Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus

8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState I series.

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Average Score:3.7( 3.7/5 based on 14 reviews )
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 6 reviews43 %
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Value For Money : Excellent

onelittlejog's review"It was okay to start out with."

Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
Not much to add (solid-state, pseudo hybrid ....clean channel 100% solid-state, OD channel with a marshall 12Ax7 tube).
It's a pity it doesn't feature a headphone out or a speaker out to connect it to external cabs, with hindsight I would've really appreciated it. For the rest, it's really comprehensive and versatile.


I used it live and for rehearsals from 1995 until 2006 (when I switched to a Jcm 900 MK III 2100 my review).
Since 2006 I use it for my home studio or to do other jobs.
I've played with alternative, pop, rock, and metal bands...and it has always fit well.
It sounds all right at low volumes, especially the OD channel.
I used it again several years ago for a gig in a small venue...and it was catastrophic!! I'll never do it again!


As soon as you crank it up a bit, it turns shrill and lacks warmth...a 5-watt tube amp sounds better.
It doesn't make me feel anything ever since I've been playing tubes...
Back in the day, tube amps were inaccessible, they were really expensive, that's why I chose it...there were not many options!!


It's okay to start out with and not go broke, but you'll quickly need to move on to something else. Avoid using it for gigs, unless you play at low volumes and are amplified via the PA.
Go for a tube amp as soon as you can.

+ Connections
+ Reverb
+ Nice speaker
+ OD channel

- Solid-state sound
- Sound is degraded at high volumes
- Weight

Ju13090's review"It puts up with low frequencies!"

Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
Solid-state amp with one 12AX7 preamp tube
Standard connections.
2x40 watts with two 12" Celestion G12T speakers
Stereo chorus and reverb
Open back


You plug in, turn the knobs and play...


To me, this amp is a must for death metal, I have never heard an amp that can put up so well with low frequencies.
It's incredible. I tune to A, with 13/64 strings, and have no muddle, no trembling speakers, nothing, it behaves impeccable.
In terms of distortion, I use the OD2 channel, which is really mind-blowing. It's powerful and relatively light at the same time.
I use Seymour SH-6 SH-8 X2N at the neck and don't have the slightest need to connect a single pedal to have a additional gain.
To give you an idea, when I connect a Metal Muff, I can hear no gain difference whatsoever, except for some extra gain in the high end.
Do note that, like with many Marshalls, the mids and treble controls aren't as good as the bass one.
The pots crackle when you turn them, but that's quite normal for a Marshall.


I've been using it for about 3 years and I had several amps before, including a peavey bandit 112 and a marshall amphead with an 8100 cab.
The bandit 112's speaker vibrates at loud volumes with a standard gauge and the 8100 lacks punch, I had to play with a pedal, but I used EMG 81 and 85 with this amp, it was way less powerful than with the SH8, which may skew my judgment.
I love its punch and its particularly metal sound. The amp responds perfectly to low frequencies and thick string gauges (I use 13/64).
What annoys me a bit is that the reverb sets off at 10 on mine.
I have never really cranked the volume all the way up. The most "extreme" settings I've used have been with both the boost and the master volume at 4, and it already kicks ass.
Then again, it's only 80 watts, so it's not the best to play with a band.
It maybe okay to play soft music, but to play death metal you'll need at least twice that to be heard over a drummer who plays like a real death metal drummer.

Metalheads should go for it, you won't find anything better for the price.
I would eventually like to compare it with a LINE 6 Spider, but I don't think its speakers are of such good quality, even if I know that the latter has a more modern and cleaner distortion than the Marshall.

Do note that my reverb only works when set to 10, which means it sets off at full throttle at 10.


syl2412's review"If you don't like metal, look elsewhere"

Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
"Small" solid-state Marshall with hybrid preamp: One 12AX7 tube. Only for the OD channel, as far as I can tell.
Power: 80w (2x40) (incomparable to the 80w of a tube amp)
2 channels (clean/crunch, OD1/OD2)
Spring reverb.
2 Celestion G12T speakers
Effects loop (parallel)
Speakers out: Left+right
2-button footswitch (clean/OD - chorus on/off).


