Duesenberg Starplayer Special
Duesenberg Starplayer Special
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All user reviews for the Duesenberg Starplayer Special

Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 9 reviews )
 8 reviews89 %
 1 user review11 %
Value For Money:Excellent
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MGR/Duesee Crazy03/14/2003

MGR/Duesee Crazy's review"Duesenberg Starplayer Special"

Duesenberg Starplayer Special
I bought this electric guitar from samash.com by credit card.I Paid 399.99 on the 15 month no payment no interest sac plan.I bought it because it is made in germany at a excellent price and because it looks fantastic.

I like everything about it the guitar it sounds excellent with the dual humbuckers with coil tap and les paul silver sparkle finish.

none it would be nice to have different tremolo but that is why they make the v-caster.

It has a alder body with carve maple top tune o matic with stop tail silver sparkle finish and binding around the body.Three per side tuners with maple neck that is shaped like a gibson es335 25.5 scale with medium frets.This guitar is a custom shop made guitar that out classes any guitar made including PRS and fender, gibson...etc

Like i said before this guitar sounds, plays and looks like nothing else especially for the price it can't be touched it is a good thing I have 2 because I probably will not find another one.The MERCEDES BENZ of guitars.

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emka's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" More than perfect ..."

Duesenberg Starplayer Special
German made mic made in the USA, Italy fittings what I know.

For technical characteristics see other reviews or Duessenberg site.


Super nice handle, thicker than my strat more and I like that.
Access to acute is easy and his pffff, as already said, an impressive level of output under my strat.


Are round and warm depending on the selection of mics, but we obtained contrary to what I've read, a punchy and clear sound that allows funck eg.

It is plugged into an amp without, via a G-Major, and plug-in two ratings WASIII.Je play mostly in the recording studio.


I've had 8 months. So I have a strat plus and a Gibson LP standard (I left aside, the head has broken)

What I like his versatility malgres what they say, the sound still! Least? nothing, I added a tremolo him the same brand just superb!

Q / P great evil sandstone real 1100eu higher rate without the flight.

And I would do this choice without any hésitation.Je have taken silver sparkle black history change, and I do not regret it throws! I can not go back to my strat right now to say.

I put 9 because there are always better, but even 3000eu!

musidove's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" She tears"

Duesenberg Starplayer Special
I'm not a great guitarist. on the other hand I entrusted to a seller to choose an amp ... verdict: Do not let this guitar ... DE-CHIRE it .... tested on a Vox AC 15 HW.
Damn, it sent. THE clear sound .. no buzz .. nothing ...
Another friend found scratch .. he could not believe it .. tested on a Marshall Amp, but I know that ... more
I assure you, Duesenberg is a great brand that clearly competes with Fender and Gibson in terms of quality .. it is even beyond their jewels. The sound is another story as it is a matter of taste, but the quality is there WHORE .. Besides, I pay the Starplayer TV Ice Pearl ... 3000 euros .. that's how I trust ..


Yes, everything is nice, no comment.


Its actually crystalline, but very well placed in saturated crunch .. this is a guitar that is made to send the wood ...


Five months .. What happiness .. Duesenberg with pedals, nothing to spoil. It's expensive, but it's good ... ULTRA

Zeknas's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" The good alternative!"

Duesenberg Starplayer Special
Super quality for this both in German guitar finishes as the hardware. Humbucker at the top. It takes good agreement. I play Ernie Ball 10/46. I have no inquitude on the capacity of the old guitar.


Easy handling. Channel thick and round, surprising when you come in the stratum. The frtes are flat and allow a fast game. Yes it is heavy but not more than my Start. Access in acute is good.


Super trs its typical rock: hot, round and full. The clean sounds are not worth even a Start Split micros.Je plays either the studio or in a group on my Classic 30: and was sent!


