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AEA Studio & Home Studio news

  • [AES] AEA launches the N8 ribbon microphone

    [AES] AEA launches the N8 ribbon microphone

    10/16/14 in AEA N8

    AEA was at AES 2014 to introduce the second 48V phantom powered ribbon mic in the NUVO series, the N8.

  • [AES] AEA KU4

    [AES] AEA KU4

    05/14/11 in AEA KU4

    Audio Engineering Associates (AEA), announced at the AES show that its s new KU4 supercardioid ribbon microphone is now available through AEA dealers worldwide.

  • [NAMM] AEA RPQ Ribbon Pre

    [NAMM] AEA RPQ Ribbon Pre

    01/28/09 in AEA RPQ Ribbon Pre

    The RPQ with Curve Shaping and P48 power has 80 dB of JFET gain, P48 phantom power for active studio ribbons such as AEA’s