Line 6 Echo Pro
Line 6 Echo Pro

Echo Pro, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Line 6 in the Racks Modeler series.

Dopamine Dream 12/05/2005

Line 6 Echo Pro : Dopamine Dream's user review


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Apparently all is said about it is the rack of delay line 6, from their series: filter pro, pro mod, pro echo.
It simulates delays hottest appears from this, with bonus line6: change ... And a sampler! (Great practice)


Each type of delay has its own parameters, the delay time is adjustable brilliantly, it has little time to select the time delay between the so milliseconds, or choose to enter the tempo .. From this moment a blinking LED to the black, and some choose the time interval between delay, black, eighth, dotted eighth note (super nice when playing eighth notes), with another LED that flashes to the Selected rhythmic figure!
The manual comes from line6, so it's funny is, no worries, it also contains a catalog of simulated models ..


The sounds are super good! For my part I do conaissai digital delays that clean and cold, I discover with joy the delays oldest and most colorful (it has not even set what level the sound is modified by the echo pro).
I currently only tested with my guitar in the effects loop of my preamp ..


I have a few months, I love the galaxy of delays proposed twelve o'clock super practical implementation, ease of setup, design ... The sampler is really the icing on the cake, a small grid and it has infinite overdub!
Ok it is almost impossible to find, I got it for 400 euros and I OCCAZ remake that choice, long live the rack!
I sai that whatever my gear changes, the line 6 will always be to ensure my delays!