Gibson Classic 57
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All user reviews for the Gibson Classic 57

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 15 reviews )
 10 reviews67 %
 4 reviews27 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money : Poor

tjon901's review"Modern Gibson PAF's"

Gibson Classic 57
The PAF is a classic pickup. It was the first humbucking pickup and was invented by Seth Lover in the mid 50s. The PAF stands for Patent Applied For. Gibson could not wait for the patent to be approved before selling the pickup because they knew anyone could go look at the patent and steal their design so right after they applied for the patent they started selling them with that name. This was good because it took a few years for the patent to get approved and by then they were some of the most popular pickups in the market. There are plenty of pickups that say they are PAF relicas. Every passive pickup maker makes one pretty much. The Gibson ones are the closest modern mass produced pickups today that are close to the original PAF. Seymour Duncan makes some special aged PAF style pickups but these are pretty much custom jobs. The 57 Classic is probably the best pickup that Gibsons come with nowadays.. The 57's have just the right amount of sag in the tone so you can really work the dynamics like you would with a set of real vintage pickups. In the neck position is super smooth and when you throw in some tone knob you can get that sour tone like you have a parked wah on. In the bridge position it has a little more bite and spank to it. With some gain you can get good classic rock tones from the bridge pickup. These pickups can handle more gain than a set of PAF's could. Because of their modern design they retain their composure longer than a set of old pickups could. If you have a humbucker guitar and want a really classic sound from it. You can go directly to the source and get some real life PAF's from Gibson in the form of the Classic 57.

HardBlues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The sound of the Blues"

Gibson Classic 57
Mounted in the neck position in my Epiphone Les Paul 2000 with 50's wiring and condos in oiled paper, this reissue by Gibson PAF brings me exactly what I bought.
A warm and thick wonders to play BB or Albert King with a nice overdrive.
Also splendid clear sound with good bass that gives a lot of scope.
Used in conjunction with his brother Classic 57 Plus, more nasty, it can cover a wide variety of registers.
It should also be some time for balanced sound from two microphones each with a strong personality.
But when it's done is that of happiness.
I have no intention to part with it, but if I had to make the choice again I will sign without thinking.

Qill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" vintage neck"

Gibson Classic 57
micro Alnico II by Gibson originally installed on the Les Paul, ES, SG ... for me this is the best size mike Gibson Humbucker in vintage style was rather large, good presence, it is velvety soft ... not much less than P90 and a Duncan 59 SH1 right, here we are in the middle and bass, I use that method that's best neck up, after he bridge roots, j 'have a preference for the classic 57 + in this position which made it less dry ... also tested for Classic 57 uncovered (no cache metal) I can say that there is a difference in returns is moving away a little vintage philosophy, this mode is that it gives all covered its shade and grain ...
PS: micro fetish Lenny Kravitz found throughout his Gibson (Flying V, Les Paul, SG ....) So for the fans ...

Qill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Classic 57
Micro Alnico II by Gibson, as saying that it is particuliier, I much prefer the Classic 57 covered (with metal cover) rendering is too raw apple is not at all like the vintage model covered, I even asked if I had not done wrong mounting on my Les Paul sound so stank that is to say it all ... in fact, I mostly took to test the difference between with or without cache and all that it sounds hollow and aggressive he leaves nothing very smooth and creamy, it slams keudalle So forget between before and after I prefer so here before, completed test back to Classic 57 covered, except for those who are more into the vintage / modern and uninhibited ago Burstbuker two uncovered in the neck, which I think makes the best taff uncovered 57 to choose, take a much more modern touch ...

DrMAB's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Les Paul + blues =??? ...... Classic 57/57 +!"

Gibson Classic 57
These two (beautiful) microphones have replaced the original ones with an Epiphone LP. Who can not afford to offer Traditionnal Gibson, I opted for the transformation of the Asian cousin.
The goal here is not to say all the good I think of the little Epi (I also left a review on its own product page), but frankly, with this pair of Classic 57, we come squarely in another dimension, the big boys in some way ...

If I let myself tempted by the adventure Les Paul, it was primarily to open my horizon of blues-man accustomed to monogamy with his strat, but glancing toward adultery humbucker. So for me, double windings = passage Clapton / Guy Led Zep, possibly more in the hard 70, but not large saturations.

Well, bingo! I find with all these mics creamier than I expected from a Les Paul, a large reserve of power but always with elegance and harmonic endlessly. It's round, it's hot, and if you push the volume knob, rekindles the fire with a grain very 'Pagien. "Riffs AC / DC also go very well.'s Gary Moore And, I do not even speak (in fact if: amazing!)

The grave (57) is really perfect for me, because very typical blues. The chevlaet (57 more) is talking faster powder than his colleague of the handle. I do not think that only the small difference between their output levels (the basic argument for the creation of 57 "plus") explains that: height adjustment must also intervene.
I've done what Mr. Gibson called me and was on his own guitars (a couple 57/57 + so) but I'm not sure basically a couple 57/57 has sounded very differently (after saw the small difference in price compared to the total cost ...).

Clarification, I redid all the electronics including condos bumblebee put: to take into account as they affect the sound.

The prices might seem high, but this is the kind of micro which we do not discard (unless they have really stuck in musical direction sought). There are many mics cheaper, but if you are demanding and do not hesitate to change to achieve perfection. Save time (and money): take all these Gibson-de-away!

rhum66's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A classic exquisite!!"

