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Laney Tube Fusion user reviews

  • Laney TF300

    Laney TF300 - "Laney TF300"


    I got this amp from for an astonishing £259 - i was STOKED!!! I bought it as i am in a band and needed a replacement for my old smaller amp as varying amps every gig is NOT good Describing the amp in a word is: Gnarly You…

  • Laney TF320

    Laney TF320 - "Laney TF320"


    I bought this amp from Music Ground in Manchester. It's my first gigging amp, and it's sound! I paid £400. big money for a 17 year old!!! All of it. The clean channel is great with a telecaster, jangly trebles, the mid and treble buttons are a ni…

  • Laney TF320

    Laney TF320 - "Laney TF320"


    I bought this amp from Bruce millers in aberdeen for £400 after my old sessionette was stolen The clean channel sounds great and the mid and bright switches are very handy (especially the bright for playing more jangly funky tunes) . OD1 is also gr…

  • Laney TF300

    Laney TF300 - "Laney TF300"


    I bought this amplifier in Sweden (Kalmar). I paid 500$ for it and I can say I'm not disapointed. I also bought it because a friend had one. This is an extremly good preamp. You get two distortations and one clean sound. The sound you get out of thi…

  • Laney TF700

    Laney TF700 - " versatile and powerful"


    I note that I leave this notice in connection with an ad, the amp is still unknown in France must then get an idea. I try to remain objective and not to the maximum scores, if it corresponded to 100% to what I expected I'd sell probably do not! Other…

  • Laney TF200

    Laney TF200 - " Super quality"


    Mixed amplifier (there's a light in the preamp, I checked). A user who speaks simulation lamp series TF shoves a finger deep. Good: there is a lamp in the preamp. Broad connectivity (no additional plug HP if I remember correctly). The construction …

  • Laney TF100

    Laney TF100 - phil9232's review


    50 watt transistor amp emulation with lights for the drive channel 2 Channels (clean, drive) Clean: equalization (bass, mids, treble) + 1 switch "bright" Drive: drive, volume, EQ (bass, mids, treble) + 1 knob enhancer for sculpting mids 1 reverb …

  • Laney TFX3 Twin

    Laney TFX3 Twin - Nightmare000's review


    Hello I am selling my Laney TFX3 twin 120w It is a very good amplifier primarily designed to play punk rock enough slap. It has a lamp preamp, 2 HP 12 "Celestion 60. The amp is made in England assured quality. We find: - 3 channels: Clean, crun…

  • Laney TF500M

    Laney TF500M - Nabuchodinausaure's review


    Combo transistor with a lamp for the drive channel. 120w rms power. HP HH invader donations the Impedance is unfortunately not marked on the hp nor the manual. You can plug an extension, the total consideration to be Impedance more than 4 ohms. This …

  • Laney TF300

    Laney TF300 - Pouce30's review


    See below for dtail. But basically it trs complete a ton of configurations and rglages possible. UTILIZATION The configuration is it simple? Ba yes, and super practical, the legalization of spare channel clear channel saturates for me is a go…