unplugg metal, almost stylish dobro (nickel for the Mississippi Blues =). Once connected, there's no two ways about it does everything thoroughly and it sounds! She responds very well to the distortion and echo (I did not test other effects above).


I use it for about a year, and I still have no problem with .... Otherwise, I rather regret the lack of nuance in the settings, but I think it's still a good entry level guitar, with a good value for money.

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AF75
I have the orange model, for the great color. Not enough to keep this guitar that I sell after 3 years of virtual non-use ...
Rest assured it is a good guitar, very well done, in 4 years nothing has changed.
It's just that it is a hybrid product, in my view no good:
To play without amp is bad, the nerves do not take 10 minutes. Amplified to the volume is already too strong for the house because the volume of natural acoustic guitar. And frankly play crunch or distortion with the clean sound just as loud as the amp is not beautiful ...
So you have to play harder, locally safe neighbor for example, and not even missed bin: she left for feedback at every opportunity! I do not even talk of a possible bassist and drummer sidekick, not feasible.

So now, a complete impasse for me, trying not been too bad. To think ...


Good game, but access to acute lamentable my yamaha flamenco done better.
Good shape, 16 inches so small, depth of 70mm, lightweight, all good otherwise.
The pickups are pretty great, a remake of a successful tandem Jazz JeffBeck home seymour duncan, but not split-.
All very well-assembled welded-etc.


Warm and velvety but specific serious acid in acute and aggressive, and very funky in the middle, super simple and efficient to use.
I also installed these pickups on a Les Paul, very good result a real treat.

In practice, see the first chapter ...


Oh no, I want more. Neither a gretsch elsewhere, same story. I was even thinner (43mm thick) and it is not, in fact. It's more the concept that the instrument itself, although access is really acute rhédibitoire. For relapée Gretsch is not famous.

Jazz a less intrusive, since we played with clear not far from its natural acoustics, and it is not jazz. If you want one, take a cort yorktown is really better in the mind clean smooth and playable in the treble.

I am severely short on this one planted it ...

mca's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AF75
That says it all


Like all Ibanez Artcore is super easy to play, comfortable and the sound is good. It is much harder than on the AF 105, but the ratio of the price will double.


It sends a lot in distortion and clear is not bad.


I bought this guitar to my son for his 14 years he had flash on my AF 105. For the price it's a great advisor auxamoureux A scratch guitar jazz beginners or poor fortune. Gibson is not good, but still much better than the Epiphone, and then a violin possde own and has to face. At the Premire REPEAT he made with the effect. For a teenager it is very cool and nice rev. Now my son is more beautiful than my 105 but it was him scratching his

Psib's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AF75
box maple veneer
rosewood fingerboard
Left model


Easily handle the varnish glides well
access to acute standard is not that of an sg but not bad
good ergo the box is not too deep it will hold well
I changed all the electronics
micro p90 and classic round 57 bridge


For the blues rock and jazz of course they defended themselves rather well
the pickups are of course for many
Dry this guitar has the sound, plugged into a blues junior tube I go from clean to a fat sound and I find it versatile


Extraordinary value for money guitar very well finished
nose in the body odor that guitar plated n'évolura not
with good microphones sound is really good therefore provide an additional investment but even with the cost of the price is less than 700euros
at this price with this quality I do not see competition
Ze kog06/16/2008

Ze kog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AF75
Chinese I think ...
2 humbuckers
4 knobs .. a 3 position switch
maple neck


The handle is a little big but ideal for rhythm .. by solo against the box after the 13th .., hmm hmm is ca complqie
Very light guitar! ideal for lives
its very nice especially in an intermediate position


I play old rock, rock n roll and a bit of hard rock ACDC ... it sticks really well and has the look!
I played a peavey supreme to punk rock ... ca rang pretty good, but long live the feedback!

This now a twin reverb it sounds very good! vrmt perfect to accompany


I played with for 4 years maiteannt! S key is worn out ... same lot, but it's been a good vintage!
did the paint and varnish moved pa + non! removed because of my loop but nothing mécnaht
price / quality ratio very good!
if I could I would reiterate the same! probably red ...

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AF75
China !!




