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Lâg Collection user reviews

  • Lâg Custom Shop - Limited Series Collection

    Lâg Custom Shop - Limited Series Collection - "Lag Custom" has images


    I believe I bought the pre production for the custom/collector guitars. it was in the late 80s (I sold my alfa romeo to get the baby!) This was directly from the little shop next to Toulouse. The guitar had Seymour Duncan + Floyd rose. Very h…

  • Lâg Collection V 2 E

    Lâg Collection V 2 E - " LAG collection V2S"


    Guitar 100% cot Franaise manufactures of Toulouse (the era was in 1987). MODEL 230 N rf collection. V2S Configuring SSH micro typical 80. While the EMG active. SETTING THE only one volume, not tonal. Slecteur three micro switch on / off allowin…

  • Lâg Collection

    Lâg Collection - " Lag Collection V2S"


    Channel 22 frets diapason type fender (see a little longer). Made in France, mache box and ash (I think) because I did not sue intelligence that guitar. Equipped with two simple micro EMG neck and middle and a double bridge position EMG. Vibrato Ka…

  • Lâg Collection 1990

    Lâg Collection 1990 - tiscrof's review


    - In what country was she made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...) In southern France - How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration? 24 frets, so 23 frets (not disk 0), 2 active-type jazz bass pickups EMG home (ref SJ5) on pas…

  • Lâg Collection 5

    Lâg Collection 5 - lekness's review


    Audiofanzine refuses to put my picture then what comes in the characteristics so if you want one ask for 5 string electric bass freighted made in France in the studio in 2002 Lag Body-Solid alder -Maple neck Extra Jumbo-24frets Active pick…

  • Lâg Bass Collection

    Lâg Bass Collection - dzily007's review


    Lag collection; frettless, driver handle; sells or exchange! Warning !!! collector; (Notice the first logo in lag) j'tudie any proposals !!! USE Channel of extreme finness SONORITS Predict change the pickups; NOTICE GLOBAL Exchange,…

  • Lâg Custom Shop - Limited Series Collection

    Lâg Custom Shop - Limited Series Collection - skybird's review


    This guitar does produce in 2000 a factory in France abdarieu LAG (made by hand, models only) new value around 2400 form is that of absolute MODELS Rockline or arkane, the body is mahogany with a beautiful table Saddle Mouchet (trs rare). the handl…

  • Lâg Bass Collection

    Lâg Bass Collection - hugofray's review


    Electric bass made in France by lag. 21 frets Shaller bridge and mechanical A microphone and a volume Tone General the pickups are Bartolini the body is in two parts of a sublime mahogany topped with a maple table Pommele the neck is also…

  • Lâg Collection 5 1990

    Lâg Collection 5 1990 - benes's review


    Hello, I am the possessor of such a low-bought used and I would like to talk with someone who has the same low. Whether it is low or not sought, used value, place of manufacture, (France and China) quality microphones "reflex" quantity manufact…

  • Lâg Collection

    Lâg Collection - Flash90's review


    Guitar bought in France 22 frets, EMG SA/SA/85 micro, Pink Floyd type bridge, One volume knob, four slecteurs (1 for each pickup plus a solo for 85) Bne button. UTILIZATION Channel ultrathin, trs really enjoyable. Accs in acute optimum.…