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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 13 reviews )
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Value For Money : Poor

chrislieck's review"One of the BEST but Expensive"

Neumann U 87
I have used U87s for 30 years and I must say they are the best microphone for vocals (aside from the 3K bump) that you will ever find. I do like the U67 better if you have the money. It is the best mic every made. The U67 is the warmest of this mic line by far.

The U87 has a specific sound. It is classic sound. Recently you are hearing more high end enhanced vocal sounds ala Katie Perry. This mic is more of a round sound whereby the low end is very present. The U87 is a mic that you will use ever day of your life and for most any application. So if you have the money BUY ONE. We use this at the studio for 20 years or at my school of recording At times the high mid boost can be very annoying and I move on to an AKG 414, but I don't go by specs I go by the one thing that matters, my ears. Each vocalist is different, and each has their own issues. Some can use a U87 and it is the best sound they will ever get. Some a U87 can sound very harsh. The high mid boost is very noticeable in some situations. I mostly like it for hard hitting vocals and I only use API Pre Amps when I am using the U87. I don't use any other Pre Amps. The low end at about 50hz is smooth as can be.


The very best vocal mic (ala warm mic) that you will ever buy. Today's sound has all the low end removed so you need to study vocal sounds and compare the older more warm sounds like John Mayer verses a Rhianna sound or a sound that has all the low end removed. The U87 is the standard of professional recording. I do think if you going to spend a great deal of money on one microphone then of coarse the U87 is a the industry standard for vocals but again it does have a specific sound. Some of the newer records are going for a more high top end sound and are using a great deal of post plug ins to get the sound more punchy. I also use the 87 on room mics, sax, trumpet, room kick drum micing and at times snare or under snare. It is a very good piece to own.

theaudioandvideoguy's review"scary price tag, but GREAT"

Neumann U 87
The Neumann U87 is a classic microphone that has been around for a while. I wish I could afford to have this mic in my house but there is no way that I can spend that kind of money for my personal gear collection. A local studio that I go to from time to time does have the Neumann U87 as one of the main mics and after using it I can see why. Its just flat out amazing and the quality cant be matched but any other mic in its price range. But that is just the problem, the price range. There really isn’t anyone else that know that can purchase this mic for their house studio without breaking the whole bank account. The mic is just too expensive, but if you are lucky enough to have the money to get it, the quality that you will get just cant have a price tag on it. It will do more than pay for itself, there is no substitute for great quality and the Neumann U87 will provide that if you can afford it. Even if you are looking to get a used one you will still have to pay at least 75% of what a new one cost because the price of the U87 doesn’t just drop even though it has been out for a while now.


Brand new the mic is going for over 3 thousand dollars online, I just don’t know who can afford that unless you have a decent studio budget that you can work with. If that’s the case then you will need to get this mic because it is everything you could want and more. If you are a higher tone singer, using this mic is a must or even no matter what your tone it, but higher tones sound beautiful on the U 87.
Audiofanzine FR12/02/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Neumann U 87
(Originally written by bhomassel/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Excellent microphone. Perfect for any recording application. Vocals, guitar, violin, choir, etc.

I use it with a Tube-Tech MP1A: It's difficult to get a better combination, the result is just amazingly wonderful.


Excellent microphone. Perfect for any recording application. Vocals, guitar, violin, choir, etc.

I use it with a Tube-Tech MP1A: It's difficult to get a better combination, the result is just amazingly wonderful.

JackLudden's review

Neumann U 87
This is of course the legendary U87. Many would argue that this is the industry standard for recording great vocals. It is a large diaphragm condenser with a switchable polar pattern (cardioid, omni, and figure 8), an attenuation pad, and a high pass-filter (both switchable).


I have owned one for about 2 years. It is very hard to beat this mic on vocals. Recordings sound wonderfully accurate, clear, and open, with very sweet highs. In addition to being great on vocals, it really does sound good on almost anything you stick in front of it. I use it frequently for acoustic guitar and solo violins, and sometimes on electric guitar cabs. I only have one and haven't tried it, but many people use these as high-end drum overheads or room mics.

They are also quite popular for use in recording classical music, when very accurate response is demanded. The switchable polar pattern is a great feature on this mic, as it makes it almost 3 mics in one. If you have a couple of these, putting one in figure 8 and one in cardioid lets use the M/S stereo technique, which is great for adding variable width to recorded sources. I have used a wide variety of large diaphragm condensers, and this one really does live up to its reputation. Singers who have never used one are often wowed when they hear their voice back by just how accurate and lifelike their voice sounds when recorded by a U87. They are built to a very high standard, so you can count on them not to junk out on you as well - they're built to last.

