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Line 6 Racks Modeler user reviews

  • Line 6 Mod Pro

    Line 6 Mod Pro - "Line 6 ModPro"


    It's the rackmountable version of Line 6's MM4 Mod filter stompbox. It's still the same bright blue, just flat and with four screw holes in the front. These were made primarily for studio use, generally made for guitars, and didn't sell very well w…

  • Line 6 Filter Pro

    Line 6 Filter Pro - Tripy's review


    1U Rack 99 User Programs MIDI Clock Sync Tap Tempo + XLR (balanced) and 1 / 4 inch (unbalanced) Inputs and Outputs MIDI in and software selectable MIDI out / thru Input / Output Level controls Mix options: Dry, Analog, Input Mute and All …

  • Line 6 Echo Pro

    Line 6 Echo Pro - jelly.roll's review


    <p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>What are the effects or types of effects available?</span> delays lay lay lay ............... <p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...)</span> modeling <p clas…

  • Line 6 Echo Pro

    Line 6 Echo Pro - Dopamine Dream's review


    Apparently all is said about it is the rack of delay line 6, from their series: filter pro, pro mod, pro echo. It simulates delays hottest appears from this, with bonus line6: change ... And a sampler! (Great practice) UTILIZATION Each type of …

  • Line 6 Mod Pro

    Line 6 Mod Pro - mako's review


    Plains effects, Chorus, Panner, Rotary, Phaser, Flanger, Vibrato, ect ... All in digital know-how Line 6 (the models are perfect). 5 parameters for effects, all Midif. Backup of 99 briefs. In / out jack and XLR sym. Integrated power supply.…

  • Line 6 Echo Pro

    Line 6 Echo Pro - Jotape_fr's review


    Rack vintage echo simulation (space echo, tape echo, delay) numrique XLR input & output midi in out UTILIZATION Trs easy to use with all functions in real time editable on the front panel the manual is clear on trs explains all the functions …