Jackson DK2L Dinky
Jackson DK2L Dinky

DK2L Dinky, Left-Handed Electric Guitar from Jackson in the Pro series.

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All user reviews for the Jackson DK2L Dinky

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 2 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Correct
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MGR/Namus Withheldus12/25/2003

MGR/Namus Withheldus's review"Jackson DK-2"

Jackson DK2L Dinky
I bought this ax at ROCK Block in Nashville. I paid $449.00.

The DK-2 has a fast neck, with 24 jumbo frets, that are scalloped at the top of the neck. Very easy to play fast. It also provide a nice variety of sound from the 5-position switch, though I mostly play using the humbuckers.
The floyd stays in tune, and I like the sacle of the body. It's light, and it fits body much better than any Les Paul or Strat I've played.

Tuning the Floyd Rose was a bear, till I'leard how to do it. After that, it was quite easy, reminding me a bit like when I would torque order on an engine block. But it does stay in tune.

I've had it six month so far, and it seems rather rugged. But I'm an amature player.

I think the DK-@ is a great value, and an outstanding guitar. I had played for a several years, but with axes of far less, and sometimes better pedigrees. It seemed to be the one of the best axes arround, esspecially for the money. Throw in Jenna, and I'll pop for the Rhondes model!

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MGR/Jovane M.11/02/2003

MGR/Jovane M.'s review"Jackson DK-2"

Jackson DK2L Dinky
I bought this new, from Guitar Center a little over a year ago, for about $300. With a fast-playing neck, 24 jumbo frets, and Duncan Designed pick-ups. Perfect for shreddin.

This guitar was worth the price, and handles so smoothly, in any style of playing...really awsome for soloing...shred-metal style.

The only dislike, is the weight distribution..its a little heavy, but its typical for this type of guitar.

Overall excellent craftmanship, really extrenuish work, definently shown in the finishes and the sound.

If you are considering a more heavier approach to your playing, then consider this guitar, or any Jackson in general.

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MGR/Jon Villalobos04/08/2002

MGR/Jon Villalobos's review"Jackson DK2"

Jackson DK2L Dinky
I bought the Jackson DK2 from Musicians Friend because I had nothing but 21 fret non locking tremelo Fender Strats and wanted something that could cover a wider range of musical styles in the range of 80's metal to nu-metal. I payed $299.99 as it was on sale.

The neck is flat, thin and fast. It has 24 jumbo frets and a dinky style body. It has a HSS pickup configuration with a 5 way pickup switch. It has a double locking tremelo that stays in tune very well. It is in translucent blue with a flame maple top. The controls are one volume and one tone. The body is alder. The alder body with a flame maple top sounds killer. Top notch quality and made in Japan. Good quality control.

I'm not that happy with dinky Strat style bodies, but it does the job. If this guitar had a full sized body it would be near perfect. I also don't like the middle pickup. It doesn't make sense for what I do. The Ducan Design pickups realy suck. I switched the bridge pickup to a Seymor Duncan Distortion pickup. Now it shreds!

Like I said before, TOP NOTCH. No flaws and the paint brings out the genuine flame maple top very well. Everything was great. The pickups were total crap, but that is all a matter of choice. No dings, scratches, chips, dents or flaws. Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want a true metal shred guitar, this is a very good choice. People of small stature would benifit better with the dinky body. It isn't too tiny, it's just too tiny for me. If you want higher output, switch pickups. The DK2 is a good palet for upgraded pickups. I do strongly suggest the Seymor Duncan Distortion humbucker. Good Company, good quality, great guitar!

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Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2L Dinky
-Made in Japan, DK2L JACKSON PRO SERIES 2006

-24 Frets, small reasons for shark teeth much a brand Jackson.
A Humbucker Seymour Duncan JB TB4, a microphone in the middle Simple STK-1, and the same microphone position bridge.

