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  • Prodipe Pro 5

    Prodipe Pro 5 - "Very good professional gear and I love them"


    Very good professional gear, solid, heavy and powerful. Very good for beginners, amateurs like me or even for pros and home studios. Two 2 x 75-watt amps. SOUND Their sound is very clean and enough for me, I use them with a Yamaha MG102c mixe…

  • Prodipe Pro 5

    Prodipe Pro 5 - "COOL, I love them"


    Personally, I heard several monitors and I ended up choosing the Prodipe 50. Aesthetically, they are very nice, which I like a lot. The fact that they are rectangular makes them easy to pile up (to make a small tower), so they don't take up too much…

  • Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo

    Prodipe Microphone A1 Duo - "Great instrument Microphone"


    The Prodipe A1 was manufactured in France and it was created for home recording musicians that are on tight budgets (which fits most of use). The design of this microphone is very sleek and futuristic, I love the way it looked when I had it set up in…

  • Prodipe Pro 5

    Prodipe Pro 5 - "ok set of monitors"


    The Pro 5’s by Prodipe have been around for a few years now and I have had hands on experience with them on several occasions. The stereo quality is very good and the frequency range is as well. They are a very solid set of monitors. They don’t seem …

  • Prodipe Pro 8

    Prodipe Pro 8 - "nice flat response"


    I have read hundreds of comments on the Prodipe Pro 8 speakers and they live up to their reputation. I have been in studios with Mackies, Yamaha's and a ton of other monitors which are the best, but for the money, I would not hesitate to use these. …

  • Prodipe MC-1 Condenser Lanen

    Prodipe MC-1 Condenser Lanen - Kierkes's review


    The Prodipe MC-1 Ludovic Lanen microphone is a higher end model in French audio company Prodipe’s line of hand held vocal microphones. Before committing to that pigeonholing of the microphone into a purely vocal usage, I must comment that the MC-1 is…

  • Prodipe TT1 Lanen

    Prodipe TT1 Lanen - Kierkes's review


    The Prodipe TT1 Ludovic Lanen microphone is, hands down, a fantastic microphone that was developed by the French audio company Prodipe. The goal of the Ludovic Lanen was simple: they wanted to create a good budget microphone that didn’t compromise on…

  • Prodipe DM8

    Prodipe DM8 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by tomtom67 on Audiofanzine FR. 5 dynamic mics, 3 electret mics OVERALL OPINION I bought this set six 6 months ago to record demo tapes with my band. The carry case and mics are sturdy. One of the electret mics doesn't work …

  • Prodipe Pro 8

    Prodipe Pro 8 - "Excellent"


    Originally written by artifice on Audiofanzine FR. Good value for money. I tried out several products and the sound difference doesn't justify the price difference compared to other brands. I use it for music creation and mixing on an amat…

  • Prodipe Pro 5

    Prodipe Pro 5 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by Toto11 on Audiofanzine FR. These are my first monitor speakers. I was looking for a good value for money. Ideal for beginners. I would still use them if I hadn't found a great deal for a pair of Focal SoloBe6... - App…