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  • Jackson Rhoads Pro

    Jackson Rhoads Pro - "Haven't played a USA Rhoads this nice!!!"


    Made in Japan in 1990. I got it stock and in mint condition for $800, even still had the original pickups and case. Specs are: poplar wings, maple neck thru body, ebony fretboard, 22 jumbo frets, 25.5" scale, ivoroid neck and headstock bindin…

  • Jackson OC1 Outcaster

    Jackson OC1 Outcaster - "Indie style guitar"


    During the 90s, there was a strong indie movement going on. One of the popular guitars that really took off was the Fender Jaguar. This reminds me quite a bit of that guitar, and it has a very similar vibe, too. This guitar is very good for those …

  • Jackson SS2

    Jackson SS2 - "Hard tail version of the SS"


    This is the hard tail version of the slightly odd looking SS series Jackson. They're basically like short scale super strats but with modified horns. The 2 designates that this is a hard tail version instead of the normal wilkinson style version. …

  • Jackson SS1

    Jackson SS1 - "Short scale with wilkinson"


    For anybody who has ever wanted a slightly different strat shape with a shorter scale, this is what you have been looking for. To be honest, I think this guitar would have been a lot better if they would have left the horns normal sized. It would h…

  • Jackson JTX STD

    Jackson JTX STD - "Jackson's supertele"


    Jackson was never really into the whole tele thing. They were always either doing the superstrat kind of thing or just trying to be a bit more extreme by tapping into the metal market. The shape itself isn't really a true tele shape, but the single…

  • Jackson Infinity XL

    Jackson Infinity XL - "Budget Infinity model"


    This is a guitar that you don't see too often, and for very good reason, if you ask me. It's not exactly the prettiest guitar in the world. In fact, it could even win some awards for the most bizarre strat style shaped guitar ever made. However, i…

  • Jackson Infinity Pro

    Jackson Infinity Pro - "Bit ugly but sounds great"


    I can't stress enough about how much these guitars are questionable in terms of overall looks. It's a love/hate guitar, and I can't say I fell in love with the looks at all. It's such a different shape that I just couldn't really dig it. The overa…

  • Jackson Dinky Archtop

    Jackson Dinky Archtop - "Unique ash bodied Dinky"


    The Professional Series is a series of guitars made over in Japan, and they're fairly good guitars. There are a few things that could have been improved upon, but they were rivals of the Jackson USA guitars for the most part. The guitar features an…

  • Jackson Stealth XL

    Jackson Stealth XL - "HSS model"


    The biggest difference between this XL model and the other models is that this one has an HSS configuration. Aside from that, it's pretty much your standard Stealth with either a basswood or ash body. This guitar has the following specs: Ash bod…

  • Jackson TH2 Stealth

    Jackson TH2 Stealth - "Vintage trem model"


    The TH2 Stealth brings about two different changes when compared to the TH1 -- for one, it has an ash body (although basswood is also available). The other is that it has an HSH configuration. Finally, it has a different headstock. The guitar has …