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  • Sonnox Oxford Limiter

    Sonnox Oxford Limiter - "Flexible Digital Limiting"


    The Sonnox Oxford Limiter is a software plug-in to be used inside a DAW. It can be downloaded off the Sonnox website for installation, and authorized using an iLok. The purpose of a limiter is to control the loudness of a signal without causing the …

  • Sonnox Oxford Limiter

    Sonnox Oxford Limiter - "Best Limiter I've ever used!"


    It's a simple limiter plugin, so it's pretty simple to set up. It's downloadable, install it, and authorize it. Simple as that. I'm sure it comes with a manual, I've never really looked for it because it's a simple program, though. The GUI is also pr…

  • Sonnox Oxford Limiter

    Sonnox Oxford Limiter - mooseherman's review


    This is a pretty fantastic digital compressor, which is something that a few months ago, I never thought I would be saying about any digital compressor. Setting it up wasn't difficult. The manual pretty much took care of everything, and it was easy t…

Translated user reviews
  • Sonnox Oxford Limiter

    Sonnox Oxford Limiter - " excellent!"


    simple SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE this plug is very powerful: you can climb up to 18 db of gain. But more importantly it greatly respects the mix, it denatures and nothing is terribly simple and effective. TOP! it has become the benchmark of my mast…

  • Sonnox Limiter LE

    Sonnox Limiter LE - " the right plug for nylon.yes acoustic guitar!"


    this stuff is a real little killing. just me who was not looking for a compressor with effect of "settling", the "wall of sound" as completely adforme the sonority of my acoustic guitar, I, I found something that flanked me p che super - the one I tr…

  • Sonnox Limiter LE

    Sonnox Limiter LE - vinche999's review


    - The installation is done it without problems? No problem but you have an iLok Key, I'm talking about the LE version I use in Logic 8. - Have you experienced any incompatibilities? None. - The general configuration is easy? Very simpl…