PRS Custom 22 l/h
PRS Custom 22 l/h
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tjon901 12/28/2011

PRS Custom 22 l/h : tjon901's user review

« One of the few lefty PRS guitars »

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PRS is one of the most respected guitar makers in the industry now but they do not make many lefty guitars. This year they did a limited run of Custom 22's in lefty which all sold for about 3000 bucks. I got to try one out as I could never afford one and I have played other PRS guitars and wanted to compare what a lefty one would be like. These guitars are basic PRS guitars just lefty. The body is made out of mahogany with a maple top. The set neck is the pattern normal or wide fat profile with 22 frets and the old bird inlays. Up top you get the fancy PRS Phase 3 locking tuners and the bridge is the PRS wraparound bridge. The pickup are uncovered PRS pickups and the controls are basic with a volume and tone with a 3 way switch. The tone control has a pull pull function for coil splitting. The finish on this example was a 10 top orange flame type of finish.


The factory setup on these PRS guitars are wonderful. The wide fat neck has a really traditional feel to it. It is not uncomfortable to play but it just fills your hand in a right way. The 25 inch PRS scale gives you a good balance between tension and comfort. The locking tuners are great and are PRS's own design. They limit the slip so they are even more locking than most tuners. The Wraparound bridge in most guitars is a sign that the guitar is cheap and will never be in tune but on PRS they have made it work over the years. It is compensated for intonation and as long as you dont do any radical tunings it will be fine. They also make a fine tuner Wraparound bridge that you can retrofit to your guitar if you really need the adjustments.


This guitar has some of the classy PRS pickups in it. The bridge has a great classic rock crunch to it but when you are playing single note lines it is nice and smooth with just a bit of bite. The clean tones are equally smooth. The bridge pickup in this guitar is smoother than most guitars neck pickups. The neck pickup is like butter on this guitar dirty or clean. These are like exaggerated PAFs in terms of smoothness. They have a really modern voicing to them.


I wouldnt be surprised if this is the last line of lefties they do for a while. The fact that they are using the old bird inlays makes me think that these necks were old and they wanted to finally get rid of them. So this might be a back handed favor for lefties. Them putting a run of PRS lefty guitars just to get all the lefties on to them so they can go nope all done. I hope they make this a yearly or every couple year thing but I really doubt it. PRS knows what makes them money and im afriad it isnt making lefties. If you are a lefty and have been waiting for a PRS here is possibly your last chance to pick one up.