Yamaha Tyros 4
Yamaha Tyros 4

Tyros 4, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the Tyros series.

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 10 reviews )
 7 reviews70 %
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mrjason's review"From the Tyros 1 to the Tyros 4"

Yamaha Tyros 4
The Tyros 4 is a 61 key synths with MIDI in and out. It has a nice sized on device display screen that is pretty bright and in full color. It does have a 128 notes polyphony and it weighs about 40 pounds or so. Setting it up is simple, I have been using the Tyros for 4years (Tyros 1). Now that the Tyros 4 is out I have been using it for about a year and half. They have made some major improvements to the Tyros 4 that the Tyros 1, 2, or 3 did not offer. The voice on the Tyros 4 is the most improved aspect of it though.


Setting up the Tyros 4 was simple, when I ordered it came in a bundle with a keyboard stand and a bench. All of that came for the same price as the Tyros 4 was brand new when I ordered it online. The price of the Tyros 4 is very expensive but you are getting some really good sounds with it. The keys feel great and have a nice weight to them.


It does come with a manual, but the manual is not well written. If you didn’t come from using a previous version of the Tyros then you will not know any of the basic functions of the Tyros 4 so you will need to open up the manual. The manual could throw you for a loop because it is not explained to good and it is rather short for it to explain all of the functions of the Tyros 4.
The Tyros 4 is a must have it you can afford to purchase it. Some of my favorite sounds are the horns and strings. The drums were not appealing to me though, and I have never used them in any of my music because they don’t feel or sound real to me.

sergiobih's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Tyros 4
arranger keyboard


complicated configuration


hardware sold by a dealer south of France .........

big show for the demonstration, but not followed after completion of the sale
biduc 206/30/2013

biduc 2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha Tyros 4
ARRANGEUR 5 0ctaves see manual T 4




not for 2 years
very perferformant but pricey nine

phigaro's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the tyros, the cow keyboards"

Yamaha Tyros 4
asked too much for tyros 4 tyros and goes in the direction "more"
what makes tyros 4 (workstation category,) the undisputed king.
For some, to read, "a god", and any reservation about it becomes a blaspheme.Beaucoup sites devoted to him, his worshipers are people
often elderly, finding there a device approval high quality that gives the impression of the quality of styles and sounds bloated, they know how to play!?.
Intimate instrument, an instrument that is "indispensable" for musicians piano bar or play in small structures, it is basically his true role and
he holds merveille.je do not want to talk about all of the features that would be too long, I understand that it is very convenient for fans of "all in one" oh yes it is "cash cow" of keyboards.
the way! I has two, because-as I too was dazzled.
Today I do not use nearly over, or so as midi keyboards for my pc

the tyros not fragile! I had to open it 20 times because of rubbers, to repair punctured switches, if one day you open the plastic shells, you will be afraid, just the keyboard toy, any moisture creates failures
It is true unsustainable short this is not a keyboard scene.
talk sounds fantastic according to some, yes they are great for a workstation, and superiors some synth / sampler.
next to it piano, rhodes, pads etc. are hollow, pretty but too compressed, you do not need 900 sounds a good piano, rhodes a good, good strings, some good layers, good sound brass, a good horn, a drum kit, one or two good bass 50sons no more but have the body,
brief real sounds sublime, not these sounds often based on the same items a good piano requires at least 2 GB, you've seen the featherweight sounds of tyros 4.bref this is still a fabulous instrument


edition sounds is not easy and unconvincing


a keyboard "cash cow" of this quality despite its flaws seems to me to justify the price

danardf's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good instrument"

Yamaha Tyros 4
I do not like to mention the features here, as they are now known to all.


Usage is fairly simple once you play it for the first time. You can easily reach out for something clean.
on the other hand, it can become complicated if you lift the hood. There are menus where it is quite confusing.
But hey .. we are not free to take a look at the doc!

The manual is not clear hyper for my taste.

Editing sound is damn bad (personally).

Not very fun to edit or change the styles.