Floyd Rose-licensed Jackson

- A selector 5 postion:
Position 1. Bridge Pickup
Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup
Position 3. Middle Pickup
Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup
Position 5. Neck Pickup

1 volume knob and a knob of Tonalitbr />
Channel vissbr />
9 / 10 because it is a classic, too bad ^ ^ The finish is beautiful and trs are mcaniques quality.


Trs-The handle is enjoyable and incisive
-The ACCS is the acute trs ais => handle is a highway ^ ^
Guitar-not too heavy and the shape is classic, so there is no ESG to play in any position ^ ^
-The Seymour Duncan pickups are quality on this new version of the 2006 Jackson, we get a clear trs correct but its strong point RSID dan dlivre the humbucker that a distortion of quality: clean and sharp .
After all depends on the amp that everyone has, but the sound is generally good trs.


- I play instead of Hard Rock / Metal and this guitar is really for me, ec does not prevent me to play pieces calm. In both cases, this guitar Relva to the challenge with Seymour Duncan pickups that offers excellent sound.
-I play for now with a small combo Marshall, so the sound is not terrible but I did test it on a RG50TC Randall (50 wa lamp), and his sending enormment!
The TRS-rglages are simple, one can easily obtain a clear lens and a disto echain powerful without being too greasy either.
Overall, I like the sound, not a major fault default.


I use it for 6 months
-The particular feature I like least on the physical aspect of the guitar. I do not like classical forms, especially since Jackson has many forms Varis, it's a shame, but it's a good guitar for left handed ...
Among the left-MODELS all brands around 500-700, I think this is the best in others because MODEL brand, The models are either left mdiocres or excellent, the amplitude is then standard prices! This guitar is the right circles ^ ^
Very good quality-price ratio, all is quality and worth the price
Yes, the brand I like Jackson and I gladly would take one.

espcustom57's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2L Dinky
-Made in japan
-24 Frets with beautiful and indispensable "theeth shark" (all the charm of the jackson ... dtail Aesthetics, with the head, which I chose Jackson)
Micro-Duncan Design: 1HB easel 1single the middle, and one other single in the neck (but I do not know their character.)
- Bridge Floyd Rose licensed, not the original. but not bad at all
- Reglo 1 volume, 1 tone and 1 Reglo 5-way switch
- Round stocky, rosewood fingerboard with binding (other dtail Aesthetics counts!)

nothing wrong for a left-handed guitar of this price (550 new). there is no better equivalent prices (especially for left !!!). Mylen 2 or 3 small default, report qltcaract. / Price bon.donc 10 trs.


Just for prvenir prior to receiving the beautiful, I had a gibson-epiphone-type strato simple, three single pickups pays 1500frs ...

-The neck is definitely a Russianness in addition to a beautiful Aesthetics (back and binding). it glides well (even better when you just clean it with products spciaux, the magic is his touch ....), is most enjoyable. its size is perfect for me (I measure 1.76 for the average 75kg ... what!) nor too pais, neither too big nor too large (even if not as fine as a MODEL United States, shame!) I feel comfortable with trs. it is really what I was looking for powerful riff and 2 or 3 pti solos.

Access in acute-very easy

- Ergonomics ... I did not think even the term before, so this guitar is naturelle.elle does not move, push out the body and rev can play comfortably standing trs. basically it's fun. just the weight can be a bit heavy ... I crois.quoique has not impede me really, but has even challenged me qd. In any case it is not teacher, and it is especially compared to the epi is 2X lgre. sitting, it's perfect.

-In terms of sound I'm not sure a must see with my amp ... but good play out their microphones rle, know a good sound without reaching the height of the original Duncan or EMG monstrous (my next investment). satisfait.on me I can easily get a good sound with this guitar, no worries.

10 qd so even despite the weight ...


-Perfect for the mtal, both large Jamz riff and solos kirk. trs versatile (which is only I bought it!) I play both blues, rock and that clear ...

-My amp is a Crate GX15 15w then bought in 1997! P **** a date but it is hard for a 15w 15w.de far the best that exists, there's no competition at its . I play without effects (soon). I have in mind to buy a crate or Peavy 50 or 100W.

