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jkessel 05/01/2012

Jackson Rhoads Pro : jkessel's user review

« Haven't played a USA Rhoads this nice!!! »

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Made in Japan in 1990. I got it stock and in mint condition for $800, even still had the original pickups and case. Specs are:
poplar wings,
maple neck thru body,
ebony fretboard,
22 jumbo frets,
25.5" scale,
ivoroid neck and headstock bindings,
black schaller floyd rose with locking nut,
jackson tuners,
jackson pickups with jackson active mid boost preamp,
red paint with black bevels,
REAL pearl sharkfin inlays (most import guitars are only pearloid "plastic" now),
Jackson fitted hardshell case (later models were changed to SKB case).


Most peoples complaint of V's are sitting down with them, so you have to learn to hold it "classical" style, where you put your right leg between the wings. It helps promote better technique and once you get used to it it's actually more comfortable. Puts your body in a more natural position. But back to the guitar. The V shape also is great because it allows better upper fret access. The schaller floyd is awesome, 22 years old and still never goes out of tune.


When I got it it still had the original stock Jackson pickups, I played with them for a bit and wasn't really a fan. They're pretty low output PAF style, and the mid boost preamp was useless to me. I replaced them with dual EMG 81x's. Check my review for those pickups. This guitar is a pretty bright guitar because of the maple neck thru and ebony board so it's great for leads but a little thin for rhythms IMO.


I got this in mint condition so I got a great example of what they were like brand new 22 years ago. I've played many Jackson Rhoads, from the RR3 all the way to a few custom shops. While the custom shops are amazing they're just pretty different now from 20 years ago. They now use alder instead of poplar and have a different neck carve. Personally I'd take my Rhoads Pro over any Jackson I've EVER played, including the $5000 custom shops. It's just an amazing guitar.