Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top
Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top

Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top, LP-Shaped Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series.

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tjon901's review"Slash's sound on a budget"

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top
This is Epiphones version of the signature Slash Gibson Les Paul. Slash has been playing Les Pauls for ever and Gibson has recognized this by giving him his own Signature Model. This guitar is the Epiphone version of the Gibson Signature. The finish is similar to the Gibson model with its tobacco burst finish. It has the standard Les Paul control layout with two volume and two tone knobs. It has the standard Les Paul stop tail by LockTone and tune-o-matic bridge. Part of Slash's signature sound is his pickups. This Epiphone Slash signature comes with the same Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups that Slash uses in his own guitars. It has a mahogany body and neck with a 22 fret rosewood fretboard. It has a set of vintage style tuners and the keys on these tuners are a mint green color to simulate age and wear.


Part of Slash's tone comes from the neck joint on his personal Les Paul. His personal Gibson Les Paul is a model that game with a larger neck joint tenon that was used in the 50s. The Epiphone Slash signature replicates this by having the large 50s style neck tenon and joint that goes all the way under the neck pickup. This large joint cant get in the way of playing on the high frets. The neck is Slash's signature neck profile which is similar to a 50s style neck so it is pretty large. This may be a problem for people with small hands. With the tune-o-matic bridge is is very easy to adjust your action so you can go as low as you like on your string action with a simple adjustment.


When you plug this into a Marshall you will instantly sound like Slash. The large neck helps a lot with the sound. A large neck puts more tension on the strings because it does not flex as much. Since there is more tension on the strings the guitars sustain is increased. This also increases the string attack giving a more punchy sound. This makes the guitar a little bit brighter than most Les Pauls. This is an accurate representation of Slash's tone.


The Epiphone Slash Les Paul accomplishes its goal in trying to get a the Slash tone on a budget that most everyone can afford. The equation was pretty simple. They got a good solid Les Paul and put a big neck on it and Slash's favorite pickups. Mission accomplished Epiphone

MGR/JakeDalton's review"Gibson Slash Signature Les Paul"

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top
This guitar has a beautiful finish; it’s covered in a Dark Tobacco Burst. It’s built with a mahogany back and a maple finish on the front. This guitar has two Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II humbucker pickups and an exclusive feature not found on typical Les Paul’s a Fishman Powerbridge pickup. The guitar has a small toggle switch by the Volume and Tone Knobs that give the guitar an acoustic tone to it, if you want it. I have been playing this guitar for 2 years now and the sound is just killer. It's great for those classic rock leads and just gets the job done. It just needs to come with a Top Hat and then your set.

I picked this guitar up for my birthday with the help of family of course. I went to a local Music shop that special orders Gibson Customs and I paid about $3,750 for this one. I mostly fell in love with this guitar because the neck is a 59 les Paul neck and it just feels good to me. I love the color on this guitar it just stands out to me.

This guitar has a great raw sound to it, the tone is just excellent and the Fishman Powerbridge pickup just makes the guitar stand out. It's easy for when you’re doing a live gig and you need an acoustic sound, there is no need to switch guitars, just flip the switch and this guitar turns into a acoustic. The color of this guitar is just great; I always get great remarks about its color.

If I was to find fault in this guitar it would be some minor details, which could have been just in my case. The intonation was way off for the Low E string to the point where i had to take it to somewhere to get it adjusted. Also I noticed that the 'pointer' next to the Volume knobs and Tone knobs where kind of bent and very sharp, so if you by chance over shoot trying to adjust your volume you get this sharp pain in your finger that is not very pleasant during a gig.

As far as the guitar in a whole it is built like a typical Gibson! Very sturdy and well built. Besides the Intonation and Volume/Tone 'pointers' this guitar is practically perfect. Everything feels smooth and is just great. But if you’re paying a large amount of money then it should be.

If you’re a big Slash fan then this guitar will not disappoint you. As for practically any Gibson Custom signature series you are probably paying a lot for the name but regardless this guitar is great and has yet failed to impress me. Great Sound, Great Look, Great Feel.

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MGR/GuitarChica515's review"Epiphone Les Paul Signature"

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top
I looked all over the world on the internet for this guitar, and I only found one in Caulfield Music, in Australia, and Firehouse Guitars, in Holland, Michigan. I picked up an ebony LPS at Firehouse Guitars the first time I went to Holland, and I couldn't believe the tone, feel, and looks of it! I decided that it should be the one for me. I chose the LPS because it's different, it has a deeper cutaway on the treble side for access to higher notes, it has eighteen tones in one instrument, which is rare, it's light, it's beautiful, and it sounds cool with all 18 tones. I paid $689 at Firehouse Guitars in Holland, Michigan.