7 years I possde this guitar in my complment Fidler Us Start 79 '. I bought a low price trs (500) someone to press for a guitar almost new, she left the store less than a month before. I am super happy with this guitar. I was looking for a 2nd guitar for a long time in humbucker, I do not do better today, much less the price!
Recommended for those who want to play rock. Trs and is widely known brand of guitars + Chres much ...

88Christophe's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Duesenberg Starplayer Special
See previous opinions


The handle is quite round, but you soon. The access to acute (22nd freight) is correct. The guitar is quite heavy, but less than a LP (low and much less than if you think about it ...).


I use a zoom pedal and a Peavey Transtube G7.
I play rock and blues this guitar is made for that. I never tire of its crunch. Indeed, the output level of this guitar is high, and clean sounds saturate quite easily. The guitar also provides heavy distortion. For now, I do not use the microphones in position "split" as clean sounds round and warm suit me perfectly. Caution: Under no circumstances does the split transforms Starplayer in Strate!


The finish is very neat for this product line. I chose black with a black pickguard. With flightcase Duesenberg for 790 euros. I tried a PRS Singlecut, LP and SG faded, telecaster custom, but the choice did not seem very difficult! So if your purchasing power does not allow you to buy a Gibson worthy of the name, try Starplayer special.
Dr p08/10/2007

Dr p's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Duesenberg Starplayer Special
It's a Teutonic, a real, very heavy!
Two humbuckers house quality escellente a split on the Tone.
Handle the Les paul, wide and comfortable trs.


The sound is noooooorme, really. a great crunch, but feedback point o), including saturated with sound and high volume.


It's really a good guitar trs, trs guides rock, not metal. I play with a Peavey 112 Spider and a passage in an APRS Zoom g1ut, the pickups are really good trs, with an output level while retaining the lev CHARACTERISTICS sound.


has been a while since I had not fallen for a guitar (since purchasing my Tlcaster Deluxe 76); dcoller me I can not! I do not play with it, its versatility allows a range of styles that suits me perfectly.

Purchased 740 is a bargain, much better than the Les Paul 2000

Not only I would do this purchase, but I think I'm going to slam a 49er!

BertiB's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Duesenberg Starplayer Special
German guitar parts Duesenberg (the mechanisms are very accurate), two double-coil pickups.
the new versions no longer have a push-pull tone knob but with a center detent which serves micro split:
By turning clockwise was the single coil low to high and after the double notch boninage of high to low.
3 position selector, Bridge type Gibson Tune-o-matic
neck with rosewood fingerboard, wide and thick!
Good finish, good build quality but the pots look a bit cheap? impression or reality?


Channel I is very wide and very thick (compared to my other guitars ...). it took me a while to get used mostly on the lower part of the game or it gets really large.
the guitar is heavy but sustain gains, it is well balanced game no problem except that the shoulders should take (bring a strap off ...)
find a good crunch sound or distortion takes a few seconds max. In his clear is much harder but the position with the central micro split gives good things.


The pickups are high output, no problem to cruncher and to modulate the effect of the knob volume. It's perfect for blues, whatever the microphone. Unlike its being very clearly between the two microphones each with its charm.
if they chose more distortion it works very well also sounds kind Rock, vitage Rock, hard rock are very convincing
I have doubts for the metal and sounds the most current saturated, but I did not and I do not know too much distortion pedals used in this style. even when I put the reserves on the style


I bought this guitar a few months ago for € 800 new. I have a version Goldtop that I find sublime (see profile photo). I also tried the black is classic, but very very beautiful. (Versions sequined blue and gray are to see real before deciding it really is disco kitsch and more than the pictures).
I think this guitar deserves high marks for blues and rock (because of my purchase). It is quite versatile, but you have to play on the output volume and the split to really explore all possibilities.

