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Sonic Core Internal Sound Boards user reviews

  • Sonic Core SCOPE Xite-1

    Sonic Core SCOPE Xite-1 - " My dream come true! if so" has images


    Used as basis Creamware Pulsar, I dreamed of an outcome and that outcome is plexity. A complete home studio on my computer with very few external boxes. I still have a keyboard and a SY99 EX5 for its sounds. For the rest any PC! UTILIZATION Hy…

  • Sonic Core SCOPE Xite-1

    Sonic Core SCOPE Xite-1 - dJoPo's review


    With 3 cards in PCI DSP Creamware from the very beginning of the adventure but is therefore limited to 13 dsp (can not connect more than 3 maps between them) when I saw that SonicCore (SC) would finally come out new hardware with the same environment…

  • Sonic Core scope professionnel

    Sonic Core scope professionnel - Bill3107's review


    PCI DSP board with 14 ... Have you: - Converters / out 'following models: symmetric or not) - Input / Output: ADAT, Firewire owner, analog - DSP that relieve your computer cpu - Powerful routing software that allows cable to the mouse (jus…