It's as easy to dial in as any combo.
Channel 1 can be used for clean or crunch sounds (a light crunch). There's 1 pot for the gain + 1 one clean/crunch selection button + EQ bass-mid-treble. Enough for the clean section.
Channel 2 can be used as OD1 or OD2. There's 1 pot for the gain + 1 OD1/OD2 selection button + EQ (bass-mid-treble+presence) + 1 channel volume pot. A good point is that the OD channel can be perfectly in balance with the clean channel thanks to the channel's volume pot.
I don't use the effects loop, since its "parallel" design will always let "through" part of the unprocessed sound. So you end up with a "wet/dry" mix.
The Chorus can be adjusted in terms of speed and depth..
The reverb has one control. A small drawback is that you can't activate or deactivate the reverb with the footswitch. Which means you have to do it by hand in the middle of the song. Not the best option live.
Its power is enough for gigs in small clubs and venues, but compared to my 50-watt Hughes & Kettner tube combo, it's not really that powerful.


I have used it with an Ibanez JEM555 and an Epiphone Les Paul equipped with Seymour Duncan (SH1&SH2). Not too bad guitars, I'd say.

The sound of the clean channel has no personality, no life. That's not the main asset of this sort of amp. It starts to crunch slightly when you crank the gain beyond 13. That's about the only sound I like about this channel. I have never used the crunch mode, which doesn't crunch that much and lacks lots of warmth.

The OD section is much more interesting thanks to the preamp tube. OD1 is a rock OD, nothing exceptional, but quite usable. OD2 has a much more metal sound, with significantly more gain. The latter is much better (for metal). I've tried several pedals with it and always keep coming back to Marshall's OD. But it's impossible to give it some warmth. Even with the lows and presence all the way up, it remains shrill.

The chorus is simple but it doesn't sound bad at all.

The reverb sounds fine, too, but it's not easy to use live (no footswitch).

The two Celestions reproduce sound fine. Especially when the Chorus is engaged with rate+depth at 0.


I've had it for 15 years. It still works fine, despite the multiple travels, which makes me think it's sturdy. I haven't used it since I bought an all-tube amp. The difference is huge.
I bought it when I began playing electric guitar, without trying out any other amps. I was young, starting out and wanted a Marshall... With hindsight, I can now tell its limitations. It has a typical metal sound and it isn't great for other styles. It is too shrill.
Given my evolution, I wouldn't buy an amp like this now, but back then it was of great use to me (when I was a metalhead). Right now you can find all-tube amps with much more warmth and a better dynamic response, a better overall sound, for the same price.
Audiofanzine FR11/05/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
(Originally written by jerem63/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

Hybrid amp (with one 12AX7 tube in the preamp stage) and a solid-state power amp.
2 x 40 watts RMS output power and two 12" Celestion GT12 speakers. (very good speakers which aren't used in the second Valvestate series)
Two clean sounds plus two distortion sounds:
- Clean
- Crunch
- 2 x distortion (OD1 and OD2).
On-board reverb. Integrated stereo chorus switchable via footswitch.


The amp architecture is very simple.
The meaning of "good tone" is very subjective but I think this amp is very versatile. Of course you get THE Marshall sound with the OD2 function but you can also get blues and crunch sounds out of it (use the clean channel and increase the gain setting but be cautious, don't forget to decrease the master volume!!).
I'm using it with a Les Paul and the sound is awesome!


It perfectly suits my style of music and as I already mentioned before it's very versatile so it will suit the needs of lots of musicians. It has a very high output power and allows to easily play with acoustic drums. Your drummer might get exhausted even if he's used to playing loud. Live on stage, you'll have a good monitoring with this amp behind you.
Event for larger venues, it won't be necessary to amplify the amp through the P.A.

With my Les Paul, it produces very good clean and distortion sounds.
The distortion sounds are very warm and the tone is close to the one of an all-tube amp.
The only critic I can make is that the knobs are not very effective so you'll have to exaggerate your settings.
The clean sounds are also quite good.
The stereo chorus is interesting because it adds some warmth to both clean and distortion sounds. It provides very round clean sounds.


I've been using it for one year. I bought it secondhand and I'm very happy with it. It's also very reliable (I carry it around in my car).
It gives me real Marshall distortion sounds.
I tried lots of amps before buying it, including all-tube amps like the Peavey Valveking 112 which can't hold a candle to the Marshall.
The value for money is great.
Given my current experience I would definitely buy this amp again. It's an amp for life. Even if Marshall and Mesa Boogie all-tube models are superior, this is a very good amp compared to them.
In short, it's a robust versatile amp with warm and powerful sounds.
MGR/Chrisy Harris03/18/2005

MGR/Chrisy Harris's review"Marshall S80 8240 Stereo Chorus combo"

Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
I bought my 8240 from a friend of mine who runs a studio. I needed a bigger amp to cope with gigs and regular studio runs and this marshall was ideal. I payed £200 for it which, for what you get is pretty damn good. I have seen cheaper ones around but i managed to find one in good exceptionaly condition, although it may need a good service.

