Terratec Producer EWX 24/96
Terratec Producer EWX 24/96

EWX 24/96, Internal PCI/ISA Sound Card from Terratec Producer.

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All user reviews for the Terratec Producer EWX 24/96

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MortaFraiz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Terratec Producer EWX 24/96
For recording voice
MG12 has a link table 2, a 2000 b akg


No problem


With a running cubase j 5 d in mms latent'm happy


I use it for 5 months I think jen'm really happy, I think that when Jen Chang J will need more to go!

For my needs and the price I pay 115 lai J will make the same choice

hardstatic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Terratec Producer EWX 24/96
I turned to this map for the following reasons:
- Technology AudioSystem EWX 24/96 (conversion 24 bits / 96 kHz resolution
- S / N ratio approx. 110dB analogue

Usage: composition

Configuration: CM ASUSTEK - PIII 600 MHz - 256MB RAMBUS - HD 40 GB UDMA 20 - Windows 2000 Pro SP4


No problem with the installation. I manually installed the driver and the programs provided on the CD (2).

The general configuration is very simple thanks to the flexible and intuitive interface ControPanel.


No problem of instability known to date, we will see over time!

Latency: approx. 5/6ms AWESOME!!


I use this card for almost one week, and I take my foot really bad, either for playback Audio / Video, or the composition!

The price / quality ratio is unbeatable in my opinion!!

Thank you !!!!!!!! TERRATEC

Goldy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Terratec Producer EWX 24/96
I bought this card in order to have a good quality sound hardware branch of the hi-fi and also be able to make acquisitions of good quality. Trs I am satisfied, no breath, no parasite of any kind, trs a good acquisition and restitution.


I had some problem installing the card on Win2K, a lack of clarity and can quickly become confused. on the other hand, without a problem on win98.


I have not the time trend adcroch map. For example, reading a file in winamp, I Get You Started acid pro, and she stopped working and I t require restarting of my PC to get back the her. Also, if you do not pay attention, the clock speed changes when you do not check something in the ControlPanel and we end up with a sound or slowed acclr wonder why all that 'we play is faster ... not too, but I do not know if a card is, sometimes a jump of his pieces ... can be quite a Drout ...


I have for some months now, even if there is any problem even when I think of the future driver corigerons because they are only encountered the problem under Win2K. But in terms of sound quality, no complaints, it is a good value qualitprix trs.

Sylux's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Terratec Producer EWX 24/96
I use this card on a multimedia PC (reads cds / dvds, Canalsatellite branch above)




I do not produce music with this card so I think will be a limit but apparently intrt down 4ms latency (2ms in 96khz)
Multiclient + card (important)


I bought this card (used) to get good sound in a living room PC, and from this use, I am satisfied
Now the converters are good but no comparison with those of my Pulsar 2
A good map or multimedia begin Music

Kidk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Terratec Producer EWX 24/96
The EWX 24/96, as its name implies (or not) is a PCI card comes with 24-bit 96kHz GigaSampler LE, Fruity Loops 3 LE, WaveLab Lite, Emagic MicroLogic FUN and Arturia Storm Light. The drivers are, to my knowledge, for all versions of Windoze, I do not know if they exist for MAC. Natively they support ASIO 2 and GSIF (GigaSampler).

Connectivity issue is very simple but well thought out:

- 1 input / 1 stereo analog output synch
- 1 input / 1 optical digital output

The map still has an optical connector internally.

Obviously this is a card that does not much, but does it well.


If you can install a card in your computer, you know how to install the EWX. The connection is as simple as the user manual and the biggest problem you'll face will be prompted to connect your CD player to the EWX.

Moreover, the EWX cohabiting without any problem with my SoundBlaster Live Platinum.


It is only a few months that I use EWX and I've never encountered problems with drivers.

With my config rather balèze (PIII, 800MHz, 128 Mb RAM, 40 MB HD) and the version included in bundle GigaSampler in Cubase I obtain a lower latency 10ms. Latencies increased slightly with FruityLoopy.

As the number of tracks read / simultaneous recording, I am not yet reached the limits of the map. The


EWX is a simple card that does not do much but does it well.

By purchasing EWX I wanted a capture card digital audio quality at an affordable price. For the 350 CHF (approx. 1400FF) that I spent, I feel I have much for my money. The recordings are of sound quality quite suitable to my needs with an extremely low noise level.

I can only recommend this card to the budding engineers.

PS: to the extent I also have an SB Live Platinum I do not use all the capabilities of the Games / Multimedia's EWX.