Lynx Studio Technology AES16e-50

AES16e-50, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Lynx Studio Technology.

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All user reviews for the Lynx Studio Technology AES16e-50

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Average Score:4.0(4/5 based on 1 review)
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stompboxjon's review"16 by 16"

Lynx Studio Technology AES16e-50
The AES16e-50 is a multi-channel audio interface that is very quiet and will allow you to expand on it if you want. It cost less than 700 dollars and is a great buy if someone is looking for a PC or MAC port interface. It comes with Lynx software and using the AES16e-50 and the Lynx Software you will get 0 latency! I have been using this interface from time to time since November of 2011 and I have not had a single latency issue. I have used it to record vocals but mainly instruments, I have used it with many DAW applications and programs as well as Lynx. It supports up to 16 channels and the buffer speeds are very fast, you will not have any glitches or problems while recording.


AES16e-50 offers 16 by 16 simultaneous in and out recording, and does not have Fantom power. Setting it up is easy to do if you have ever installed a card into your PCI slot and load up the software and that is it. It comes with drivers for both Windows and Mac computers. This is the perfect interface for a meduim sized studio because you can record up to 16 tracks at once. You really will not be recording more than that at the same time unless you are recording a whole orchestra which in that case you will definitely need more than this interface. The drivers are very stable with the AES16e-50.


The manual is easy to use, you may need it to install. If you do need the manual to install then it won’t take you long. Or you can easily call them and they will help you , and even walk you through the installation process for free.


Depending on what you use (software) with the AES16e-50 will determine how well it works with it. I have used it with Cubase mostly and it never gave me any problems.
This is a great buy for someone who records several tracks at the same time. It is quiet and won’t give you any issues or troubles.