Lâg Collection
Lâg Collection

Collection, Other Shape Guitar from Lâg in the Collection series.

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paggil 10/20/2011

Lâg Collection : paggil's user review

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Value For Money : Poor
Channel 22 frets diapason type fender (see a little longer).
Made in France, mache box and ash (I think) because I did not sue intelligence that guitar. Equipped with two simple micro EMG neck and middle and a double bridge position EMG. Vibrato Kahller States. Palisandre medium fret button. Sunburst lacquer finish lightweight transparent red revealing the wood grain of the most beautiful effect.
A single volume control, no tone knob and a micro on / off.
Active Electronics (EMG).


Guitar made on demand (Custom made). No. 231. It is not even referenced in LAG. Nothing to say about the ergonomics comfortable playing at the top. The sound is very typical .... EMG. Normal in all or nothing, the choice of microphone by the selector gives the sound. In plain or saturated, it sends. Plugged into an amp or rack, its rings. To listen on You tube "paggil - recreation."
Well, after, is like the Son EMG ... The heel of the neck gene just access to the latest boxes but nothing more than a Start.


I play Blues Junior or Roland JC77, and I like the rendering. Even empty, it sounds (guarantee of a good guitar). JOperation little vibrato that is very comfortable. It is equipped with rope blocks.


This is a guitar that does not move, I've had it for... 23 years, no problem with tuning or woods.
At the time, too expensive for a student, very upscale. At the time, with LAG, this is a guitar maker's guitar. The contrast was striking compared to the old Ibanez I had. Even today it remains an exceptional guitar. all guitarists who saw it or tried it share the same view.
Small shortcomings: a very selective sound, and bends pretty tight because of the tuning fork. Vibrato, which causes the breaking of strings if you bend over one tone and a half.