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[Musikmesse] VMB ARK-20 & ARK-70

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News VMB ARK-70

Digital PA Controller from VMB

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VMB have released the new ARK series of processors, replacing the Arkeops and DAC range.

The ARK-70 and ARK-20 are the latest in the series of digital processors designed, assembled and manufactured by VMB offering 7 different models with 2 or 4 inputs each and with up to 8 outputs (analogue or digital and Ethersound optional).

Double Dynamics are standard in all ARK-70 models. An RMS limiter is used to adjust the transducer reproduction level, maintaining the original dynamics whilst at the same time respecting the original transients and achieving a better acoustical result, according to the manufacturer. A Peak limiter controls the movement of the speaker, protecting it from any damage and also reducing distortion caused by over-excursion.

All ARK units deliver a wide dynamic range of 120dB, high performance Cirrus Logic AD & DA 24bit converters running at 96kHZ. The internal DSP processing works with double precision in floating point, achieving an internal resolution of 56 bits. All ARK units can import/export complete channel parameters from/to VMB’s Rainbow Prediction Software. This enables the user to apply a complete signal process with just one click.

Each input has up to 29 filters of Parametric EQ which can be switched to Graphic EQ. Each output also has Parametric EQ which can be chosen between adaptable or constant Q, All Pass, Band Pass, Notch, HP Q, LP Q or High and low Shelvs providing flexibility. Moreover, crossover filters with high and low cuts of Linkwitz Riley, Bessel, Butterworth up to 48 dB/oct slopes in 6 dB steps are available. A 6 dB/octave slope, for instance, corresponding to a first order filter, allows for frequency shading.

Other features include polarity, gain and delay on ins and outs, routing of any input to any output and a signal generator with sine and noise (pink or white).

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