It's an amazingly heavy duty, its from an older marshall range which means it would be built well. The stereo chorus gives such a warm rotating feel. The reverb is responsive and not too OTT. It has two channels (footswitchable), both channels, clean and overdrive really do give ya a kick in the back when ur standin in front of em. 2 X 12 Eminence speakers which are very versatile, producing everythin from a warm flowing sound to hard hitting roars and screams. They handle all gains/volumes on 10, even most celestions dont manage that.

erm...well when i first got the amp i was concerned about a slight electronic hum (i mean so quiet you had to stick head inside the cab), the amp has been through a few years and needs a service which probly would help quieten it down, its probly nothing, im picky lol. The inputs could have been metal and not plastic, it could have been set on casters (its a bitch the keep picking up and moving with one handle at the top), could have had a few more AUX outputs ect. finally the effects loop in it seems to cut out half the volume of the effects when you put any pedals through it. craazy, didnt bother me as i just run into the input.

As far as quality and construction goes, its a Marshall! not really much else to be said. 98% in my opinion

Great sound, great build, great features great amp! Just find one thats not too old, naturally they become more of a liabilty without servicing.

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slim-mike's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pleasant surprise"

Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
Already described


I use this amp only at home (for now) so I'm not bothered by not being able to clean switcher crunch or to OD1 OD2. Besides, I have no footswitch. However, he could have put a 3-way footswitch (channel / mode / Chorus).

For the record, the guy who gave me my first yard scraper 14-15 years ago used this amp I thought was a "powerhouse" ...


I've played with my SG and my Les Paul, and bin it blew me away the devil.
Besides, I'm not at all agree with the previous opinion (maybe the model he has tried messing) the OD1 is perfect bright / crunch to the guitar volume pot and OD2 to the crunch / big overdrive / distortion at tjs knob.

Personally I do not use the OD1, I do everything on OD2, which has more body. I find this amp sounds much better than the VS65R of my youth (if I had known). After it is no exaggeration is not the whole dynamics of a lamp but it is really very good with excellent spatial sound with 2 speakers and more when it starts the chorus.

The clean channel of my copy does not work.
My impressions are given for volume rather low.


It is perfect for the fact that I use CAD at home not strong.

I recommend it to anyone looking for an amp and house models who hesitate between type Micro-cube MG2FX (the little I know of no vox). To have these little amps at home, there's no picture.

I play on a Marshall Vintage / Modern 2266h on 4 / 12 Marshall (V30 + G12T75)
I played on JCM 800, JCM 2000, Peavey Classic Rack PA 50/50 + Tubefex, Mesa Dual Rectifier JMP-1 + PA Peavey, Mesa 395 + PA rack Triaxis simulclass; Engl Screamer 50.

The value for money of mine is incredible, say up to 150 € it is worth the cost. At this price, it must be in perfect working condition especially the knobs.

frankyp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a sound of spray"

Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
2x40W transistor etc. ... (Already said)
variable power, random, according to the juice goes well or not!!


impossible to have a good sound for someone just looking!


even with my Gibson Les Paul Custom or my jackson, and my pedal board, it was bad


Fortunately, it is not mine! I borrowed the studio or rehearsal because I had my 2 lamp body while Peavy nor my hot rod on the spot!
I do not push me, I try to remain objective: these amps were the beginning of the decline marshall regarding transistors!
cables and components are of poor quality and sound does not regularly: there are power losses. Even when there is not this pb, sound is a mush! 100 times worse than my old hot rod U.S.
if you really want to marshall the transistor, it exists: you have to get the old +
(Early 80s or 70s)

sinpou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
Feature: cf. existing records
For power, this amp works well for small concerts, and amateur players.


I bought the amp used there for quite some time. I had no manual, but it's still a good amp easy to use. It is easily the sound you want (especially in his clear, but the issue, we'll see below).


Well there a lot to say. Everything depends of course on the desired starting ... So my opinion is not shared by everyone.

I use this amp with a Start Plus and Micro Lace Sensor Gold. I play more 70s rock (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd), or funk, and a lot of stuff done (but I rarely use heavy distorted sounds).

In the light or light / crunch is a real treat! Using the neck pickup, you get a get a super hot, with a good seed ... short of happiness.

