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  • Nakamichi 480

    Nakamichi 480 - " The other brand magneto."


    The Nakamichi brand remains the benchmark manufacturer in the world of compact K7. The 480 sat across the sudios because he was the last link of the model, the vehicle in which they put all their hopes, the friend and confidant. An object of worshi…

  • Nakamichi LX3

    Nakamichi LX3 - " LX3"


    Magnificent machine of great quality. Equipped with a small fade effect at the beginning or the end of recording. The width of the device can be prevent the return of some furniture. …

  • Nakamichi RX-202E

    Nakamichi RX-202E - " Excellent"


    In the 80's were the top NAKAMICHI cassette magneto general public it is no exception to the rule, I was fortunate to find a new one in about 2000 I bought it immediately. No regrets, while the mechanical quality steel ensures perfect stability scr…

  • Nakamichi 482 Z

    Nakamichi 482 Z - " Nakamichi King of analog tape"


    For how long have you been using it? I also have a 482 for 7 years. I recently acquired this 482z Did you try many other models before getting this one? Yes and this is by far the best I had in my hands. I had a pioneer ct S450 which had the …

  • Nakamichi 350

    Nakamichi 350 - Dom Brunet's review


    Vritable small bomb tape of the 80 beginners! The small ERRF of which 550 plus a limiter! excellent for reporting and decision-sounds Mobile! Unfortunately, the spices are not found dtach oujourd'hui cobalt and heads are fragile. View forum o…

  • Nakamichi CM-100

    Nakamichi CM-100 - à Chaud's review


    These microphones were manufactured by Germany for PRIMO Nakamichi and LEM. See the opinions most relevant to the LEM EMU 4535 which is exactly the same. Features: Electret microphone with high quality but quite old. Cardioid fairly open, s…

  • Nakamichi dragon

    Nakamichi dragon - patrickl472's review


    For 15 years I use this device I've always liked the cost, he made an exceptional Submitted for support K7 chrome. The use is quite complex, but the instructions are clear , and good for recording rglages are essential for a rsultat parfait.J 've rec…

  • Nakamichi CR-4

    Nakamichi CR-4 - alankomusic's review


    I use the CR4 past fifteen years. The reason is simple, in my car I drive, not CD K7, a is a good lock and I do not want me to turn the CD, plus hardly anyone to s'intresse K7 yet I dfi a good ear mlomane (non profit) to hear the diffrence between Re…