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FabFilter Software limiters news

  • FabFilter Updates All Plugins with AAX Support

    FabFilter Updates All Plugins with AAX Support

    11/29/11 in FabFilter Pro-C

    FabFilter has released updates for all FabFilter plug-ins, introducing support for the new AAX plug-in format in Pro Tools 10.

  • FabFilter Updates Pro-L & Pro-Q

    FabFilter Updates Pro-L & Pro-Q

    04/25/11 in FabFilter Pro-L

    FabFilter has released updated versions of the Pro-Q EQ plug-in and the Pro-L limiter plug-in, fixing a bug introduced in the general updates released a week earlier.

  • FabFilter Pro-L Released

    FabFilter Pro-L Released

    10/24/10 in FabFilter Pro-L

    Following the Pro-C compressor and Pro-Q equalizer, FabFilter has expanded its line of professional mastering and mixing plug-ins with the introduction of FabFilter Pro-L: a limiter plug-in suitable for both mastering and mixing.

  • FabFilter Pro-L

    FabFilter Pro-L

    10/15/10 in FabFilter Pro-L

    FabFilter announced that they will release a new plugin next week.