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Korg Monotron user reviews

  • Korg Monotron Delay

    Korg Monotron Delay - "tons of fun!!"


    The Korg Monotron DELAY is a lightweight synth that has a speaker built into it. It has an analog filter and amazing delay capabilities. With the price of it being so cheap, it is a must try. The interface of the Monotron will glow in the dark making…

  • Korg Monotron Duo

    Korg Monotron Duo - "2 oscillators"


    If you need a portable analog synthesizer with 2 oscillators then the Korg Monotron Duo is the way to go! It has analog filters and an internal speaker which is pretty good considering that this unit is only 50 dollars. I have not seen a negative re…

  • Korg Monotron

    Korg Monotron - "fun little synth"


    Don't let the size of the Korg Monotron fool you. It sounds amazing. I've got it running though an ART DPSII pre and it sounds so freaking massive I keep expecting the cops to show up and inform me I'm disturbing the peace. No joke this thing has a r…

  • Korg Monotron

    Korg Monotron - "fun to mess around with."


    This is one of the coolest pieces of gear that I have ever came in contact with over my years of being into and doing music. It generates sound via electronic means (rather than sampled means) and it's smaller than a cell phone. Many key enthusiasts …

  • Korg Monotron Duo

    Korg Monotron Duo - " This is my first synth !!!"


    This is my first little synth, like a little toy, but as a very powerful little synth !!! There to turn your powerful effects when above the 5 buttons. It takes a big apdateur mini jack mono !!! with a large output jack mono !!! It takes a mono…

  • Korg Monotron Delay

    Korg Monotron Delay - " Very cool"


    Synth pocket; tape acts keyboard. The pitch is modulated by an adjustable speed of LFO, there is a filter and an analog delay. UTILIZATION The interface is very intuitive, just tweak a moment to get something good. SOUNDS The sound of the M…

  • Korg Monotron

    Korg Monotron - " A machine that has the potential"


    The Monotron is equipped with a knob for the pitch, spleen (with LED clocked on the spleen), int, and peak cutoff, and 2 modes: Pitch and Cutoff. All the effects are perfect except Peak which can sometimes overwhelm the small speaker of the Monotron.…

  • Korg Monotron Duo

    Korg Monotron Duo - " nice"


    Mini synthesizer tape. Has two VCO and VCF and an X mode UTILIZATION Very compact, simple presentation. Modulation sounds easy knobs. SOUNDS Perfect Poir one who wants to have electro sonorities or add a bit of modernity to times. Worthy of s…

  • Korg Monotron

    Korg Monotron - " simple and effective"


    Minimalist, this is what best characterizes the beast: A few knobs, a "keyboard" is reduced to a single tape 1 input, 1 output, 1 volume and that's all. No polyphony and the sound is mono (but mandatory cable stereo output). No effect. UTILIZ…

  • Korg Monotron Delay

    Korg Monotron Delay - " tron tron ​​tron"


    Keyboard ribbon VCO, filter & delay Well, it's mini, a little cheap, but the sound is there, big and bold. Must love the next toy to love this stuff, in my case I'm a fan, big sound, simple, accessible, fun but with analog interface. UTILIZ…