The software supplied with, seem to be quite "silent pouette" not very pretty, and limited.
When is a true interconnection with other sequencers?


I use it for a year.

The +:
- The quality of sound.
- Access to different sounds and styles.
- The connection.

The -:
- Menus more or less well done and not enough "pro".
- Doc difficult to understand in some cases.

I recommend this instrument is made to last. It will not have been around in a few weeks! And I think that going well at the bottom of possibilities, it is a powerful device.

G.jourdain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" well"

Yamaha Tyros 4
I had a xs vsti and to go to tyros 4.

usb and ethernet connections without problem.
implementation quite easy for him to talk with the pc with its publishing program.
not use the sequencer as I use the PC.

soundbanks qualities.


I use the exclusiveemnt tyros 4 as an expander.
everything else is not me ... too bad you say
but I invented, I try to compose and so I use the PC for it with DAW, reaper, studio one pro.
I tried the next karaoke. the quality of bank gm is great but not worth the ergonomics of a soft PC.
managing files on the hard disk seemed unclear. if it was too big file, it rejects.!
manual, esr built as textbooks jap. ie, not suitable for my reasoning.
must read for any one thing ... there's bits of information they need to know how recontruire function, you know, you read and you are sent to another page that you refer to .. ..


extraordinary level sounds to me.

it is not a synth "leads to very limited ..." but it is an instrument or you load a sound and you play on. for me it did not price .. or rather if. not need to tweak sound.
no headaches. is consumed immediately. pianos, joints voice ... phew ..; circulate, it is the top.
the tyros 4 can not disappoint.
BUT here, the doc does not explain how allocated 16 MIDI tracks on the sequencer pc .. after using all the forums, I was saved by the hotline yamaha.
3 months to get there. it's crazy. involved no info on the doc.

good you say, this is not the best way to use the tyros.il is made to do everything himself.
but it should be on the big screen sequencer and DAW approaching the market. the tyros5 can be!

vipmusicos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It is énOOOrme!"

Yamaha Tyros 4
Keyboard 61 in line with previous tyros ... this is not the forte of Yamaha arrangers, without being a weak point (that said, for users not keyboardists training pianists, like me, it is rather easier to play a keyboard-type weighted piano! I had a long technics sprx 88 = hello finger fatigue and loss of velocity for some samples that require the binder ...)

For the rest (connections, sounds, board functions, etc.), it is a pro arranger playable as it is for an amateur, and offering a host of editing functions pre-programmed in-depth basic (how many users of previous tyros went to see the next page of "rhythmic shift" to change the accents and breaking effects tchicboumtchic too linear styles and their rhythm section?! ... lol)


As mentioned above, is selected, we play ... after demanding users will find something to lose many hours of sleep if he wants to push the craft into a corner (between the creations of voices, styles, pads, effects of the choices, the combinations of voices , harmonies, editing by organ drawbars, the creations of registrations, etc., etc., there is enough to spend a lifetime, even on such an aircraft!)

Manual provided (simple version of pdf available on the website) back from the one I had with the Tyros2, but there is an owner manual for experts, accessible on the internet ... it's a shame, not to provide a manual choke for the translated versions, but this stems from what I mentioned above: the largest number of users of these arrangers exploits only 20% of board functions ... so why waste money to translate what the discerning guest will pick up any old way on the net?! Business is business ...


3 weeks of face to face were enough to convince me: I 'have barely scratched the surface, and my Tyros2, yet visited in depth for 4 years, is already forgotten ... Yam has succeeded, with the Super Articulation 2 with battery but especially impressive samples of choirs / human scats, to take the step of full excellence, especially as the flashmemory avoid wait times for loading samples .. . The recorder dtd (sort of brilliant digital notepad) has been expanded with a multiplayer mode, although it should be a DI Box or a mix limiting impedances (because you can save by taking the microphone combo and more by to the in!): I continue to add sound and then save my korg karma, my guitars and pedals, the TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 via my Tyros4 ...
In addition, all data previously accumulated over generations of arrangers Yam are compatible and converted to sound on the t4 (styles, voices, pads, midisongs) ...
I have not yet tested the sequencer or the new vocal harmonizer (vocoder and its functions!!) Is saying!
Well, certainly, the t4 is expensive (especially if you want access to sampling through the additional flashmemory 512Mo/1024Mo + = 145/300 euros) ... but frankly, given the possibility of importing samples, the new engine sound, voices / choirs humans galore, finer accompaniments with super joints), the possibility of editing / creation to infinity, I wonder what more can come out of Yam bluffing a few years ...???
But we already said that before the arrival of the first arrangers, then after tyros1 ... But these bikes are now relegated by the T4 in the prehistoric world of arrangers!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the top .."

