Koch PedalTone
Koch PedalTone

PedalTone, Tube Guitar Preamp from Koch in the PedalTone series.

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TheJeff666 10/21/2013

Koch PedalTone : TheJeff666's user review

« The Grail in the studio! »

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Preamp format very big pedal, made so Russian tank and about as charming, heavy and solid ...
All lamps, 3 preamp and power amp section in, delivered 12AX7 which I know the brand, I got it installed in new TAD.
It is left to right:
- Chanel 1 "clean" with bass adjustment treeble, volume
- Chanel 2 "distortion" setting with bass, mid, treble, gain and volume
- Master section with a volume (very well thought out, the output volume is adjusted with the volume, and switch with the pedal and we thoroughly ... just to find a balance ...)
- Section power amp with gain and volume (engineering this part ... I'll come back)
for the pedal part, left to right:
- Switch to switch from channel 1 to channel 2
- Switch to boost on channel 2 to channel 1 or enhancer enhancer is disabled if (rear) on the clean pass directly to channel 2 with heavy distortion that spot ... (Great for live)
- Switch to activate the power amp section (I do not use it, the power amp is always on at me ...)
- Switch Solo / Rhythm to switch between the balance of volumes
So we are faced with a real amp head, 2 channels + boost + 2 master or enhancer, which could disengage the power part ... the EQing is not to pretend ....
not cool?
Question connection is Christmas: direct power amp, amp live on clean channel, direct loop of an amp, emulated output, direct emulated console (my use) headphone, and finally effects loop. The latter feature, the version 1 Pedaltone I have, to be located between the preamp section and the power amp section and that for my use, it's great ...
feature: 10/10, I do not see how we could do better ....


Since we are on a "classic" amp architecture for any guitarist knows how to use a tube amp, the grip is very fast. I never opened the manual, just like a real amp ... you turn the knobs, switch on, and see what happens ...
When to get a good sound, I only speak for my own use, ie live sound card (presonus studiolive) with emulated output. It's very simple, like a good tube amp, I never managed to get a bad sound with ...


studio use, no particular style, this preamp can cover all styles of sound, and above all respect the particular character of the guitar that plugs above (see my profile, anything goes ...), unlike my AMT SS11 which reacts badly with some of my shovels ... this is an extremely versatile preamp, but with a true its warm light, it is more in the spirit vintage and modern (which can sometimes be annoying, but I found the solution ...). The reaction volume knob, dynamics and attack is superb. In the configuration of all 12AX7 tubes, we really excels in crunch and saturations. It is also very pedal friendly, although since I have my little ten pedals to drive, distortion and fuzz starting to take a little dust ...
Or the thing that borders on genius is that it can leverage its versatility with the poweramp section. Let me explain: supplied base with a 12AX7, this section crunch quickly and superbly well, we really feel to play with a "real" amp stopper, happiness ... on the other hand for cleans and crunch hard to be subtle .... Well no! we put in place a 12AT7 or 12AU7 as needed, and we are left with an adjustment range and fantastic progress on this part, then you can actually sculpt a fabulous clean or crunch, depending on the lamp used grain exchange course ... I even stuck a 12AU7 Hifi in long plates, so many highs, the kind of thing that never sounds with a guitar amp, and I get with fender clean sounds so very bright and precise ...
Very big cherry on the cake, the effects loop is located between the preamp and poweramp, so if you connect another preamp in the insert loop (nothing in the shipment), it disables the preamp section and you enjoy your other preamp with Poweramp section Pedaltone ... Too good for me, because I and my branch AMT SS11 tung soil (very fine and precise, but too cold and modern for my taste) and I end up with an amp modern lamp configuration, but much more alive and warm ... I and also benefits the speaker emulation of Koch, much better than the AMT or my preamp palmer. This arrangement works very well also with the peavey dirty dog ​​I just shot out of the cupboard, I love .... I wonder if I'm not going to take me a JMP-1 to further broaden the sonic palette ...
So, at home, stationary use in the studio, I turned off the protective cover of the lamps, and I juggle several lamps Poweramp, and also other preamp, depending on the desired sound, use, and mixing required. I feel I have a large fleet of different amp lamps ....


This is to me what is called a first object, perfection in design and use ... This product is primarily intended for discerning guitarists who, like me, are reluctant or frustrated by the modeling and digital, and yet we need a quiet and versatile studio configuration, but also and above all a true sound scratch ...
I have two palmer pocket amp in stereo config, and AMT SS11, and I can try almost everything that is in simulation, emulation, software, and other digital pedals pods, which have always disappointed me or tired .. .
I love everything about this machine. One small complaint, the live output emulated console could be balanced XLR ...
If I had more money, I would take a second for a stereo setup .... I wonder if I will not make a consolidated loan revolving 30% TIG to pay me ...
Quality / performance / price HUGE