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dJoPo 11/27/2009

Sonic Core SCOPE Xite-1 : dJoPo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
With 3 cards in PCI DSP Creamware from the very beginning of the adventure but is therefore limited to 13 dsp (can not connect more than 3 maps between them) when I saw that SonicCore (SC) would finally come out new hardware with the same environment but dsp 10 times more powerful, I quickly put some money aside ...
Before buying, I saw he has 2 z-link 'and I have two boxes luna (8 i / o box), lack of bowl, this is not the same z- link 'of those plexity do not send food, luna boxes can not be related plexity. But I kept my 3 pci card connected to my Luna and I connected the boxes with the cards pci plexity via ADAT and 2 cables after having configured the masters of slaves bazard, hop! We end up with 16 digital channels that connect the 2 systems, sufficient to repatriate the sound that arrives in my lunas and, why not load some plugins in the old maps.
At first I thought that after making the transfer of plugins to the pci cards plexity, I could chew SC keeping my treasured serials but in fact, before dashing for the new serial plexity, we are obliged to launch a file that SC sends us that prevents consuming ... M'enfin, all sold with the plugins plexity that I bought for PCI cards, I can of course continue to use the old system.
<span class="spnMessageText"><span style="font-size: x-small;">The support of SC I have also proposed a very good price for the A16 in exchange for my 2 boxes luna. But since it works just fine, I still like that, must also keep under normal life for ...</span></span>


The whole is fairly stable but is not quite the top. It does, however, nothing to do with the beginning (there is 10 years! Pitaingue!) Creamware system for those who knew, it was hell ... Must also be said that at the time, I knew myself less pécéologie ...
A further update will be released in the coming days.
The advantage of SC is the latency, y 'no, or little, with 13 ms, my system is stable. And we pay through the little window ULLI, 3 to 25 ms at 44.1 kHz. Whereas with PowerCore (which I also own) or DSUs, latency, Has it a lot.


The installation is piece of cake ... Wait a bit for the key file via the support of SC. The manual system remained on the PCI and has not been updated with the plexity is the same system, it will but nothing on the technical characteristics of plexity other than what is found on the website of SC .
After it is clear that those who do not have this system must absolutely cramming textbooks (y 'has a gaggle), in French, passque is really vast. For someone who starts in his technique, he must cling to someone who knows what will be a walk.


I really think this is excellent value for money. Probably the best on the market today for DSP cards. Of course, it's not cheap, but if we look for a material that can replace a studio recording mixer, samplers, synths, effects you want in here and we want to find ways to Zique with the stuff of pro level, you realize that the price is EX-CEL-LENT. I know of no material offering many possibilities even if only slightly more expensive.
I can not come to the end. The plexity + a pc with a quad CPU gadget thing, I never overload CPU history or pci limit ReachOut. Absolute happiness for me as Maoist.