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VMB PA & Live Sound news

  • [Musikmesse] Prolifts TL-A150 & TL-A300

    [Musikmesse] Prolifts TL-A150 & TL-A300

    03/13/12 in Prolifts TL-A300

    Prolifts S.L. have released two new VMB TL-A line array lifts which will be presented at Prolight & Sound in March.

  • [Musikmesse] VMB QB Series

    [Musikmesse] VMB QB Series

    03/14/10 in VMB QB Series

    The QB series is VMB's latest range of passive cabinets comprising of 9 full-range and 6 sub-bass cabinets.

  • [Musikmesse] VMB ARK-20 & ARK-70

    [Musikmesse] VMB ARK-20 & ARK-70

    03/14/10 in VMB ARK-70

    VMB have released the new ARK series of processors, replacing the Arkeops and DAC range.

  • VMB ADP-15M

    VMB ADP-15M

    04/16/09 in VMB ADP-15M

    VMB's new ADP-15M is an active stage monitor which incorporates an internal DSP.

  • Vmb LX-V8 compact powered PA speaker

    Vmb LX-V8 compact powered PA speaker

    07/31/08 in VMB LX-V8

    VMB’s Lynx Series LX-V8 is a compact powered line array module featuring a built-in inclinometer.