Apelles this guitar blues, blues rock, rock type AC / DC, Led Zep, ZZ Top, Rolling Stones, Kravitz and other rock "classic." For this is very very good and the guitar sound is almost alone (:-)
I put him to ca Overall 8
Greg L.12/07/2004

Greg L.'s review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Duesenberg Starplayer Special
Duesenberg is a German brand that its own spices (or sub-contracts, but in their own name): mcaniques, microwave, ...
This guitar is fitted with two humbuckers, a bridge + a tailpiece, a head "nortro" with mcaniques arranged 3 +3.
The Duesenberg Starplayer Special guitar is clearly inspired by the Les Paul, but far to be a copy. The body of the guitar is alder, the table and handle the saddle and rosewood fingerboard. The assembly quality is excellent, has felt the full srieux Germanic nose!

Cot electronics, only a volume and a tone with a bustling split by push-pull.
As microphones, there is a Duesenberg Crunchbucker in the bridge position and a '59 Duesenberg Grand Vintage in the neck position. Not surprisingly, the grain is LesPaulien trs.

The handle is trs enjoyable and I like: with a good slice of varnish, not prs to fouling or to tarnish with age. A bit more thick and more "U" that the handle of my Lag Roxanne all of the same.

I do not put him 10 for Aesthetics few small points:
- Too bad there is not a version with a binding on the handle for comfort even better, or default, a version "amliore" of this guitar.
- On my MODEL, I aprci a rosewood without the "white spots". Nothing alarming that said, the key does not default Submitted.
- Why hide under a table in the Saddle an opaque varnish?
That said, for 747 euro (without flight case), we will not rler. It was a guitar that I easily at a Gibson Les Paul Studio, and well above a Les Paul Special Faded!


Well, we're not going to lie, this guitar is not a featherweight, but the masses are relatively well imbalances. The handle does not catch, is taken well in hand and the radius that is not too large (so the key is not too flat) ... will not be a guitar Acrobat.
Access in 20.21 and frets 22mes ISSA is not the most, but not impossible either. Nothing worse than its "big sister" in Gibson.

Once connected, this guitar sounds regardless of the position select.
The Crunchbucker, a ... Crunch! It does not demand that send great big rock and talk to the lamps. Nanmoins, this microphone is sensitive enough for the attack. In a JCM800 2203 is carrment enjoyable!
The neck pickup, the Grand Vintage '59 is when even sweeter. It even lends itself to jazz, playing with the knob of Tone. The split s'avre particulirement also useful with the position intermdiaire, if you feel a little funky to me!


I tested this guitar on two amps: a Marshall JCM800 2203 and a Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb
In any case, the style of prdilection this guitar is rock at large ... but is versatile enough to go tease jazz, funk, blues, ...

I play mostly ska, punk rock, some funk and (...) I have rarely taken into default. Thanks to the split, there is always a combination o the guitar is doing relatively well.
The Marshall, keeping it on the Crunchbucker frankly and with a piece of the Dropkick Murphys in the ears, we believe it!
Mesa Boogie on the Crunchbucker Ragit also fairly well by pushing the gain. Prfre the same when the Grand Vintage '59 on Marshall, but the Mesa Boogie gnre normment also low. That said, a dgueule do not.
In his clear, even if it is not the favorite playground of dual microphones, a still acceptable. Jou have a lot of ska with.


I did not keep this guitar a long time since I prfrais the sleeves of Lag Roxanne. That said, it's a great guitar, given the price!
I bought mine at my luthier (Robert Patrick Forest sur Marque - 59) but I had an essay on Paris at the same time that Gibson SG Special Faded: ben is no comparison!
For the same price (about 750 euro), the bury the Duesenberg Gibson both the sound of the finish or even versatility. I'm not even a Les Paul so it faced the beautiful German.
In short, the report qualitprix is ​​excellent.

