Marshall VS65R
Marshall VS65R

VS65R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the ValveState II series.

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 11 reviews )
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 4 reviews36 %
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moosers's review

Marshall VS65R
The Marshall ValveState II VS65R is a 65 watt combo amplifier, best suited for practicing and for beginner/intermediate players. It's got a single 12" speaker, and as the name clearly indicates, it runs on a valve tube - a ECC83 to be exact, which is just like a 12AX7. The amp has a 1/4" input for plugging your guitar into it, as well as a headphone output and a line out jack. The Marshall ValveState II VS65R also has a real built in spring reverb.


Using the Marshall ValveState II VS65R isn't difficult at all, especially if you know your way around a guitar amp and have used a few before. The amp is split into two channels, one for clean and one for overdrive. The clean channel gives you parameters for treble, middle, and bass EQ bands, while the overdrive channel has the same plus gain and contour to go along with it. The clean channel also has a tone shift button for further option and there are also some controls for the spring reverb as well. I haven't had a need to look for a manual for this amp as I found it easy to figure out how to use everything on my own.


The Marshall ValveState II VS65R is fine sounding amp for practicing by yourself or with a band, and can even be used for recording or live shows, although not ideal for the latter two. The amp definitely packs a lot of punch for it's size, but depending on the band you're playing with and the size of the venue, it may or may not be suitable for live shows. If you're just using the amp for practicing or recording, the amp offers a variety of different tones between the two channels. I like the amp best for it's distortion, as that's Marshall's bread and butter, but the clean channel is nice and vibrant as well. The spring reverb is quite realistic and is definitely a nice added bonus to have on this already versatile amp.


The Marshall ValveState II VS65R is a nice little amp to have for your home for practicing purposes and beyond. It's not ideal for live shows or recording but will do the job if it's your only option for sure. While not the best sounding Marshall amp out there, it's got a nice and warm sound that will definitely get the job done in more situations than not. I don't believe that they are making these amps anymore, but they shouldn't cost all too much if you can find one used. It's not necessarily worth it to seek one of these out if you can't find one easily, but if you do come across one it's absolutely an amp worth considering in the right situation...

MGR/ShackMan's review"Marshall VS65R"

Marshall VS65R
2 Channel Valvestate Marshall Amp. Tube in the preamp with a solid state power amp, and a 12' Speaker. Looks like a classic Marshall in combo form. Volume and Bass/Mid/Treb on the clean side with a 'Tone Shift' that notches the treble EQ to a higher frequency for a more glassy tone. Then Gain Bass/Contour/Treble on the Overdrive Channel. Rounded out by Master Volume, FX Mix, and a Reverb knob. Comes with footswitch and power cord. I dig the gold front panel too. Kinda looks professional. As a musician I've been largely a bassist and a keyboard player, but I've also played a fair amount of guitar in my day for sure.

I got it for $150 in a package deal with an Ibanez RG570 from Chris, the owner of Music Gear Review. I got it because I was getting into guitar pretty heavily (it was my first fretted instrument) and I really wanted to get an electric setup, mostly because I longed for that distorted sound that I just couldn't get playing my acoustic or the nylon jobs at the Convent where I took lessons (don't dock it...those Nuns were really good players).

<a href=""></a>

I like the smoothness of the reverb that isn't overbearing. It's a spring reverb that doesn't ring out too much or sound like somebody dropped the amplifier like some other tube amps can get, I think. I also like the clean tones I can get. I think Marshall picked the frequency centers well for the EQ, so your guitar sounds warm, but just a little punchy. The distortion sound is VERY traditional JCM Marshall tone, too, and I'm still very impressed with it after almost 10 years of using it. I played a Les Paul and the Ibanez through it for a long time, and both felt very present when playing solo.

...but when I wasn't playing solo, the amp didn't seem to have much presence to it, and like Chris has said about it before, it really didn't have much underlying bass to it's sound, either. It just doesn't feel like a full 65 watts. And the tone shift on the clean channel makes your guitar shimmer...but it can also make your guitar sound like it's being sampled through a cat clawing a chalkboard as a scratching post. Not that great at all. It just needs more balls, more presence, more punch, and it'd be a great amp. Maybe it needs tubes in the power section, too, but this is just...kind of a downer in the long run.

No complaints here. I take care of my equipment. And this Marshall has stayed perfectly in one piece in return.

I'm really disappointed in the overall sound of it. Sure, it sounds great in a practice room, and it can feel awesome just jamming in your room, but take it out on stage, and it just gets lost in a mix that you can't dig yourself out of. It's kind of a disappointment overall, although it has redeeming qualities as a practice amp. So I give it a 2.

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jerome22540's review

Marshall VS65R
It's a hybrid amp, which means you get a tube preamp which then goes into a solid-state circuit.

It delivers 65 watts, which isn't bad.

One jack input on the front panel and an effects loop on the back (directly related to the FX button on the front), as well as a line output, which might prove useful to record or to send it directly to the PA.

The clean channel has classic controls: volume, treble, mid, bass, plus a control to attenuate the mids for crystal-clear sounds lol. The lead channel features gain, volume, treble, contour, and bass controls, plus an FX mix knob and reverb (a nice old-school spring reverb)


Good sound...although it depends on what you're looking for. Generally speaking, it has a twangy, biting and precise clean sound. Driving the gain you get good results, but if you want to play vegetarian super metal grindcore, you'd better use a pedal. It's ideal for jazz or heavy metal.
User's manual?? There's no need for one, the few controls are simple and intuitive.