I like the LPS because it has 18 tones, has the deeper cutaway on the treble side, is very cosmetic and attractive, it is lightweight, it is unique, and it is a good price for what seems like a $2000 instrument.

I don't have anything negative.

The Epiphone Les Paul Signature has a maple neck, back, and sides, a spruce top, Indian rosewood fingerboard, mother-of-pearl trapezoid inlays, Gotoh tuning gears, a stopbar tailpiece, a switch that says 50, 250, and 500 for the intensity, a Phase In and Out switch, a three-way toggle switch, one volume, one tone, two Electar low-impedence humbucking pickups, and an asymmetrical body shape. The deep florentine cutaway, as I said, lets you play higher notes without looking weird.

Since my Les Paul Signature has all that I expected of it (with tone, feel, and cosmetics), I just LOVE it! I wouldn't trade it for a D'Angelico, a Benedetto, a D'Aquisto, or any other brand that costs as much as a car. The price was awesome for this model. I recommend it for anybody looking for a semi-hollow archtop electric guitar with everything they need.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/crowie's review"Epiphone Les Paul Signature"

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top
bought this guitar from musicians pro shop a couple of years back, paid $1200 aus which is ok. really like the style of this model and the great gold finish

the different combinations of sounds available from the varitone switching is just beyond words. the overall finish of this guitar is ultra good. you hear a lot of comparisons..not as good as the real gibson etc well this is on the ten scale for epiphone

only downer so far the pick up selector switch broke in the first month, I think its pretty minor really considering the rest of the guitar is so good

top quality well put together guitar in its price range

If you can get one of these go grab it now !

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/the dark reviewer12/20/2001

MGR/the dark reviewer's review"Epiphone Slash Signature Les Paul"

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top
I can't remember where I got it, its all a bit hazy now. It cost £330 (thanks to some finely tuned haggaling techniques)

You can play the crap out of it during a solo esspecially around the 22nd fret. It has the heavey plam mutting sound of slash, and the screaming solo sound made popular during his time in Guns n' Roses.

Stuff like the switch and the machine heads are bollocks, you can snap them off wih no effort. i.e if you fart close enough, they will crack under the pressure.

It is pretty well made, only some screws need a little tightening and you have to watch the machine heads because they were probably made by rouge vicar that dabbles in the construction of plastic parts for epiphone.

If you can get it cheap, it is a damn good guitar and well worth the money.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

phoenix440's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top
Epiphone handle close handle


Beauty Epiphone Les Paul Standard, quite nice and lighter than a standard


I play Laney VC15 VOX AC30 and 1964.
I also tested on other amps.

Very good sound, warm enough in the heats, I do not like an easel (see below). Very different from an Epiphone Standard (even a blank, so it's not just the microphones).

I mainly posted this review to say this:
Yesterday I changed the tone and 2 capacitors there revelation.
The bridge pickup I found sloppy and imprecise and I used never dull, becomes now more than great. I put the same value (22nF) and 100 volts but the material is different. I recovered from an old TV, it is orange and looks like a Sprague Orange Drop (color and shape) but it is not.
In the heats, I put a great resemblance to a condo MKT 47nF. In fact I had it on hand. I therefore less serious in the extreme position, but now the race is exploitable.

Therefore bridge pickup especially, feel free to change your capacitor. The references in the field are the Sprague Orange Drop which are also installed on the basis of signature Slash apetite for destruction (22nF for a Les Paul humbucker, and the tension they're mad it did not matter in a guitar). There are also the Philips Tropical Fish and oiled paper (more expensive and bigger, not necessarily easy to come). Obviously you'll need a soldering iron and considered as the original that you remove will be dead (but hey it costs 10 cents their stuff).

Therefore more brilliance, its much more open, etc. ... if you want to rediscover your guitar and turn it into Gibson with super clear sound ... nésitez not.


2 years, I keep overlooked, it is superb.
A little bit dark when it is lit, it turns yellow and striped embossed with a strong light

Great sound, great guitar, it's not just a piece of wood.
Hard Case for Quality

Tube amp to provide for her to speak

Feel free to drop away from the microphones for the strings and change the capacitors if you find the sound too "vague and bold" Super

ceceguitarpro's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top
It's made in China but the quality is fine. It is a Les Paul and it does its weight. Finally, she mostly Seamour Duncan Alnico Pro 2 and gives good!


We begin by BMOL. Access in acute plutt is difficult, I still have personal harm. I have to make a luthier rgler because the handle originally silent lgrement frtillait twists and sharp on the strings. Once corrected roll! I put 8 because you have to take it to a luthier.