Its distortion, it depends on the settings, but by not gain too much (or too much reverb), we come to have a fairly dynamic, with a nice grain. By pushing the gain, the sound tends rapidly to the Marshall distortion ... (On these amps, it is horrible! Why buying a Marshall you tell me ... because it was cheap!) ...

Mode distortion, regardless of the gain is not really top (or not at all), and as I said earlier, in the style of song that I play (I think for an American rock, it must be pretty ...?).


In short, I hesitated a lot of time to sell the amp. I did not because I think the clean sound is really good, and I will have to willingly separate myself from the disto.
So here's a nice compromise: I bought a blower tube (Jacques, nickel for the 70s rock sound). I used the chorus during the solo to spin more potato ... and it works pretty well ...

The positives are (for me):
- The clear sound
- The chorus that can potentially be used to "boost" (ouch ouch ouch ... sorry for the purists)
- The stereo effects loop does not work too badly
- Power

- The distortion
- The amp is heavy!! (Be careful if you must wear it at arm's length of 3km .. lool)
- Amp a bit outdated, but the principal is there.

The quality / price ratio for an occasion (200 euros now, see below), is very reasonable. But according to the style of zic you do, expect side effects (mostly distortion).

jerem63's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
This is a hybrid amp (one 12AX7 pramplification lamp) and a transistor amp.
Amplification 2 * 40 watts RMS with 2 Speakers Celestion 12 "GT12. (Very good speaker, not Introduced the SECOND Valvestate series)
This amp sounds clean possde 2 and 2 distortion:
-Its Clean
-A Crunch
-2 Distortion od1, OD2.
Presence of a reverb. On the chorus stro activated from the pedal.


The configuration of the amp is very simple, nothing complicated.
The dscription "good sound" is very subjective but I think this amp is pretty polivalent, there is obviously a well-THE marshall with ov2 and then more blousy and crunch sounds that can be obtained remaining in his clean is growing volume gain (by lowering the master, it's safer !!).
I use a gibson les paul and his hontement rings.


It is ideally suited my style of music and as I said prcdemment this amp is very polivalent should be a lot of musicians I think. It is very biensur powerful and widely used to play with acoustic drums, you risk even to draw your drummer even if he used to play hard. In concert he is great, playing in front and you have a more than adequate return.
Even in large rooms transplanting forcment is not necessary.

As I also said I play with a les paul and sound as well as saturated clean is very good.
The distortion is very hot, the sound is comparable to that of a whole lamp.
One gripe perhaps, the precision of potentiomtre, you have insisted to evolve the sound.
The distortion is very good, and the clean sound is not bad either.
The stro chorus is very interesting, both in its clear that its saturated it adds heat. In clean sound it provides a sound very round.


I use it for 1 year now, I've bought used and I'm delighted, it's a very very solid amp (public car ...).
The marshall distortion is trsrussi and presents.
I 've tried a lot of amp model before purchase including all-tube amp like the Peavey ValveKing 112 and this amp can not marshall the ankle.
The price quality ratio is gnial today we find it used less than 200 Euros, which is drisoir for this amp.
With the experience I refrais this choice is an amp that keeps life even if all the ranges lamp marshall and mesa boogie are Superior, it remains a very good amp that is far from being ridiculous face has any lamp.
In short, amp warm, powerful, strong and polivalent.

Satone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus
Small correction which does prcedemment said, it's a hybrid amp with a lamp prampli. A change with wear an Electro-Harmonix (hot) or a Tung-Sol (mtal).
This is my 8240 S80 deuxime trs rather well for home use and rpt.
Do not push the rverbe and chorus as ca soule force but it is a matter of taste.


It's still OK but I do not use it in this canal.Je prefer to have the clean channel with the OD1 lowering the gain, it's better! As the old one.
The crunch, ibid.

Great for blues, with a gain rgl to have a clean with notes and a crunch in agreement depending on the attack

Super Channel with a grain very particular Marshall.
No need to push the gain to max, it sounds rough if you do not master the guitar or if there are double coils.
Alternatively, put the gain at max and turn down the volume of the guitar.


Plugs into an Ibanez JS 1000, it sounds fabulous.
Contour button is formidable and allows multiple possibilities of sound.
I prefer to put it back on almost OD2 and 2 / 3 of OD1.


As I said dj, my deuxime therefore fully satisfied.
The first bought in 1999 and sold after a break in practice.
The second bought a year ago with no regrets after trying models modeling that I was not satisfied (Vox, Behringer, Line 6) and models too expensive lamps.