At nearly $3,000, they are certainly not cheap. But for anyone who wants to get some truly great sounding vocal recordings, this is the thing to save up for. You won't regret it. I would absolutely buy it again - I'm almost never disappointed with the results I get with the U87.
studio 5eme monde08/12/2014

studio 5eme monde's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good mic"

Neumann U 87
It is a condenser microphone for me no neutral coloration. This mic is pretty versatile these strengths are the voices, acoustic guitar, percussions


I use it for 2 years before I tried a Neumann Tlm 103, AKG C414, AKG C214, aKG Perception 820 Tube ...
What I like most is its neutrality and what I like least is the price I find it very expensive for what it offers micro. You can find other micro equally efficient and less expensive

atomslan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Unavoidable"

Neumann U 87
A microphone for any situation.


Top! unavoidable. Before I had a TLM 103, which is very good opportunity for the price, but the U87 is another planet. The most surprising is that there is no aggression in her and I love it here.
My chain: U87 + 6176 + AU Orpheus Prismsound

Certainly the price is nine overpriced but the rate on the occasion is consistent with the beast and especially the time savings it provides in terms of mixing.

blackle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann U 87
Micro electrostatic legend .. Some say the best ..


What immediately attracts attention is the level obtained at the output. Compared to other models, the gain in console must be significantly reduced, resulting in a SNR improved in especially audible.
In a second step, the quality of presence that surprises agréablement.Les less information goes perfectly, but beyond that is the amazing sharpness, which contributes to the improvement of sound sources searched.
on the other hand, beware of sites arranged in haste, the result is quite disappointing.
Everything goes good with the bad, the useless as harmful, such is the price of this quality without compromise. We must know ..
Su worked voices, sung or spoken, this microphone is still a considerable asset, their intrinsic qualities are particularly highlighted.

Bernard Ancèze08/22/2007

Bernard Ancèze's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann U 87
The one I'm talking about has more than twenty-five years. He fell. It is not for a. More sound. RVision Neumann, changing the capsule.


A bit expensive. The capsule of 650 +. But what a revival! I trs silent yet satisfied. He found even more grain, meat, something sensual. About the famous so-called redorages, at the same level of investment, I do not regret the new capsule. Used in cardiovascular stamps for voice, piano, G. lctiques, it is above the dj set of beucoup other lctrostats. Used in ubiquitous it becomes much more versatile. His attnuateur and low-cut increase its flexibility. In heart I find sometimes too Submitted on mdium a little too forward, and it is a solo singer ncessaire to dominate in order not to hear the famous Neumann sound that would become commonplace if s' occcupe over the microphone as the singer. In omni is off, Arian, clear, sensual, and balance. On acoustic guitar then it is much more musical than cardio. So biensr, voices 30/40cm ...!!! Personally, I n'enclanche the low-cut for the correct voice and I breath and rumble with a noise-gate and possibly an expander. The only static I know who is able to compete with the AKG C414 B-XLII and the BPM CR10. The U87 is prcis of transients is an advantage over the voices and guitars lctriques, and sometimes got by on the piano, a inconvnient on acoustic guitars. I can not find the quality of trs sensible pramplis and compressors.

Digitalatwork's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann U 87
Large diaphragm condenser microphone is, beautiful voices, acoustic instruments for imprial.
48v Ncessite good nutrition and pre-amp that goes with it!
Nengage notice that I prfre old P48 to rcents U87 Ai ...


I use it for 3 years.
I respect the chain audio: EQ Amek U87 + + + Lucid Audio Protools
Tell you that much heat, precision and dynamic are waiting for you!
My first Neumann TLM103 silent one, I felt the need to go further, I tried a U87 P48 and I stay glued!
How to talk price with such a microphone, it's an investment!
With exprience, I would do without this choice hsiter!

soundrecord's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Neumann U 87
A large diaphragm condenser microphone has, specialist in voices and singing, instrumental versatility with a surprising level lgrement lower than his little ERRF U87Ai.

Microphone with a warm personality and a virtually unique. Not only supports the mdiocrit both periphriques as voice or singing.

48V phantom power attention to the console, mixer or recorder, the food too low <2.5 mA can not be rendered correctly!

The perfect example for this microphone is an exception the rule;
bad characters, rendering outstanding!


Used for over 5 years with a couple of U87 Ai paired later, gives a perfect finish with Cooper Sound and Nagra.
I used the U-87 as a reinforcement in the center made acoustic and sound recording and voice-over commentary.
A trs interresting is poisoned against the pole of a giraffe or without the rendering of voice actors is then outstanding (well when they are in it)!
Never had a technical problem ...
It possde a rather open, warm with a great tolrence on transient, very little brutal in this one, the color of the voice trs enjoyable deep voice with a highlighted very important to the presence of this one, a flat curve up to 5K sensitivity quasiement lgre then put forward for retrieving a few harmonics, it gives a complete picture of the moment (beware of noise nuisance) also it does not embellish ...
mtallique not that hard at all like the more recent micro trs imitate evil, (like battleships or other AKG b1 C3) ...
This mic is the best trainer I know both parties pointed to derrire making its stro that for people who interprtent front when hungover or stroke fatigue, is unforgiving if oprateur not make ...
I do not even speak no evil forms of voice or mediocre ...