I think if I find one not in CHRE OCCAZ 'I let it ring.
If one day Duesenberg a good ide to leave with an enhanced version bindings, translucent finish of the table (like the back of the guitar) and even better quality of wood I bought without hsiter!

fry_'s review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Duesenberg Starplayer Special
Duesenberg (http://www.duesenberg.de) ... if you have the disease of the guitar and you spend time rummaging in shops or on the forums, you've heard somewhere forcment dj the name of the German brand fairly recent (1992).
Here are the Starplayer special CHARACTERISTICS:

- Guitar German irrprochable finish quality (you can just miss the assembly of the handle a bit unusual, but frankly, a gene does not play, it's really got a question)
- Handle al / viss (recessed in the body and held by two large screws to gain tudies sustain and maintain a good offense) Alder (prciser, I'm not sure, but it looks like), rosewood fingerboard 22 frets, U type profile near the fender from home, but finer pitch 24''(like Les Paul)
- Alder body with table bomb Rabl. It's a pretty heavy guitar, but when it breaks even less than shoulders LP!
- Neck pickup: Grand Vintage 59 'HB (type 495T Gibson / Seymour Duncan SH-4) rich in harmonic prcis and sustain a decent gibson pickups. frankly, I t bluff!
- Bridge pickup: CrunchBucker Version of Duesenberg Burstbucker gibson. Microphones of good quality and full of characters.
- 3 position selector, one volume a tonality that doubles as a push - pull splitter to the microphones. It has six positions that offer a range of sounds typical ranges of quality and really thunder. The sound is fairly round, even split, the microphones will not be slamming a fender.
- Bridge type tune-O-Matic


Very comfortable handle. The grip is excellent, and that the attachment of manchepeut perplexing at first, the treble are easily accessible. s still a great job.
The guitar is a bit heavy, but it does not fall into the excs the Les Paul.

When the quality of sound ... if you spend time tampering with the selector and the knobs, it is because we happen to know what position is the best! Duesenberg is truly plug 'n' play! We are immediately have an excellent sound. and for anyone who ventures into the rglages, surprise, what a wonder!

I put this section 8 for access to the treble that will never be as good as a SG or a guitar shredder. If you are not of those who play the second 47 ratings sweepent and constantly, the comfort will be perfect. I recall also that access to an acute LP is far from ais ...


I have a Start that I use for clean sounds or sounds to work. I was looking for a guitar for the big 70's the type of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. I tried a Duesenberg for curiosities, and I found exactly what I was looking for! LP-type guitar but retains its character. A lot of sustain and harmonics, a beautiful grain ... I fell in love and I bought it right away.

I play on a classic 30 and nothing but the overdrive of the amp is amazing. It very well Ragit a 9 or a TS Guv'nor. Not tested with a DS-1, but it must be pretty interesting ...

I really like the microphone is very serious and deep, very round. positions in intermdiaires splitter or not are also very good. Position that satisfies the least, that bridge pickup Splitt but it took me months before apprcier bridge pickup of my Start, so I might find my account later.

The sound was really bluff ... I even contemplated stealing over the lespaul My Best Friend:-p


I bought it last Thursday, and it is extraordinary. is the ultimate weapon. Sound, design, playability, solid reliability and so the ... all for 650 used! At this price the do not really hsiter!

What I like most is that this guitar is a type lp happens keep his own characters, and playing in the courtyard of the largest for a price much lower. I test normment guitar before finding my strat complment IDAL. I no longer!

As for the quality price ratio, it is frankly unbeatable.

I probably referrer that choice since I have not test the other models Duesenberg (V-cast with three microphones and a simple vibrato and Starplayer TV, hollow body with Bigsby and P 94 in sleeve)

To all those considering buying a Les Paul, a PRS, etc ... Try one before you DCID Duesenberg ... it could be seen as a big economy to do (enjoy the diffrence to buy a classic 30 ;-) )

For those seeking a mid-range guitar style piphone lp standard, forget it and look instead of Duesenberg opportunities. ca is about 650 for a model in good condition. And hurry up because the price of the occasion will surely skyrocket. Without prciser that many of those who bought the guitar do not think the sell ... Then you throw it!