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Flamma FC01 Drum Loop

All user reviews for the Flamma FC01 Drum Loop

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  • flatdreamflatdream

    looper and drum pedal

    Flamma FC01 Drum LoopPublished on 11/01/22 at 09:02
    I use it with everything before (wha, OD, fuzz, etc...) into amp.

    The pedal looper is easy, the drum machine part is a bit more disturbing. mixing the levels when you use both at the same time is not so easy.
    You can t re-record or adjust the drum part without loosing your loop.
    after a couple of try I decided to only use the looper part.

    Sometimes the sound cut totaly there is maybe a problem with my unit.
    But I won t trust it outside of a personal home practice