It suits me fine, I play almost everything, from System of a down to Dylan, reggae,ska, and punk rock.
I play a Les Paul standard plus, a Jagmaster (I can't afford a jaguar :'( for the time being, but one day I'll have one) and an ES 335, and sometimes even my Takamine acoustic-electric. Everything connected to my Boss me 50.
I love all the sounds I get from this amp even if the trebles can be really sharp (and you have controls to lessen them).


I've had it for 5 years, I love its sober but easily identifiable look. It has been more than enough to play in all sorts of rehearsal rooms and venues...For large venues there's PA (f**k 300-watt amps!).
I bought it secondhand and got a very good deal. It's still going strong despite its age and when it starts to give up on me,I know I just need to change the tube, which won't cost me more than 20 bucks (for a preamp tube), so I plan to keep it for quite some time.
If I could, I would've surely gotten a 100W one to be more relaxed during rehearsals, but hey, you only need to gift your drummer some sticks for Christmas and everything will be okay...keep rocking!

MGR/tony's review"Marshall VS 65R"

Marshall VS65R
Trade for my behringer gx 100 ultrarock combo and pay 75 euro.GX 110 is great for home practise but Marshall is much better for reharsal.Plus my idea was to sold the GX,and nobody even call me for about 4 months,so i deside that i easily sell a brand as Marshall.I think i sell it for a week,it took 3 weeks.

Theres a big improvment on the clean chanell- there is a mid shift ,which make this combo to sounds as a Fender /as my Fender Pro 185/.Better clean sound then old Velvastate.Drive is the same/i had 8080/
The speker is Gold Mershall/as my investigetion goes, i find that this speakers are make by austian U.Rath/rath amps/.They sound diferent from celestino g 75.Golds are more modern sounding/think new metal/ i prefer a matter of taste.

For home practise ,Behringer is better- it sounds more hifi.but it is useess even in a rehersal sitaution.No dinamicks and big delay when u switch the channels.

Constuctions is great - it is marshall made in england,not park made in India!.i like the adition of fx loop and pix pot,di out,headphoneout.This amp is for rehaersal or small gig.It deserve it money

If u r on budget and want Marshall sound this my be your choise.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Marshall VS65R"

Marshall VS65R
Bought this amp at a music store in Wexford, PA for $450.

This is the Valvestate line so the amp is designed to be a solid state hybrid with a tube in the preamp section that is supposed to give it a tube sound. I like the cleans and the channel 2 overdrives are very sweet and Marshall-like.

The amp starts to crap out around 4 or 5 on the master volume. It just doesn't sound like 65 Watts if you ask me. It also doesn't have a lot of bass presence, even with the bass eq turned up.

The unit is built like a tank. It's obviously very high quality and wears the Marshall logo with pride.

I think this amp is a little pricey for what it delivers. I'm aware you can find it cheaper on the net, but I shouldn't have paid more than $350 for it. In any case it does sound great, even if it isn't a true tube amlifier.

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titi50340's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Plutt a good amp."

Marshall VS65R
The characteristics have already taient deficits in prcedents notice, or Marshall visible on the site.


The configuration is very simple, we do not need to have a BAC level 5 to use this amp.
The manual, I never had n'l'ai, the former owner had boys.
In terms of good sound, I play with a Fender Stratocaster 'configure HSS, audio is far from being bad.


I play Blues and Rock, then forcing the sound suits me, but it's sharp, very sharp!


I use it for 9 months, I think I will ever be the choice for 100, c'tait a bargain!

ilrar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall VS65R
Everything said t


Very easy.


Taill for rock


... Versatile enough power to play with a drummer but also to play home.
The distortion is really good and integrates perfectly in any mix (not enough for the big metal however).
Certe was not the sound of an all-tube amp amp ... but any used 150EUR lamps ... was not there!

marion133's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall VS65R
Very good effects, but hard to settle its excellent very good ^ ^ I have 3 years and it always goes to the bottom ^ ^


But hard to settle the arrival sound is really great


It is suitable for all styles of music can be used for concerts in small halls of 200


I use it all the time it does not weaken its still a great and really I am delighted

cathartik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall VS65R
Transistor amplifier with 65W lamp prampli
2 channels: clear saturbr /> Effects: Fx mix and reverb
Rglages: Bass, Middle, and Trebble Volume


Simple configuration
Rglages empty but not necessarily used to it quickly
No need manual for this amp


I jou of Punk Rock with this amp for 1 year, The sound is well suited me trs.
Now I play hardcore, the only way to get good sound: a pedal (metalcore)
I play it with a cort evlz6
Its too crystalline


I use it for 2 years and I served this amp if I could go back I will book ..

andrydry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall VS65R
A good 65 watt amp that has the power vraimen


Level is adjustable pa in May when it is empty sound is Excellent rgl me MMME I note the rglage pa for me cassser the head


I fai the punk rock and I am delighted I serieusemen not complain even if it is a pa amp recent but at least he has a certain dynamic


I depui a year by a friend on a pre, with footswicht, an amp that can please themselves that make punk rock