Nakamichi 482 Z
Nakamichi 482 Z

482 Z, Cassette Deck from Nakamichi.

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chguigoz59 11/28/2010

Nakamichi 482 Z : chguigoz59's user review

«  Nakamichi King of analog tape »

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For how long have you been using it?

I also have a 482 for 7 years.
I recently acquired this 482z

Did you try many other models before getting this one?

Yes and this is by far the best I had in my hands.
I had a pioneer ct S450 which had the distinction of having a dolby s and an auto calibration strip. Apart from the Dolby s greatly reducing the blast and auto calibration strip is good stew, while plastic and makes a hell of racket at his mécanique.Le was quite correct, however, but far a nak.

What thing do you like most/least about it?
The sound quality is exceptional, especially for the tape which we have (had) a lot of prejudice, including that due mainly to the mass of low-end devices sold at the time, like turntables in plastic, comparison is the same.
Once properly adjusted, this deck provides bandwidth almost flat from 20 to 20,000 Hz and that with a normal tape (Sony HF for example) with of course the big analog sound. The sound is very close to a magnetic stripe, and breath in less dynamic and more of course but with dolby b and c above all engaged, we see (hear) the difference. It is simply the good fortune to Save his vinyls and listen without audio degradation, and especially without destructive scanning. For my part, only the scan but 24/96 is drinking what media to listen easily without taking the lead? may be the DVD audio which gives very good results.
But it's not as easy to manipulate at registration!

Unfortunately, the years pass and the plates fall ...
On the series 48X Nakamichi, one of the most annoying disease is that the grease on the capstan shafts dries and turns into a real glue over time even without use. The capstan is therefore increasingly difficult to move until the day it seizes and even (this happened to me on my 2 nak) axis of the capstan dislodges and disassembly and repair is required .

Therefore, buying a NAKAMICHI is to take risks and make sure it is in good condition before buying or if you're handy ... This is my case and I had a great pleasure to repair and resolve completely, it must be equipped with cons ... (Tilt, generator and multimeter minimum)

Repeat this selection Yes for the analog to the house, and then cassettes, can still be found and not very expensive.
A tip: avoid TDK (R & SA) is what works less well at any level after many comparisons with measurement equipment. (These are also the least expensive, there is no secret). Sony (HF) and Maxell (UR and UD) is very good.