Korg Pa800
Korg Pa800

Pa800, Keyboard Arranger from Korg in the Pa series.

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All user reviews for the Korg Pa800

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 5 reviews100 %
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Vip2810's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Pa800
It is an arranger keyboard. He can play with styles created accopagnement factory or create your own, it also has a great sequencer and a sound editor and a sampler.
This keyboard allows especially to the "one-man show" in families, marriages, etc.. but you can also use it on stage with a full band.


Startup is a bit long (1-2 minutes) but it loads everything: Styles, sounds, samples at all! There's nothing more to load then just play

Is that happiness with its color touch screen!

For advanced users, everything is customizable, the engineers have thought of virtually all the details that make life easier
Eg for selecting a following for its performance, you can set to choose two modes:
- We must select the group then the sound on the touch screen to change to the sound
- Or if you select the group and only one changes immediately to its
I adore this kind of finetuning!

In fact when I say sound, I should say performance because it is more instruments mixed together. What gives sounds very dynamic and present with extra finesse, thanks to DNC (defined nuance control) to exchange such bonds between each note of the style of play

The composer and sequencer styles are really excellent: you can do anything!
Example of cool features that I love:
- Quantifying the fly or after recording
- For the creation of style, ability to define eg. 8 measures, but did play one that it automatically repeats itself, then you can add options on top. I come from Yamaha (PSR 9000) if we choose 8 measures must play 8 measures.
- Event edit, to make fine adjustments
- Guitar mode: Excellent agreements are natural and configurable to infinity
- Sequencer: copy measures, delete, overdub recording mode, replace and so on etc. ..

Sampler: I use it mostly for perceived loops: indescribable happiness, thanks to the unique feature timeslice (nonexistent at Yamaha!)
I import my natural percussion loops and mixes in style thanks to Tempo timeslice when changing Percussion loop is automatically adjusted without changing the pitch!


I since 2008, I went through PSR 8000, PSR 9000.
I love the portability, it is much lighter than PSR 9000 by ex.
the integrated shot amplification suffers a bit, but is ample for personal use at home. After an audience, you need to use a PA system anyway.

I will ever be the same choice without hesitation, is the ultimate weapon for those who make the 'one man show
If you want further details, do not hesitate to ask!

Franckbg38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Pa800
For technical data I leave it to visit "the black box of the musician" Korg's official website.
I really like Yamaha for over 15 years (PSR9000, tyros ...) and I must admit that I never had a keyboard as arrageur exceptionel.
The styles are very good especially for traditional music, jazz, latin, rtro (yes there are still a), funk (amazing), for against the bland and modern styles are much less than raliss the yamaha (Techno, Hip Hop, Rap, house).
The acoustic sounds are a surprising ism, the others are level Yamaha.


In terms of handling and ease of use I would be more Reserved machine offers so many features that their use requires a certain rigor and required reading the manual.
on the other hand thank you to the Korg engineers who dot the instrument of a touch screen, what happiness to be able to navigate the menu as a menu on a PC, the machine can be tooute command from the screen and I beginners must say that after difficult I can do without this feature.


I Aquis the PA800 in June 2007 and discovered an incredible tool for music production, I who had never taken the time to try another brand of keyboard I have discovered another way to make the music.
I offered myself as the hard drive and MP3 encoder, which allows you to play keyboard and sing while recording an MP3 file.
But above all I discovered a professional arranger keyboard everything is editable, editable no limits in music with the sampler cannot Intgr that mix arrangements of PA800 and samples of other keyboards, CD , Waves is on the net.
Today I am drug-PA800 and I spend hours and hours discover this keyboard has been a long time that I was not n'aivais much fun playing music.

levrenfeu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Pa800
No need to go into details since it is a gas plant.
a precision, however, me coming from Yamaha I want to say that the keyboard is much more pleasant and stronger than the ISP and tyros ..
I can write a word only becaufe 2 reviews for this bomb I found that it was not to worship him.
4 separate outputs very practical to dispatch its sounds.
2 Line / Mic very effective and practical.
touchscreen super convenient too.


The config is pretty simple, since there is a button touch screen is a habit.
obviously seen the number of functions offered by the beast you better have the manual handy .......
I am not immersed in the edition because they are enormous sounds without touching anything, and my goal is to play without me take the lead, not to programming.


Well now I'm going to drop.
it's a bomb!
all groovy arrangements of hell and sounds are highly realistic and expressive.
I had an isp and a phantom, so I have an element of comparison in the ears,
is the day and night.
I will not dwell on the quality and warmth of the sound or I'll fill pages. best is to go listen.
great sound on the original HP, no need to amp at home.
modern and current super arrangements.
I have not listened to the tyros 2, but much more expensive and rotten touch for the price.

Lougarou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Pa800
- For technical or see the website www.pakorg.com korgpa.com ....
- I had the opportunity to try it on my sound system (thank you ...). The buddy
- I play with equipment YAMAHA (ES Rack ....) and I must say that the PA800 is very effective issue sounds / expressions especially on Drums / sax / wind / EP. The rest of the sounds but after a little behind. If 'I had to buy it in no time: My Rack ES piloted by PA800, it would be happiness, I could finally get rid of my latest Roland keyboard ....
- The sequencer is a flexible and really works !!!!! You can work sequences, composing freely, the MIDI implementation is flexible (as YAMAHA elsewhere ...).
In short, it would be my perfect keyboard to complement my ES Rack ....


- The configuration requires a good reading the manual anyway ... Normal because I'm not Famillia to the brand but that's surmountable!
- Not to mention the editing sounds but already in the presets there's plenty to do!


- Tried a sound 2x220W (mine ...)..
=> The sequencer / arranger.
=> Sounds (especially rhythm kits! Winds ... also Organs!).
=> Good expression
=> Flexible MIDI implementation and configuration ...
-The -:
Ben and I have not found ... not had the time ... the price may be at that price but I prefer Korg Roland when compared to E-80 I would take the Pa800 from afar without hesitation! !!
jacques de lyon11/03/2006

jacques de lyon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Pa800
Trs well no complaints.


A little diffrent other at the interface.


Owner of a Technics KN 1600, I just tried a roland G70 (good) and a Korg Korg PA800.Les PA1X and rhythms, sounds, especially style B3 organ and guitars and saxophones nylon are bluffing ralit.Pour of the diffrence in price and performance I opt for the PA 800 that has the same sound as its big ERRF and I just buy it. If someone a possde a PA800, it would be nice to give me his opinion on the forum Audiofanzine.