Sonnox Oxford Limiter
Sonnox Oxford Limiter

Oxford Limiter, Software limiter from Sonnox.

Wedges2 01/02/2012

Sonnox Oxford Limiter : Wedges2's user review

« Best Limiter I've ever used! »

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It's a simple limiter plugin, so it's pretty simple to set up. It's downloadable, install it, and authorize it. Simple as that. I'm sure it comes with a manual, I've never really looked for it because it's a simple program, though. The GUI is also pretty simple. If this is the first limiter people have worked with than they may need to look up some terms and experiment with it. If one has experience with limiters this isn't any more complex than others, even though it works better.


There isn't a lot to say about the stability. It just works. It's not very CPU intensive. You can have a lot of instances running at the same time without any headaches. I run it in FL Studio with a Dell XPS Studio PC running Windows 7. My computer has six cores and 6 GB of RAM but even on computers less suited for music I'm sure there would be no problem. I've been using it for a year and haven't experienced any problems. It's never crashed or got in my way when I'm creating.


I love how transparent the sound is. Other limiters seem to color the sound of the whole track. This plugin does not. I use Sonnox Oxford Limiter very basically, meaning I don't use a lot of the added features. That's not to say they aren't useful, as many others use them. Some of these features are the "enhance" parameter. It basically brightens up the mix the more you turn it up. The GUI is clear and concise. It's not complicated and it's easy to maneuver. This is truly my favorite limiter, even after trying limiters by Waves. I'd definitely make the purchase again and I encourage everyone to try it out. Best limiter I've ever used.