Yamaha Tyros 4
characteristics, they know ..
Less extensive in the edition on certain points that the pa, but nothing to say that we speak of comfort using .. (big buttons, movie ..)


The config is very simple ... c is the fast arranfeur pleasure par excellence!
The manual is okay ..

Overall, the four tyros everything is very easy!


J had all tyros, and all except pa3X pa ... (see, among other things some of my old opinion ...

Yes, the tyros 4 excels point of view of sound c ... is probably a keyboard whose sounds are the most general that ever came out amazing! (And I currently own a kronos ...)
The plastic shell may seem confusing c is true, however if you look at the overall finish, it is really excellent!
(Buttons and controls are super nice ... everything is firm and rigid)

I put that opinion quickly against al previous opinion which I am a bit skeptical:
Them tyros and I (from 1 to 4), were years of advertising, outdoor concerts ... piano bar entertainment ... ..
Never a concern (a change from a wheel of a tyros 2 ... a force to make furious guitar solos ..)

My confidence in the tyros facing the audience (and the boss of the place where you play you pay) is total ..

On the forums, so few returns of any problems with the tyros .. (nothing to do with the many posts on the leds of PA2X slamming, and many bugs ..)

And suddenly, everything would have farted on tyros 4? (3 deficiency of a sudden?)
In short, it seems a bit huge though!

Then we can love or hate the tyros 4, and it is expensive!
But there's one thing to do:
-Put your fingers on it and listen ..... and ca file a sacred slap anyway!!

Sailing Sailing ...
Adrien 7312/02/2011

Adrien 73's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Yamaha Tyros 4 Arranger the best high tech."

Yamaha Tyros 4
The Yamaha Tyros 4 possde excellent sound engine dowry sonorits trsraliste of functionalities and compltes sophistiqus and the best manufacturing quality.


The Yamaha Tyros 4 is friendly on all levels.


To sum up the Yamaha Tyros 4 possde excellent sound engine dowry sonorits trsraliste of functionalities and compltes sophistiqus and the best manufacturing quality.

Leodemassane's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A production exceptional but expensive"

Yamaha Tyros 4
61 Key Semi-Weighted comfortable enough, however, the dynamic response is highly variable depending on the instruments (one passage through the configuration of the velocity I was required to adjust the keyboard to my games).
The effects are numerous and pro. The connection is complete with instruments of assignment can be output separately (very useful in a configuration pro)
hundreds of amazing sounds with articulations (jazz violin is amazing) but also classical sounds wonderful (harps, for example)
All instrument families are well represented and the whole is excellent. But some sounds are missing: the synth sound more current (as in the late Roland), sounds more exotic worked a classical guitar at its rounder, articulated a classical violin (you get used to).
The same applies to the families of styles (a good job with a special mention for the family film and classical music) but it lacks variations reggae, zouk styles and some more live roots (even jazz and bossa nova).


Operation is simple and fairly intuitive, the manual into two pieces not top


I use it for 15 days and I see the power of the machine. I went through almost all brands before tyros, Korg, Roland, Technics, JVC, Farfisa, Casio and you approach the instrument reached but it lacks the damn keyboard 76 keys, a shell worthy of the name , a direct and permanent assignment of the sliders to the volumes of parts and maybe a ribbon and a touch screen, audio editor with a true pitch and time, provided the memory of the original sample, we can always dream right?