The sound is gnial. Clearly, we have a good sound on the bridge (a little garish but rglant the Tone is good) and great sound on the neck pickup (on my bh5h, we get a deep, trs warm). In crunch, the sound is gnial, of rock. I get good sound type ACDC. Finally saturated as frankly it well. For rhythm, you come get sounds very powerful and, when moving in with a neck pickup Tone 0, we have a type a magnificent solo knocking on heavens door. In short, it is trs east rock / blues and you can get sounds very powerful. For clean sounds good smacking, it may not be best suited.


three months is that I use and I do not regret my purchase. TRS is a good Les Paul. I made a luthier RULES and he t impressed with the quality of the violin: the electronic trs trs a good quality finish and good weight trs LP. He said it was well worth a studio in Gib. In short, this is an excellent choice! Slash fans will be satisfied. Gibson Slash-The models are better but the diffrence Obviously not obvious and the price is carrment!

jeune-punk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top
-Made in China ... yes, we can not have it all.
-We get down to business ... rosewood fingerboard, 22 medium jumbo frets (neither too big nor too thin). For pickups: 2 Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro humbuckers (neck and bridge)
Lockton-Bridge Tune-o-matic tailpiece + Lockton Stopbar
-All possible settings: a volume knob and tone micro (ie 4 in total) and a 3-position switch (neck, neck and bridge, bridge)
Slash-Profile-Channel, between the 50's (thick) and the 60's (end) at Gibson
Epiphone Vintage Tombstone-Mechanical (tulip-shaped)


-There is no adjustment for the handle, he is stuck with the addition of a fixing lug along (part glued to the table)
-Like all Les Paul, the access to the galley is a bit sharp, but it's just a matter of getting used to ... nothing dramatic
Ergonomics-perfect, it is a pure Les Paul, with a good weight, well balanced (the handle does not dive to the floor when the door standing) (yes with a strap, it helps!)
-The sound is what is best, a superb amp without resonance, sustain crazy when plugged


-Perfect for my style (what better than a signature for a Slash fan of Guns N 'Roses?)
-It is plugged into Marshall Valvestate 8080 (80W combo), I turned my Zoom G2.1 so it sounds good, nothing changed!
We can get almost any sound possible, its clear, warm, gentle with the neck pickup (as by adding the super chavalet), we can then move on to crunch with the bridge pickup, it sounds good rock n 'roll of 60 - 70's, then a nice distortion smooth and pleasant as Guns N 'Roses (especially with the neck pickup) and then a little more aggressive with the bridge, like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, something very heavy, and finally just going to outright Bourin big game with a gain in depth and contour thrived, reaching Metallica or worse! And of course, we can refine all this thanks to the tone knobs ... (solo Knockin 'On Heaven's Door intro to Money For Nothing ac tone to zero, eg ..)
"I like so any sounds, the Seymour Duncan has an excellent record in clean / crunch highs tend to over-nationals, but just lower the tone and not put too daigus .. it's a really detailed and agrébale


"I have the Epiphone since January 08
-I like the special is that it's a signature with a flawless finish (it comes out of the Custom Shop, Limited Edition) suburst an extraordinary mind-blowing sound that really fits my style ... what which however is not great is that it comes with a sticker on the table (repeating Slash's hat with the characteristic of the guitar writing it), but it is paper and there was not pretend to stick it ... I removed a fatty product ac anti adhesive and now I find myself with indelible traces of the varnish (micro scratches, reflecting matte) ... so imagine the ac scotch brite, short ca crazy balls! then the mechanisms are not very precise, yet spend little m'enfin ca. Finally the strings friezes enough, but hey they are new, and over time the handle is put in place, you should be fine!
-At the beginning I had gone on a BC Rich Mackingbird as Slash, but I was too excited and then I found it nowhere except on the net. After I tried a Epiphone Les Paul Standard ... then a Gibson Les Paul Studio as my economy allows virtually. And I saw this Epiphone Signature out some time after, a Standard LP signed by my God ... then I hesitated between a perfect signature of my idol, but Epiphone, and a Les Paul Studio, but by the legend ... Gibson. And finally, it is a good mieu Epiphone, beautiful finish, a wonderful quality, rather than a small Gibson, unfinished extra time ... and I think that Gibson Epiphone survive mieu LP Studio (1200 € the Gibson and the Epiphone € 760).
-The price, € 760, while the LP Standard Epiphone are basic to around € 500, is well justified, we are treated to lots of little extra and a limited edition custom shop
-With experience ... it's the right guitar! Then it will take much save for a gibson LP standard or € 2100 to 2600 Slash signature ...