Trs-a good distortion for this amp, although mtal, even if it lacks depth and prsence (bright lights!). the sound can be both clear enough metal amount in the high (HB), or round shell (single). but should be tested with an amp that provides info plus.pour bcp I tried it on a 100w fender 2xHP, and I t blown away by the sound distortion (at a rate still in my chest) , and I clear Discoveries another dimension! dj is not bad for D.design!

-For me the perfect distortion is that of the black album of Metallica, or the latest mega-mustaine-deth: TSHF (see also Youthanasia), otherwise I like the best disto Death or Pantera.mais j 'm relatively far, the pickups are a little jaymz default for gallery and the amp too, but the distortion suits me well.
I do not like the light on the HB, I got too much metal and not "sonoritquot, or depth.

I put a 8 because the pickups are changing, but still meets their mission: good sound very comprehensive and well suprieur other brands (who said Ibanez?).


- I have 3 years, 3 years of happiness!
- I enjoy playing, becomes a natural, but the pickups (and yes, electronics) are not Top. grisouille rglo with the volume ... ah! and she dsaccorde despite floyd (but that's normal is a licensed), and finally it is lightweight qd same. (yes it is perfectly parallle rgl)
default if other small: small screw floyd to give, sometimes takes a little force anyway!! also change (or oil?)
- From the epi. no other guitars, apart from a fender strato Mexican or ibanez RG520.c 'silent just my rve a jackson, a favorite ... I never tried Jack before.
QLT-price ratio trs trs good as I said, I would do without this choice hsit! But hey if I had more money I would go to the competition ... ESP ..

then 8 because it is not perfect with glitches electric or floyd or microphones for those who want the top, but it gives me pleasure, and it was then that it's true compte.et There's more that I realize following.

dirtyfinger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson DK2L Dinky
Japanese-made guitar, peulier body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard 24 frets
micro config: double easel, simple and straightforward mid cot set. micro are Duncan Designed
floyd rose type bridge
two knobs one volume to another tonalitbr /> has a great guitar I love it
violin making good bill and they finished well no default, the trestle well maintenance agreements, and I love the handle and its repre-tooth shark. by against the knob are catastrophic, but I 9


The handle and super pleasant and end it falls well in hand, for a beginner's super.l 'access to acute and very good.
the ergonomics of the guitar and it stratabound type and slightly thinner That a Start (I think). I think it is and not heavy in my humble opinion.
we get a good sound condition not to touch o knobs that are a disaster (you Mettes thoroughly and these wholes o After a month he takes a Geulle).
Each microphone has its own distinct and are often are associated with metal and Jackson were not wrong bridge pickup is very well have office. but little cheeks while the other two pickups (not metal). has a versatile guitar.


For now I study the guitar so j'aprend. And I love this guitar because it very well and for beginners and continuing after (not all I want for myself separated the moment and I intend to custody), we get a good range of sounds (well it not compete with the top of its range was on but for this price range these quite honnte). the only major default of this guitar are the knobs, I v'ai the changes the day I change the pickups.
I love rock and metal and its derivative, when I want to have fun sound (my default is for beginners) comes out well no prob, I use an avc line 6 Spider 2 15 watt, and it ideal for aprendre but I quond but the mode of metal and that pushed a little, and are a bit messy due to the size of hp.je do but not for 10 knobs (which I had long soule)


I use it for a little over a year (since I ComenC what). I find it perfect for the beginning then and continuing to (that of j'orait good progress and I was looking meterais own sounds but I would change the pickups, so I have time lol).
of that I was half looking for a guitar I'm half in mind:
- No low-end models often (and I could afford to put 500 to 600 euros in a scratch so I did)
- Rather versatile guitars so I can access multiple style sounds.
I esasayer an epiphone les paul, it was good (I love personal, shape and all) but the sound was not clear asser I can not start with a guitar type rather, it fo jaborde that all styles was logical.
So know my guitar ideal for a good start and progress and no doubt I will remake her choices are worth money.