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Koch PedalTone user reviews

  • Koch PedalTone

    Koch PedalTone - "koch of the walk"


    Koch has offered the world a great preamp floor unit to go direct into a recording session or even into the house PA system with its built in speaker simulator. This gigantic floor pedal is the answer to someone who needs carry on amp and can go dir…

  • Koch PedalTone

    Koch PedalTone - "The Grail in the studio!"


    Preamp format very big pedal, made so Russian tank and about as charming, heavy and solid ... All lamps, 3 preamp and power amp section in, delivered 12AX7 which I know the brand, I got it installed in new TAD. It is left to right: - Chanel 1 "…

  • Koch PedalTone

    Koch PedalTone - " Excellent, very good surprise"


    * What type of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? * What is the power delivered? * What connections? * What are the settings, effects? ... Well, I let you read the others, not feel like typing all that. To summarize: full lamps (4) and half…

  • Koch PedalTone

    Koch PedalTone - intotas's review


    It is a prampli floor lamp with any connectivity trs trs complte: output power amp; effect output to return to between instrument and amp for direct recording ... an effects loop. This is a two channels with the possibility of boosting the signal w…

  • Koch PedalTone

    Koch PedalTone - philtheheat's review


    This is a pre-amp lamps. As many as four have accessible APRS dviss the shield by means of two wheel nuts. There's even a lamp power (0.5W) which I will later. Connectivity ultra complte. We can connect the BTE on anything: - Live on an am…