Yamaha Tyros5-61
Yamaha Tyros5-61

Tyros5-61, Keyboard Arranger from Yamaha in the Tyros series.

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ironman92 01/07/2014

Yamaha Tyros5-61 : ironman92's user review

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the setup is a little difficult but we made it, the manual is very clear for the implementation
practice tyros 5.
Editing sounds is really intuitive with a little training.


I use it for a week and every night I put it back from work for
tame as possible, especially for improvisations in spide and the LCD screen is super nice tyros,
the fatherly and underground sound pretty good ... after that is a matter of taste.
I am XF6 pattern which is also dedicated to the musical performance (when you know a killer is in
used), but side arrangement but I appreciate much more the tyros this side.
In 3650 more balls I fell pregnant and I must say that my surprise was size
compared to what I expected, not unhappy at all, as happy as a cat in the sun!
I've tested differing arranger keyboard but my choice is clear:
The five tyros is winer!
If I made this choice is to be the most efficient in my compositions and productions, and would do it again.