Gibson Classic 57
I set up a classic set Classic 57 & 57 + on a beautiful Epiphone BB KING who asked it.
General of the dominant character set is a classy sound: power and sweetness, an uppercut in "velvet glove".

1 /: The clean sounds are very hot:

In round is big and fat, very medium and always accurate.
In a deluxe reverb, or any Blackface is brilliant, powerful and slamming, is approached by Albert King.
The sustain is delicious, the bends blues go weightless.
This mic is also a marvel in its typed Jazz, one approaches the spirit blue note (Grant Green and others), it almost seems to play a jazzbox if we lower the tone ...

The microphone is never acute nasal, yet thick sound, the treble does not shine, it could be a problem on any stringed mahogany, sound may be too dark.
on a 335 type guitar, the sound is recovered rock 'n roll, classic 60 years', with the honk and roundness, it can be renter in it without ever having an unpleasant stridency treble.
Often, this micro-air reminds me of the type of sound funky Johnny Guitar Watson. (Superman lover ...)

2 / Crunches:

can be pushed far enough, the microphones without cashing Bonche.
We reached the levels of overdrive type southern rock / ZZ Top (Allman bro & lunyrd Skynyrd) without problem.
but rather as a player of Chicago blues & soul-jazz, I never push my tubescreamers drives (I rather boost). So I get light crunch that I more or less smooth volume knob, the deluxe does the rest.
We are in the sounds Freddy King, Albert King, Luther Allison, Joe Louis Walker.
Briefly, this tradition of bluesmen blacks who have chosen the "BIG SOUND PAF GIBSON tearing a fender blackface." Not very elegant, yet powerful & elegant with juice ...

this set will transform your large Epiphone guitar blues rock.
To fully enjoy if we play blues-rock: an all tube Fender amp, blackface or tweed + Ts like, is essential if you will not reach the levels of nuances that make all the difference. You will more certainly, but not the cream of the crop that is the smoothness of this set.
Dominique Le Bars10/18/2011

Dominique Le Bars's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good but could do better"

Gibson Classic 57
How long have you use it?
A little over a year.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No, the original Epiphone pickups of my guitar.
(A Sheraton)

The sound of two pickups together.
Whether clean, crunch, distortion or drive, I find the result somewhat usable.
Tart with a big hole in the lower midrange.

Position I and III very good and versatile.
Personal I do jazz, blues, rock.
These pickups suit me if it is mixed with the position I mentioned earlier that I think is really of little interest.
I will resume my screwdriver again and try one last attempt by adjusting the height of the microphones.
One last thing, I find the prices really excessive.
(Count 250 with installation)
Gibson (like Fender and other brands)
surf a myth than a half century and it is us you pay for!

fuzzstone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Classic 57
mounted from 4 / 5 years on my signature Riviera as a replacement for epiphone 57 home if they have not revolutionized the guitar is not what I asked them, they highlighted the good violin to origin and given a more "full", richer.
it does not have an Epiphone (even more high-end) a Gibson custom shop, but at least it gives her a clearer, less draft.
I particularly like their sound round, responding perfectly to the attack of the pick, giving the possibility of alternating clear sound and attack more crunchy just by modulating the attack of the strings.
value for money is average in nine, the boards I personally bought used € 120 the pair, so for that price, it is very correct.
Yes I would do this choice, although I have long hesitated turned the handle to a position P94 because I prefer (if we had to pick just) the 57 + rack 57 in the sleeve, a Just over Gnacke for 57 +, more to my taste. but this is quite subjective.

Greig's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very powerful and brilliant balanced"

Gibson Classic 57
I have chosen to equip a DNG Cadette (les paul junior like), custom order in November 2000. I previously had an SG Special. Start with a SD '59 and hot rail.

I also have GFS, the Phat Cat on a Burny Les Paul

I love the versatility of these pickups, both brilliant (so good in the clear) and powerful.

I play mostly 70's rock.

Bongokid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Gibson Classic 57
Happy owner of an old Ibanez Les Paul (PF300) of 1978, I wanted to boost the sound a bit by changing the PAF pickups Ibanez Super 70 that the teams at the start (and are also excellent but missing microphones can be a bit of definition).
Following information taken from right to left, not being an expert, I thought I had to type in the Gibson because it was the sound I wanted. Then: 490 + R or 498T Classic 57 and Classic 57 +? I chose the latter couple, a little more expensive and seemed to be top for rock, blues and hard rock. In passing, I note that my luthier had discouraged new Gibson pickups (the burstbuckers 1, 2 or 3 that are too biting seems too modern, in short, not very vintage ...)
Having struggled to find a pair 57/57 + (57 in handle and 57 + in bridge) in golden covers, I have finally received (230 euros a pair anyway!) And had them up by my luthier who also remade the connections (about 130 euros per transaction)
And since it's only happiness I will ever be that choice without hesitation! Definition of his perfect, precise, warm bass to fall, sounding treble-haired, huge sustain and full of harmonics, in short, the beginner (2 years of guitar) that I had no trouble to recognize that I spent in the top of the top ... Only the total pleasure to play on my guitar now, and the violin for those old Ibanez is excellent, I now have the equivalent of a Gibson Les Paul more than 1500 euros. Do not hesitate on these pickups, even if you are a bit expensive, you will not regret it!
I put 9 out of 10 not for performance but for the difficulty in obtaining pickups gibson golden in this world and for the price, a bit expensive ...