DiMarzio DP191 Air Classic Bridge
DiMarzio DP191 Air Classic Bridge

DP191 Air Classic Bridge, Humbucker guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the Vintage Output series.

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Hatsubai's review"Rather have a 36th Anniv."

DiMarzio DP191 Air Classic Bridge
The DiMarzio Air Classic Bridge is DiMarzio’s take on the old 50s PAFs. However, it’s a bit irrelevant today with the new PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge out. Their goal was to create an old school PAF sound with using some of their “secret” technology. This pickup features slugs on one coil, adjustable pole pieces on the other and four conductor wiring.

The Air Classic Bridge is a low to medium output humbucker aimed towards the classic sounds of yesterday but using some of today’s new technology. The biggest gripe I have is that they claim Alnico 2 magnets are unnecessary and threw in an Alnico 5 magnet. DiMarzio’s lack of experimenting with magnets has always been one of those things that got on my nerves. The Alnico 2 magnet can really aid in giving that vintage vibe, but they decided to go with the Alnico 5 anyway…

The pickup has that air gap between the magnet and coils like some of their other pickups do. This reduces some of the output and creates some more touch sensitivity than if they’d be touching. Overall, the pickup is fairly even with a slight dip in the midrange. It has that vowely quality like the older PAFs do, but I can’t help but think that the 36th Anniversary PAF is so much better in every way. The good thing is that this works with pretty much any wood combination out there. There’s no real hyped frequency, so there won’t be any issues installing this in either mahogany, maple, basswood, etc. Split coil sounds are nice on this, and parallel sounds aren’t bad, either.

If you’re looking for a classic PAF sound, I recommend you try out the 36th Anniversary Bridge pickup instead. You’ll be getting more bang for your buck in nearly every way.
Le Taz02/11/2014

Le Taz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" As the name suggests!"

DiMarzio DP191 Air Classic Bridge
This mic is aptly named. One could speak of a ventilated bam, albeit with an output level quite appreciable. It is quite versatile, but probably more shine in a modern and vintage amp. He loses (slightly) into heat, it gains in transcription of the attack, especially wholesale saturax. It will not be the best bang for its clear, cons, it will preserve your attack, biting a vintage bam, if you enjoy playing detune (C) and highly saturated. I found a small side Pearly Gates, but more powerful, punchy. I installed it on a Les Paul Florentine (half body) without regret. I keep fat, a good dynamic lead or rhythm, even saturated, and that's not too bad installation in clean. Personally, this is what I wanted, but I think many blame him a lack of personality, side of the coin.

Riffko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

DiMarzio DP191 Air Classic Bridge
In this micro dpart silent fate be mounted on a team of Japanese Start Floyd Rose. I finally changed my mind by installing it on an Ibanez RT650 team her, a Wilkinson vibrato. I associated this microphone a DP 190 in the neck position and HS2 center position.
The configuration of this set is almost perfect since the microphone output level is relatively well equilibrated. I did not split the microphone to keep a central output level homogne with the other two. (206mV, 90 mV and 226 mV).


On the clean channel, this airbucker dlivre trs own sound, almost got me too. Many dive a bit tide, few prsence despite the lamps.
By the canal against a saturated gouache max. It is far from a Dirty Finger or Pearly Gates, but who takes the trouble to hack his rglages, the fact really. The sound is incredibly clean even with a strong dose of saturation. Harmonic whistle on their own and sustain endless so stay more than MODR on the use of reverb.
For shreders of all kinds and other furious six string players, it's fun carrment. Everything passes, sweep, lgato, tapping, each note rings clearly, what the top.
However, with careful management of the effects because, as rightly stated by the manufacturer, "this microphone picks up every nuance of your game." In other words, if you play rough, you will unfortunately with the sound.


Trs good microphone, however, does not break down enough in the clear. I think it express its quintessence of a good scraper handle al trs see half a body. As you can see, a good violin is likely to make a difference.
As against saturation, say nothing, except that it must be
motivate play application.
Bought 75 euros for our cousins, the report qualitprix is ​​fairly good. J'enlve a point for the clear sound that sounds may be a little too jazz, at least on my guitar.