Indifferent amp


Instrument, provided that we know to do it, can go in any style
rather uncomfortable in electric, and very indecisive in the direction of the game and style, this guitar has everything: first jazz flat net (13 56) Action high, very satisfactory result and instead blues rock ditto but not pulling nets dishes, this goes without saying, we must systematically renew the settings of the guitar in jazz, I opt for a wooden easel for rock, rather the original bridge, I even pass through the rock'n roll fawn setzer finding by chance vibrato Ibanez puts on other models, it drops a little microphones and action, simple effects coils! ... And it works now, she rises ties (almost) Standard (11 48) and hand rather jazz rock, and ... well, I forgot that in the meantime it does rises in Argentina and downright swing, and also ..
short, good instrument that withstands the necessary mods,, given my guitar, which dj seen a lot, I would say that the instrument is more robust, so much the better .. !!!
it's still the small guitar

Ggn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AF75
- Made in China
2 Humbucking pickups
Volume and tone of each micro
Switching it's one or the other but not cheese and dessert.


The neck is super comfortable for me and my big hands.
Treble until the 17 th cargo but it's going after .....
The balance is my opinion excellent.
The right sound, Ca adpend of what looks sound and the strings that are made. Met personally but I'm still looking for the best string my ear ..


Jazz and Rock is almost perfect for flamenco recess must forget.
If you type in the body (Golpe de jazz) has not come out.
I use it on an acoustic amplifier Ibanez Troubadour TA35.
Sound a bit too mtallique my taste.


1 year of use
I have the AIM is that it n'tait least not when buying RULES especially the position and height of the bridge.
She is beautiful and just as beautiful devil! dressed in sunburst, the varnish does not move or handle or anything else. But blue is also very beautiful.
Half a box of this quality and this award has been 30 years that I was dreaming!
The frets are dj uses to say she was not idle! Ben am 30 years of frustration was quickly wears out the frets.
I am ready to buy it back on, like blue for a change! But against a Gibson L5 to the same price: j'achte before L5.

Well what is said above 2 years now, and now I'm happy I have a Gibson ES 175: (see my opinion on the Gibson and I compare all the points AF 75) This Ibanez has really charms and I still use it despite the competition from clbre Gibson. In short I keep 2.

Girl with the strings flat shallow draft addario af75 gives the great, even the strongest ties are not at all. This is an exellent guitar and has not moved.

jba's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AF75
Come on, it MRIT well his little notice ....
made in Korea I believe, by Cort (roughly what ibanez Reduces costs).
I did not count the boxes, I would say 22, without conviction. 2 humbuckers made by Ibanez, 3-position switch, 4 knobs, les paul style.
floating bridge, which is just the beginners Drout (think removing the foam under the bridge ...).
It certainly feels like half a box at all points, so it's perfect.


The neck is fairly quick and enjoyable trs, I can resettle some shred of my stupid plans tender years (very bad eh ...), Access in acute is roughly s as easy as a half body is saying too much, but it is not the goal. The ergonomics are perfect, I is not tired for a few concerts, and I get the sound I wanted (more in the next section).


I use it mostly in my group of swing song, and it lends itself perfectly to the style: her round the neck pickup a little more attack by combining the two, and I always cut a little to the Tone round sound. I play through my laney tf 300 j'apprcie that much clear sound, or live in a v-amp. I medium bridge pickup, all alone, but I use it ever, so ....
The acoustic sound does not play it alone, and fishing probably over a gibson jazz, but it's not the point either. It gives a noise level trs enjoyable to play at home.


Used for 1 month.
I tried a few epiphone (emperor), and my abilities being what they are, I rather opt for the ibanez.
I like having a real quality instrument with a violin work and sound great for a reasonable price trs, its sound, its shape ...
May be that long I'll change the pickups, and more ... I do not know.
I do it again this choice without problem. If it were to happen, I will buy one of his sisters without remorse.

edit: After a few months, my af75 has undergone some changes, including the installation of a micro SeymourDuncan jazz set, and a horse tuneomatic bigbsby from home instead of les paul style bridge (roughly in place edges and up the string based on a round), and it is not the same guitar, its pretty hot trs.

florre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AF75
Jazz Guitar


Superb guitar


Very good in acoustic than my tube amp


To buy the firm for eyes and jazz have a year and I do not want no other such